Pastor Ricky was born in Kingston Jamaica; he migrated to the United States in 1982, and subsequently graduated from Northwestern High School in Adelphi, Maryland. While living a sinful life as a dancehall deejay and street hustler, he answered the call of God in March 1994. Through God’s Grace, Pastor Ricky earned a BS in Management from The University of Potomac in June 2006, and an MBA in Business from Columbia Union College in June 2008, prior to pursuing an MDIV in Ministry with a concentration in Pastoral Counseling at Washington Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, Maryland. Prior to pursuing his BS, MBA, and MDIV degrees, Pastor Ricky also attended Jericho Christian Training Bible College under the tutelage of the late Apostle Betty Peebles.  

 Throughout the years, Pastor Ricky became involved in numerous ministries geared toward spreading the gospel, and winning souls. These included but were not limited to Hospital ministry, Nursing homes, ministering to the homeless at the Homeless shelters, and Prison ministry. Most notably, Pastor Ricky ministered at Georgetown University Medical Center; Gospel Rescue Mission Homeless Center; Prisons and Jails in Washington, DC metropolitan area such as the Lorton Correctional Center in Lorton, Virginia; DC Jail in Washington, DC; Upper Marlboro Correctional Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland; Jessup Correctional Center in Jessup, Maryland, and many fellowship churches in the U.S.A. and Jamaica.

Over 25 years ago the Lord called Pastor Ricky and he answered the Master’s called by walking away from the Dance halls to serve the Lord faithfully in ministry. However, in January 2017 the Lord deposited into his Spirit to produce his first Reggae Gospel Album titled “From the Dance Hall to the Church Hall.” The Album has 10 tracks.

The Album was released on June 29, 2019, and is currently being distributed by CD Baby. Currently, the Album is available online at over 150 Digital online Music stores and streaming services worldwide. 

On June 8, 2019, Pastor Ricky performed is first Gospel concert in Queens, New York and shared the stage with King Arthur, and Kevin Heath.

Between June through December 2019, Pastor Ricky ministered in six live performances and have shared the stage with Minister Michael Reid, Patrick Reid, Keesa Peart, Eddie Nebelit, Minister Ted Robinson, DC Praise, Wayne Mr. Praise, Beverly Rose, Bro Kenny Nelson and others.

On August 10, 2020, Pastor Ricky released his second Album titled “Blessed to be a Blessing” which is available online at over 150 Digital online Music stores and streaming services worldwide. 

To date, Pastor Ricky was blessed to ministered 13 Virtual live Concerts sharing the live with Glacia Robinson, Flavia Beswick, Brotha George, Delroy Cooper, Winsome Douglas, Devon Silver, Jesus Rambo, Jennifer Cruz, Orville West, Amen Virtuous, and Chiny Ezzike. 

To date, Pastor Ricky has been blessed to conduct 64 live Gospel Radio station interviews and has made 63 Drops and 65 Dubplate Specialists for several different Radio station disc jockey personalities.

Pastor Ricky New Gospel Reggae Album Release
On The Battlefield FOR CHRIST
HOT New Gospel Reggae Album Release By Pastor Ricky Payne Taking The World By Storm
“When You Love GOD You Love Serving GOD And Pastor Ricky Payne Loves GOD”
Gospel Reggae Album Brings The Faith In A Unique Way
Rockville, MD – September 25, 2020 – Minister and gospel artist Pastor Ricky is bringing his love for God and humanity in his newest album. “Blessed to be a Blessing” is a mix of genres and full of peace and harmony.
“Blessed to be a Blessing” fuses together five music genres to create a unique musical experience. They included Afro, Calypso Soca, Mento, Worship, and Reggae. Each song will move the spirit of listeners and make them sing. Pastor Ricky also collaborated with other gospel artists on the album, creating an array of talent. There are songs on the album about the Coronvirus pandemic and an Intercession Prayer track. The album is available on streaming platforms.
Pastor Ricky is the Pastor of Kingdom Connection Outreach Ministries. His love for music, and God have combined to make beautiful songs that inspire people. Pastor Ricky released his first album in 2019, titled “From the Dance Hall to the Church Hall.”
To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Pastor Ricky for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show, can make contact via the information provided below.
For more music by Pastor Ricky, please visit:
Pastor Ricky
Roy Ricardo Payne

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Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” is on fire right now

I will be surprised if you don’t know Lil Nas X by now because the lad doesn’t know how to stay away from the news. Montero (Call Me by Your Name) is the latest hit of Lil Nas X.

