Shall we venture into the realm of rock music? YES! Marian the Contrarian By Dizzy O’Brian with Wolfgang Playing Guita.

Dizzy O’Brian is an artist who believes that creativity does not necessarily involve following trends or going with the flow. Despite being assured in music school that ‘this is the way it’s done,’ he couldn’t help but make note that the noteworthy composers had that special measure of integrity that helped them to fashion music that was true to their own heart. 

Dizzy’s music is quite often about going against the grain. For example, Marian the Contrarian is about someone who does their own thing despite social pressures. Similarly, Breakout No. 2 is just that; the breaking out of conventional norms.

In his most recent work, The Electra Suite, Dizzy draws on the original Greek plays in which the story became fraught with the commentary of its day and apologetic endings. Dizzy sets the story free, making it the story of a dark heroine reclaiming her birthright and thus giving the story a new twist as well as the EDM tracks that make up the suite.

Wolfgang Playing Guitar

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