v!n$ynT’s New album is The Definition of Real Hip Hop

v!n$ynT’s new album, Social Vandalism, is on point , dope and the bomb. He uses rap/hip-hop to dissect and analyze different subjects on real life’s issues. He emphasizes on the need to be vigilant and not get caught up in any negative situation. He also touches on his hustling days and grinding on the streets which are synonymous with crack sales and gang life.

“Prolific Thoughts”, a track on the album, is about emancipating one’s self from mental slavery and shackles by reprogramming one’s belief, ideals and thought pattern. That way, one can unlock the doors of freedom. v!n$ynT also did not fail to touch on the ever-sensitive issues that borders on racism and black culture in this track. He is not someone to shy away from expressing his prolific thoughts.

“Swole’d Up” examines the hard work, determination, motivation, focus and other attributes v!n$ynT had to put in before getting his first break and his pockets swole’d up after going through a lot of ups and downs. He also examines moral issue of not selling his soul nor taking the devil’s order in order to make it but trusting God.

“Rikki-tikki-tavi” which is also a track on the album is about getting back at pretenders and people who act like “green snakes in green grasses” by going beyond circumstances of limitations and focusing on one’s mission and vision in the path taken to the road of greatness.

In poetry style “Elevate to Levitate” posits the need to elevate oneself, focus, not leaving anything in the hands of the government. It suggest on the need to stay on the right lane to see the light because there is a lot of hypocrisy around which started right from the foundations of the country, especially for those in the U.S as manifested by the political class who take opportunities in every crisis even in this recent corona pandemic.

“Want Smoke?” Reminisces on the early days before he “cut his teeth” in his “trade” where he had no respect and nobody wanted to associate with him until he met people who paved the way for him to get his break and respect. People can borrow a cue from his experience if they find their emotional balance, work hard, search the power within them and not get deterred by people’s negative vibe. It is essential to grab your opportunity and promote yourself.

“Contradictions Part 2” is about contradictions that are found in our everyday life. v!n$ynT shares a genuine look into current events, societal expectations, and how the country is unfolding for younger generations including the hypocrisy people have when it comes to different issues.

The flow of the album is generally consistent throughout as the lyrical output helps to drive home his message even as it blends with the sounds. The electrical synths were effectively used as it also matches the catchy piano sounds, guitars and dominant beats coming from the panegyrica drum sets. The album is greatly cooked and depicts the musical ingenuity of v!n$ynT and is thus recommended to lovers of meaningful rap and good music
Source: Topafricmusicvideo.com

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