I will be surprised if you don’t know Lil Nas X by now because the lad doesn’t know how to stay away from the news. Montero (Call Me by Your Name) is the latest hit of Lil Nas X. The song was first previewed in a Super bowl LV commercial in February 2021 and on March 26, 2021, Columbia Records released the track. Furthermore, the track is the title track for the artist’s upcoming professional debut album which is expected to be released somewhere in the middle of this year.

Lil Nas X has received critical review and controversial criticism since his leap into the musical limelight. From being a well-loved, popular, and trending teen to America’s next best upcoming artist who has left no stone unturned Lil Nas X is the news. When Lil Nas X released his first professional song “Old Town Road”, it became an instant hit, it even debuted as number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. During that time the young rapper came out as gay, which stunned the world of music.

Everything from his music to his personal life has been top-notch. Musically, Lil Nas X has done well for himself, his first and only two professional singles so far have debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and he has won a host of top musical awards including the Grammys. On the other hand, his personal life has been received with bouts of criticism and mixed opinions.

Background of the track (Montero: Call Me By Your Name)

Montero (Call Me By Your Name) is Lil Nas X’s second professional musical single under the soon-to-be-launched Montero album. In a Twitter video on July 9, 2020, Lil Nas X played a snippet of the song (originally titled “Call Me by Your Name”), as well as in the background of some TikTok videos, including one addressed to American rapper 6ix9ine.

On February 2021, the track was used in a Logitech advert that aired during Super Bowl LV. Thereafter, its release date, and its artistic cover was revealed on Twitter in March 9, 2021. In a reinterpretation of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, Spanish–Croatian artist Filip Ćustić designed the single cover, which features Lil Nas X as both Adam and God. The song’s title “Montero” was named after Lil Nas X (Montero Lamar Hill) and the subtitle was adopted from the movie “Call Me By Your Name”.

After the song’s premiere, André Aciman, the author of the novel “Call Me by Your Name”, from which the film was adapted, expressed gratitude and humility for Lil Nas X’s song of the same name. Lil Nas X later claimed that the film was one of the first queer films he had ever watched, feeling “very artsy” and encouraging him to write about the idea of calling someone by their name as lovers and wanting to hold things between you two.

Composition and Lyrics

“Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” can be categorized as a hip hop and electropop song featuring a syncopated guitar and handclaps. Lil Nas x, Denzel Baptiste, David Biral, and Omer Fedi wrote the track while Roy Lenzo and the song’s composers except for Lil Nas X collaborated to produce the hit song. On the “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” hit track, Lil Nas X attempts to end pretending with his significant other and start acting like they’ve known each other for a long time.

The lyrics of the song featured Lil Nas X singing about a trip to Hawaii and includes the line “shoot a child in yo’ mouth while I’m ridin’,” which was meant to help break down the stigma surrounding gay sexual activities in music. Also, the lyrics provides a reference to the 19 weeks his first single “Old Town Road” spent atop the Billboard Hot 100 when he said “A dime and a nine, it was mine every week” on the seventh line in the second verse. Again, Lil Nas X took advantage of the lyrics to have an open discussion of the burden he feels representing the LGBT community (“A sign of the times every time that I speak”).


The song is made up of two verses, a pre-chorus, chorus, and post-chorus. see the lyrics below.

The video

Tanu Muino and Lil Nas X directed the music video for “Montero (Call Me by Your Name),” which was released alongside the song. Lil Nas X stars as a variety of characters in biblical and mythology-inspired scenes, which were shot over two days in February 2021. Muino who was working on Cardi B’s Up music video at the time she was contacted, expressed her excitement about the offer.

Dante’s Inferno and Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings, such as The Garden of Earthly Delights, a triptych portraying heavenly and hellish imagery, and the Last Judgment, inspired her. It was Muino’s first video as a co-director, and a portion of it was shot remotely through Zoom after she was wrongly diagnosed with COVID-19. Mathematic, a French animation studio based in Paris, created the visual effects for the music video in a seven-week process.

Features in the music video includes Lil Nas X makes out with himself in the Garden of Eden while playing both a snakeskin-wearing Eve and a humanoid serpent. Suddenly, he gets stoned to death at the Coliseum while wearing a Marie Antoinette-like wig and outfit and descends to hell on a stripper pole before performing a graphic lap dance to the devil while wearing only Calvin Klein boxers.

