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Grammy Award Winner “Jackie’s Boy”

Jackie’s Boy who has now made a full recovery has focused his energy on his solo singing career to share with the world his love of music by releasing several singles that have topped the charts in Germany, Japan, U.S.
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RATED ART FILM By Malachi.J.Paige

Produced by MALACHI.J.PAIGE MalColdVisions The Independent Art Label Sponsored by, MIXXBOSSES RADIO/TV GERMANY 92.5 FM Contact :

MZ . DYZIHRE(What You Sippin?)

    MZ . DYZIHRE-🔥🔥Down Low (What You Sippin?) 🔥🔥 Now trending at #1 and charting at #19 on the @Digital DJ Pool at #1 92.5 fm Mixxbosses Radio Germany !!!