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1 Summer festival-dance ,house

2 Live naturally-dance tech ,dance house

3 The pyramids-dance jungle

4 Man from jungle-tropical, jungle, dance

5 Mr kirk-jungle dance

6 Sound boy-big room, dance , house, hard house

7 Excitement-dance, jungle, drum n bass

8 DJ takeover-dance, house, club

9 Club takeover-dance, cub ,house

10 Alien planet-cinema scope, dance ,jungle

11 A million grains of sand-dance, house ,club,

12 A cry for help-jungle, dance, drum n bass

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Album Title -summer Festival [12 Tracks]
Band–Frixtion Dance
Label—-World music records
Publishing—gobble music publishing ( ASAP)

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  1. Gregson Raymond

    nice tracks! love it.

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