The artist
Montero Lamar Hill, better known by his stage name Lil Nas X, is an internet celebrity, rapper, musician, and songwriter from the United States. He was born in Lithia Springs, Georgia, on April 9, 1999. He rose to fame after the release of his first professional track “Old Town Road” in early 2019, which went viral on the social media app TikTok before climbing music charts around the world.
According to Foxnews, “Old Town Road” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 19 weeks, making it the longest-running number-one song since the chart’s inception in 1958.  within that period, Lil Nas X came out as gay when his song “Old Town Road” was at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, making him the first and only artist to do so while getting a number-one single. His upcoming debut studio album, Montero, is followed by the singles “Holiday” and “Montero (Call Me by Your Name). The latter went on to top the Billboard Hot 100 charts on its debut.
Lil Nas X is a two-time Grammy award winner alongside other top musical awards.
Latest news  
Reports gotten from NME accounts that Lil Nas X’s latest hit “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” was briefly taken down from all streaming platforms yesterday (April 13), however, it has been restored. The rapper asked fans to verify if the song was still available for streaming on Apple Music in their respective nations in a series of tweets yesterday.
Lil Nas X then retweeted replies from fans who were unable to listen to the song due to technical difficulties. In one tweet, he wrote, “Not even joking.” He went further to tell fans to stream “call me by your name” as much as they can today (April 14) because it may no longer be available tomorrow, and there is nothing he can do about it.

Tell us what you think about this Lil Nas X.

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ONE-on-ONE With The Award Winning Gospel Singer/Songwriter Scriptwriter Actress & Movie Director “JUSTINA GODWIN”

We had an exclusive interview with the outstanding Goddess and her expression contain definition…Please read.

Q: Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?

A:My real name Justina Imariabe(stage name Justina Godwin).

Q: How old are you?

A: 42 years old.

Q: Where are you from and Where were you born?

A:  Nigeria, Benin City Edo state.

Q: At What age did you start making music?

A: age 12

Q: What genre of music do you particularly love? Jazz? Hip-Hop? RnB? 

A: All of the above.

Q: Who is your favourite artist and why?

A:CeCe Winans and Mercy Chinwo.

Their songs are powerful and it represents a powerful message.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Singing, dancing, baking, reading and writing.

Q: Do you play any musical instrument?

A: yes

Q: Where do you get your musical inspiration?

A: Bible and messages from God Servants

Q: Who is your hero?

A: Don Moen

Q: Do you write your own music?


Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?

A: Mercy Chinwo

Q: What would you like our readers to know about you?

A: my name is Justina Godwin, I am a gospel artist, Songwriter, scriptwriter, Actress, Movie director.

Things like your goals in life, and what your current projects are?.

My goals is to reach out to the whole World with the message, which God has given to me through songs and inspirations.

And also let them know where they can get your music or where you will be performing soon or regularly……






On tune core- Digital Music Market.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd5ZLQG1u8tOzpnyVeMnIKA



More about Justina Godwin will be exposed on [ON Focus online Magazine]-LinkedIn-Canada free press & more.

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Exclusive: Dancehall Artist -NK- Releases New Single

Upcoming artist NK is making melodic vibes in the world of music and he is hoping to take his music to the very top. The Reggae and dancehall artist was born in New York but raised in Kingston Jamaica. Currently, NK is back in the U.S and is now based in Miami Florida where he has been making good music, buzzing on airwaves, and trilling fans.

His uniqueness and fame are making local music headlines and so far he has endeared himself into the hearts of music lovers. This fan-favorite has caught the attention of Topafricmusicvideo and has hoped to tell the world the stuff he is made up of through a brief and detailed interview.

  1. Q: Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?

My Name Is Aven Vaughn My Stage Name Is NK

  1. Q: Where are you from and Where are you based?

I was born in New York Raised In Kingston Jamaica and now based In Miami Florida

  1. Q: At What age did you start making music?

I started My Musical Journey at the age of 8 took it to another level at age 13

  1. Q: what genre would you consider yourself?


  1. Q: Tell us about your latest track or Video ( what is it all about)–Please explain the concept or message

My Latest track is a song titled my place which I feel is the next New York Anthem so far the feedback from this single have been fire!!! worldwide its was featured to thousands of people world wide by the great Bass odyssey Boom Boom this Billboard selector plus many more

  1. Q: Who wrote it and what was the inspiration behind it

I wrote the song (NK) my inspiration behind it was to remind my fans family and friends that this is my place my title and I have yet to see another artist take it

  1. Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?

To be honest im willing to work with any Artist out there creating good music

  1. Q: Where can fans find you? List all your social media links

Facebook: Nkmusic
Instagram: Nk_musiq
twitter: N2thek
Email: N2thekmusic@gmail.com

links to the music listed below

YouTube: https://youtu.be/RtOw1qbtomY
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nkmusiq/my-place
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/08yDTnLyYDG259jIfVRorA

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Check Out” SYS “Album-I Know My Worth-By See Your Shadow Songwriting

See Your Shadow Song writing is Arizona’s top independent artist.  See Your Shadow is a collaborative network of vocalist and musicians who make the songs they create their stars.  See Your Shadow is headed by Artistic Director, Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” who writes and produces all of the organizations material.  With three international iTunes Country Chart Number 1s under their belt, See Your Shadow combines country and dance with “I Know My Worth” which is the first female hick hop record and the first dance influenced record that has the banjo as the lead instrument.

Press release:

See Your Shadow Songwriting will release the first black female “hick hop” single, “I Know My Worth.” A portion of proceeds will go to RAINN.

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, January 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Michael Coleman and See Your Shadow Songwriting started 2021 with their third international iTunes chart-topper. The January 5th release, “Today I Do Became I Don’t” placed an empowered female as the protagonist in the song about divorce. The message resonated with listeners, as the track raced to #1, also achieving more than 100K Youtube views of the video.

Now, Coleman and the Phoenix-based act are returning with another, even more groundbreaking and empowering song for women, “I Know My Worth.” The single will be released on January 19th, 2021, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network.) With International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2021, Coleman hopes to make a strong impact with the first woman of color-fronted “hick hop” song:

“I had been wanting to do a female empowerment song for a long time,” he says. “The challenge came in the fact that could I, as a man, write a piece about female empowerment and have it be authentic? As a writer, channeling the emotions of others is one of the things I do best and is part of my signature, but this was putting me in a whole other ballpark. It was a difficult piece to write. However, I accepted the challenge, because I do like to push myself as an artist. When it was done, I knew that we had something special and a vehicle that was going to give inspiration and empower a lot of women.”

Coleman talks about the song’s unique production: “’I Know My Worth’ is a unique recording in many ways. Not only is it a female empowerment anthem written by a man, but to my knowledge, it is the first and only “hick hop” recording done by a woman of color, and the first danceable record with the banjo as the lead instrument. To further empower women, a portion of the proceeds from the song will be donated to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) to help those who have been victims of sexual assault, and to pay homage to my mother who herself was a survivor.”

Watch the video for “I Know My Worth” at https://youtu.be/88Q9YK_wvCo.

ABOUT MICHAEL COLEMAN / SEE YOUR SHADOW: See Your Shadow Songwriting is a musical creation entity currently based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Run by Michael Coleman, aka “The Metropolitan Cowboy”, See Your Shadow is unique in the fact that it is a collaborative network of talented vocalists and musicians who make the songs it creates their star. Michael Coleman, the artistic director of See Your Shadow Songwriting, writes and produces all the songs created and released by See Your Shadow Songwriting. See Your Shadow was launched in Columbus, Ohio, and takes its name from Michael Coleman’s birthday being Groundhog Day. Michael Coleman and See Your Shadow Songwriting’s lyrical writing style packs such a punch, that Michael has earned the distinction of being the only professional songwriter ever nominated for the office of Poet Laureate for the State of Ohio. For more information, please visit http://www.seeyourshadow.com.

Michael Stover
MTS Management Group
+1 412-445-5282

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” Billy Buchanan “Exceptional Award Winning Songwriter In His Original Music

Looking for a dynamic entertainer for your next event?! Look no further! Billy Buchanan, The Ambassador of Rock ‘n Soul, will have you swinging and swaying through the decades, from the 50’s to the 80’s and beyond. From Ray Charles, to James Brown, to The Temptations, to Stevie Wonder, To Prince, Billy’s only objective is to keep you on the dance floor. Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, the city where DJ Alan Freed first coined the phrase “Rock and Roll”, Billy Buchanan has a deep musical heritage. Digging into his father’s LPs at a very young age, he became a disciple of all the soul, blues, and rock trailblazers. He is also an exceptional, award winning songwriter, and in his original music, you can hear the backbeat rhythms and musical influences of all the artists he admires. He performs solo or with his band, ‘Billy Buchanan & his Rock ‘n Soul Revue’, behind him. His latest album, “Live! Act 1” was released in November 2019. Go to BillyBuchanan.org/contact to book one of his amazing shows! 

As an award winning recording artist, he’s released nine albums as a solo artist and two albums with his former band Fusebox (Elevate/EMI). He’s had three Top 20 songs on the CCM charts and has performed in all 50 states and in 26 countries. As a sideman, he’s played bass, guitar, or sang background vocals for many great artists, including Grammy winners Rebecca St. James, Michael Tait, and John Carter Cash. As a songwriter, he’s written songs with Busbee, Clint Lagerberg, Mike Hartnett, Marc Byrd, and other established writers. As a producer, he produced all of his solo albums, numerous independent artist’s albums, and co-produced Fusebox’s “Once Again” album. As an actor, he was nominated for a Dove Award for his role in the touring production, Hero The Rock Opera. As a celebrity impersonator, he’s been nominated for four Sunny Awards (including the prestigious Bea Fogelman Award of Excellence), and won one for “Best Website” in 2018. In 2020, he won “Best Soul Artist” at Las Vegas’ Reel Awards. 

Billy has opened for or shared the stage with Jersey Boys on Tour, Tower of Power, Harry Connick Jr., Betty LaVette, Paul Anka, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Josh Turner, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, Brothers Osborne, David Ryan Harris, Morris Day and The Time, Chaka Khan, Shawn Mullins, Sixpence None The Richer, JohnnySwim, The New Orleans Suspects, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Joy Williams (from The Civil Wars), Super Cat, G Love and Special Sauce, 24-7 Spyz, Switchfoot, Extreme, KC & The Sunshine Band, Funky Meters, P.O.D, N’Dea Davenport (from The Brand New Heavies), Skillet, Alice In Chains, Rebecca St. James, Salt-n-Pepa, and Jennifer Nettles (from Sugarland), to name a few.

Press Release:


Persevere Entertainment Group Announces New Album by Billy Buchanan,
“Live! Act 1”

Jacksonville, Florida – Persevere Entertainment Group is thrilled to announce the release of the latest album from Billy Buchanan, “Live! Act 1”, which will be available in early November.

“Live! Act 1”, features songs from Motown and Stax greats, and other soul classics from the 50’s and 60’s, performed by Billy Buchanan & his Rock ‘n Soul Revue, recorded live on November 18, 2018, at his Sock Hoppin’, Beboppin’, Juke Joint Jamboree, at Friday Musicale of Jacksonville, Florida! Pre-Orders are now available online by going to: BILLYBUCHANAN.ORG!

In addition to TV appearances on River City Live and Jacksonville Buzz TV, Billy has also made guest appearances on WUFT- 89.1FM, NPR’s All Things Considered, and many more. Buchanan recently opened for legendary artists, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Tom Jones, Paul Anka, the incomparable Harry Connick, Jr., The Jersey Boys on Tour, Tower of Power, and many more! Billy starts his two month residency with Las Vegas’ ‘Legends in Concert’ in November 2019 at their Branson, MO location”. Check out his full schedule and more at: www.Billybuchanan.org

“As an artist, my highest aspiration is to celebrate 50’s and 60’s soul and early rock artists, and to educate audiences on these artists’ ginormous contribution to the musical landscape. Celebrate and Educate! That’s what it’s all about for me.” – Billy Buchanan

Billy currently resides in St. Augustine as a fulltime entertainer and songwriter, performing 250+ shows a year. Billy also mentors, consults, and develops aspiring artists through his music company, Persevere Entertainment Group.

MEDIA CONTACT: Sharon Borneman, Persevere Entertainment Group | Manager, Agent
HYPE PR | Publicist, Owner
Cell: (352) 219-1118 / Bus: (904) 342-7874
booking@billybuchanan.org / www.BillyBuchanan.org

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” GWEN STEFANI “A Three-Time GRAMMY Award Winner & Multi-Platinum Solo Artist

A three-time GRAMMY® Award winner, Gwen Stefani has achieved global success as a performer, songwriter, frontwoman for iconic rock band No Doubt, and multi-platinum solo artist. To date, she’s sold more than 50 million units worldwide, including her four-times-platinum debut solo album Love.Angel.Music.Baby. — a 2004 release delivering the hit singles “Rich Girl,” “What You Waiting For?”, and the Pharrell Williams-produced No. 1 hit “Hollaback Girl.” With her 2006 sophomore album The Sweet Escape featuring the Billboard Hot 100 top-ten smash “Wind It Up,” Stefani most recently released her third solo effort This Is What The Truth Feels Like. Debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, the critically praised album includes her powerful No. 1 single “Used To Love You.”

In addition to her three GRAMMY® Awards, Stefani’s honors include four MTV Video Music Awards, two Billboard Awards, an American Music Award, and a Brit Award. In 2014, she channeled her tremendous musical passion into empowering young singers as their coach on the seventh season of NBC’s musical competition series “The Voice.” Stefani now returns for her fourth season as a coach on “The Voice,” with the 17th season of the four-time Emmy Award-winning show arriving in September 2019.

Known for her wildly charismatic stage presence, Stefani premiered her exclusive Las Vegas headlining residency “Gwen Stefani – Just A Girl” in June 2018 at Zappos Theatre at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. With its setlist comprised of fan favorites and iconic hits, the two-hour show unfolds as an eye-popping spectacular, putting a fresh twist on classic Vegas theatrics. But despite the elaborate stage production — and wardrobe changes showcasing her legendary fashion sense — Stefani offers up an undeniably intimate performance, ultimately forging an unforgettable connection with the crowd.

One of pop culture’s most magnetic style icons, Gwen Stefani has also emerged as the first global celebrity artist to translate music stardom into a series of massively successful lifestyle brands. Through her fashion line L.A.M.B., its sister label Harajuku Lovers, and her eyewear line gx by Gwen Stefani, the designer and entrepreneur has brilliantly merged modern glamour with fashion-forward streetwear.  L.A.M.B. and gx eyewear is available in over 3000+ doors in the United States.  Harajuku Lovers, the pop-art-inspired apparel and accessories brand has had broad appeal with collaborations including the award-winning Harajuku Mini for Target and beauty accessories for Sephora.  Target is celebrating 20 years of their groundbreaking Design For All program and are bringing back 20 of their favorite and most iconic designer partnerships including Harajuku Mini.  The Limited Edition Harajuku Mini Anniversary Collection will be available at Target stores and Target.com beginning September 14, 2019.

With over $1 billion in retail sales across all brands to date, she recently took the helm as co-creator and executive producer of “Kuu Kuu Harajuku”: a children’s animated TV show now in its third season on Nick Jr., fulfilling Stefani’s mission of providing young girls with content that celebrates creativity, imagination, and fearless individuality.

Learn more about Gwen Stefani here >https://www.gwenstefani.com/

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ONE-on-ONE With The S-O-S Singer/Songwriter-Producer & Performing Artist ” Jackson Cassidy REED…


1.) History and Background

Mr Jackson Cassidy was born bred in Kimberley. He performed in many occasions including weddings, public performances in halls, corporate functions, festivals and private functions. It was in the early eighties when he produced his debut album Summer Love which was a major success, played on radio and television.

Due to the greater bias that industry has towards the music of the bigger provinces even musicians such as Jackson Cassidy could not be given a chance to exploit the opportunities within the national industry, hence these musicians are big and well respected outside of the South African borders. Mr. Jackson Cassidy is back in the province to share his international music experience to help the youth exploit our diverse cultural heritage to the upliftment of the Northern Cape artist.

Whilst working with internationally renowned artist in a Band called the CC Beat in France working and sharing stage with Chico, Lucky Dube, Brenda Fasie, Papa & Blondie,Sipho Hotsticks Mabusa but to mention a few  and other great  South African Artist. Mr. Jackson Cassidy identified opportunities in France. He then decided to stay in France to exploit the opportunities identified.

The Jackson Cassidy Youth Development Cultural Exchange Program was established in 1992, with the aim of partnering with various institutions to improve the socio-economic conditions in our communities by bringing the much-needed arts and cultural exchange services right to the doorstep of the communities, making services accessible to all artist of all communities in Kimberley and the broader Northern Cape Province. The owner Mr. Jackson Cassidy started as a performer since youth to date and has acquired international stature in most places in Europe and America but especially in France and England where he is highly recognized as a musician, producer, songwriter composer and director.

Today CASSIDY YOUTH DEVELOMENTPRODUCTIONS has done many projects for the indigenous, oppressed Broton communities in France  and other projects for own benefit. A new maker in France Mr. Cassidy acquired so much influence that certain communities have requested that he led musical projects for their uplifment. Because of the influence, experience and contacts that Cassidy Productions has acquired over the last 40 years, opportunity to assist in the development of young artist in the Northern Cape has been identified hence the proposal of the Northern Cape  performing arts development program. All operations will be carried out in line with objectives of the provincial arts and culture.
The Jacson Cassidy Youth Development Cultural Exchange Program is working alongside the Northern Cape Provincial Government in curbing the burden of disease and breaking the cycle of poverty facing many rural communities and has contributed immensely to artistic development and job creation. Services are rendered by a team of highly committed, fully trained and experienced staff members.

Please watch the links below
Jackson Cassidy Summer Remix

Please the watch the Jackson Cassidy Coming Home SABC 2 morning live interview find link below

Please Watch “S.O.S d’un terrien en détresse – Jackson Reed” on YouTube find link below

2.) Executive Summary

JACKSON CASSIDY CULTURAL EXCHANGE YOUTH DEVELOMENT PROGRAM in an initiative by CASSIDY Life Changing PRODUCTIONS SA to assist with the holistic development of artist particular young artist within the province. The program is in line with the objectives of the provincial government with respect to nurturing, development and general support for the arts in the Northern Cape. The program is two pronged; it aims to develop them musically and economically
The Jackson Cassidy Youth Development Cultural Exchange Program is dedicated to the delivery of quality life changing services to those artist who lost hope in the artistic industry. The Arts Services Department offers the following programmes: 1.) Drama, Filming, Modeling, Poetry, Comedy and Art Painting. 2.) DJ’s Hip Pop. 3.) Live Band Music. 4.) Music School 5.) Recording Studio. 6.) Video Recordings Mix and Mastering. 7.) Music Production. 8.) Video Production/ Directing and Editing. 9.) Photography. 10.) Choreography/ Traditional and Contemporary Dancing. Contemporary, traditional and Choral Choirs Music Festivals Theatre for people with talent and musical potential. Supervise and mentor strategic partners on palliative initiatives Through its Artistic Services Department, we offers holistic support to the youth women and disabled. Support rendered includes material, educational, economic, adequate music equipment and support, to ensure growth in their new arts and music journey. On Training and Education Jackson Cassidy has an embarrassment in riches of international experience as a training services provider. He also speak French fluent and are in the process teaching youngster basic French. We’ll soon be providing educational programs accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and are a work in progress to comply with the SAQA assessment and moderation policies e.g. Jackson Cassidy has a comprehensive Youth Development programme to support young adults who have grown up in disadvantage communities and projects. The programme includes; development of High School Youth; development of Tertiary Level Youth and motivational camps. The Jackson Cassidy Life Changing Project. It is a Project whereby we envisaged to empower unemployed youth out of school with entrepreneurship skills in partnership with potential sponsorships. We’ll be focusing on the Youth, Women and Disabled from Kimberley and the broader Northern Cape Province, rural and semi rural. The Community led Development programme aims to promote sustainable development through partnerships with rural communities for poverty alleviation and en-courage economic independence through job creation. To achieve all of the above, Jackson Cassidy Youth Cultural Exchange Program is anchored by internal support services that comprises of Finance and Administration, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting, Management Information System, Social Marketing, Communications and Fundraising, Human Resources and Training.

On 10,11,12 April 2020 we envisage to bring around 1500-2000 people together from all walks of life across the province. The purpose of the event is to raise funds for Jackson Cassidy’s Youth Development Cultural Exchange Academy. The goal of this event is to increase interest in the artistic industry amongst the youth. More importantly is to develop the youth and export a proudly Northern Cape product to Europe France and across the World.


To change lives while being in a life changing position through quality life and dignity restoration in the artistic industry. To be a light of hope to artist from all walks of life especially those who feel hopeless.


Commission works world class recordings and productions in house of high quality. Select productions unique to the Northern Cape.  It is to improve the quality of artist teaching and learning, among the group described as historically disadvantaged, mainly from disadvantage communities but not discriminating against any ethical group intensify diversity in and around Kimberley (Northern Cape) through integrated interventions aimed at the improvement of arts holistically.
In partnership with the community, Government and other stakeholders, we show our appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual within the community by sharing our talents, resources and time.

The Event Comprises Of:

31 Artist In Total
3 International Artist
3 National Artist
5 Local Artist From Pixle Kaseme
5 Local Artist From Siyanda
5 Local Artist From JT
5 Local Artist from Namakwa
5 Local Artist From Frances Baard

We intent to invite International associates of Jackson Cassidy. The likes of Danny Nadh From France, Dia from France and Robert Maseko from England.


1.) Poetry 2.) Drama 3.) Comedy 4.) Hip Pop 5.) House 6.) DJ’s
The promotion of Local content across the province will be our first priority and If push comes to shaft, it will be our only priority
At least 1 well renowned artist of each of the five districts in the Northern Province will be invited and benefit from this historic event.
We intent to invite an International DJ’s from England
We will invite the Executive Mayor of Sol Plaatje to Open the Event on Friday.


Live Band
1.) Jazz 2.) Rock ‘n Roll 3.) Soul 4.) RNB 5.) Blues
The promotion of Local content across the province will be our first priority and If push comes to shaft, it will be our only priority.
Jackson Cassidy and Friends will rock the house with his Hit Single Summer Love and Old School Music O’Jays and many, many more.
We intent to invite a well renowned timeless Hit Burn Out Sipho Hot Sticks Mabusa.
We intent to invite an international artist from France City of Nantes.
We’ll extent an invitation the MEC of Sports Arts and Culture to open Saturday’s Event.


Live Band Gospel Music
The promotion of Local content across the province will be our first priority and If push comes to shaft, it will be our only priority.
1.) Choral 2.) Afrikaans Pinkster 3.) English Setswana Zulu, Xhosa
We’ll extent an invitation to the Premier of the Northern Cape to open Sundays Gospel event.
We intent to invite National Artist Mr Ewe S’bu


The Jackson Cassidy Coming Home SABC 2 morning live interview find link below

Please Watch “S.O.S d’un terrien en détresse – Jackson Reed” on YouTube find link below

Watch “Jackson Reed – “Listen to the children” : 4ème Forum mondial des droits de l’Homme – Nantes, France” on YouTube find link below

Please Watch “Babylon is on Fire, Jackson Reed” on YouTube. find link below

Please Watch “KARL W DAVIS & JACKSON REED + DAVID LE DEUNFF + JULIEN B. JAM 1// TNT // 29 MARS 2009” on YouTube. find link below

Please Watch “Jackson Reed & public session” on YouTube. find link below

www.reverbnation.com/Jackson Reed

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You might have never heard his name before, but that will rapidly change!! Remember the name,
you will continue to hear it in the years to come. Baby Justin’s first original single entitled Tranki45,
will be released March 26th by Smúsica.

Tranki45 is a high energy, Dembow inspired Smash hit guaranteed to raise pulses. After putting in months of hard work in the middle of this pandemic, Baby Justin is ready to just chill and have fun
and Tranki45 shows you how he does just that. The 118 bpm song grabs your attention and will make your body move. The preview on TikTok did just that, with over 500K views and more than 200 video’s recorded to the preview.

Of course the music video needed to match the high energy of the song. It had to show off Baby Justin’s Dominican roots. Smúsica spared no expense and decided to shoot the video to Tranki45 in the Dominican Republic, Atlanta & Miami. Tranki45 is just the first of many releases this year.
Baby Justin’s label Smúsica taught him about the powers of social media. He understood right away that in the middle of a pandemic, this was the best way to grow his fanbase. Baby Justin and Smúsica worked hard to raise his Instagram presence from 163 followers to over 20k within a few months
and he amassed 50k plus followers within a few weeks on TikTok. The rapidly growing fanbase makes it clear that they can’t wait, to hear the music. And here we are, with the worldwide release of Tranki45 happening on March 26th.

More info on Baby Justin

Carlos Sanchez aka “Baby Justin”, is a 19 yr old rising international recording superstar. He was born
in Los Alcarrizos, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he lived with his family until the age of 14 Baby Justin grew up with a strong passion for horses. His father was a very popular horse trainer who had the responsibility of maintaining top earning Thoroughbred Horse’s throughout the Dominican Republic.

Baby Justin actually had big dreams of becoming a famous Jockey, but that dream was prematurely torn apart when his parents made the decision that would change the course of his life forever, that was the decision to separate. Baby Justin and his mother ended up relocating to the United States, where he found it very difficult to conform to the strict guidelines of
his new school.

This unrest eventually led Carlos to follow a different set of rules, the rules of the streets. This new life would eventually catch up and land him in prison for over two years. With nothing but time to reflect on his life choices, he began digging deeper into another passion he never gave much attention to, Music. As Carlos reflected on his life, he was actually very inspired by his cultural background. He was raised listening to Spanish music. Bachata, Merengue, Dembow, Reggaeton, had all been brought back to the forefront.

He also realized a deep love for Afrobeat and Hiphop. After being released from prison, Carlos would start writing songs to all these different
genres in his native tongue, Spanish.

Carlos had now set his focus on his music career. He started recording and collaborating with local artists and Dj’s. He used money made from his job assembling office furniture to pay for studio sessions. One of those sessions actually contributed to his artist name in a major way.

It was a recording engineer that noticed Carlos when he was singing behind the microphone actually resembled a very popular entertainer in his earlier years. The entertainer the engineer was referring
to was Justin Bieber. The engineer called Carlos “Baby Justin” in a teasing manner. Everyone in the
studio started laughing. It was then Carlos realized the reaction of everyone to this comment. It was
bold, it was positive, and last but not least, it was powerful. So of course, he took the comparison as
a compliment. “Baby Justin” would become his artist name.
Baby Justin continued working hard towards being, not just an artist, but in becoming a “Superstar”.
After trying to build with what he thought was a team, he noticed the other team players were lazy,
unmotivated, and unwilling to grow. He needed some help to get to the next level of his music
career, and that wasn’t going to happen in the circle of people, he was hanging around.
A few months later, Baby Justin was introduced to a very successful music producer. The producer
invited Baby Justin to start recording higher quality songs, by giving him access to a world class
recording studio along with the video equipment needed to start making content. Baby Justin
started recording new songs right away. He was eager to take advantage of this new opportunity.
Baby Justin learned how to record himself in order to keep up the fast pace he had set for himself.
This allowed him to become self-sufficient and take full advantage of the opportunities given to him.
At this time, he met up with the Latin music label Smúsica. The Smúsica team knew, that with hard
work and dedication, Baby Justin would achieve his goals and dreams and signed him to the label,
one week after meeting Baby Justin.
For more information on Baby Justin, Tranki45 or Smúsica, please contact
press@smusicagroup.com or call +31 654915926

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