“Your World”, a single by Kinesus

“Your World”, a single by Kinesus, from the album “Retrogram”, is a pretty great track. This electronic pop tune is wondrous to listen to. The first catchy thing you that is noticed after you hit the play button is the striking cool intro tune. The astounding and outstanding beats then begin to gradually filter in to a copious level.

It is pure and organic. The energy is great and awesome. Obviously Kinesus is the nexus that links “Your World” together even without vocals (a descent vocals wouldn’t have been a bad idea too) and it still comes off well. The transition is crystal and resonates in the mind. It feels like a sound track that can match a happy ending scene of any movie due to the nice feeling you get from it. Another “wow moment” for me is the closing stage of the track, as the sounds simultaneously begin to slow down while the beats abruptly stops and the piano sound is substituted for a more serenading and prominent organ sound  in the background that gives a feel of a woodwind and reed instrumentals.

A regular key is also maintained throughout. I particularly like the delivery and style of the track. The synth sound is faultless, the keyboard and acoustic guitar sounds are in sync. This shows that Kinesus is up to date in his theory of music. Kinesus has shown that he is also precocious, little wonder his talents are evident in this tune. Verily, this tune would give you a good listening experience

“OLIVER STAY ” The Cleveland Based Alt-Pop Performer

“I’m a letdown!”

An exclamation from solo singer-songwriter Oliver Stay. This Cleveland-based Alt-Pop performer doesn’t say this to describe his music, but to describe his relatable message. Going against the grain of the modern “sell yourself at all costs” mentality typically found in this medium, Oliver strives to connect with you; and wants you to stay. 

In 2017 he found his first success when several of his songs were used in parody movie trailers on a popular youtube channel. Leading to his first interview on a local radio station where he announced his debut EP Castle in the Sky. Only a year after that he released his first full-length album If I’m Being Honest.

Now in 2020, he’s shifted his focus to releasing singles. Of the four songs he’s released so far, “Bones” is the most recent single and has easily broken the mold of all expectations. Inspired directly from the song Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too by Say Anything mixed with vibes from artists like MGMT, The 1975, and The Killers. Bones is catchy vibe about when casual hookups turn more serious for one person out of the two. “My heart still beats / But I don’t know / Where it fits inside your bones.” The music video conveys an energetic lover desperately trying to get the attention of a robotic-like man.

Oliver Stay started learning and playing guitar at 15, specifically because his family fell on hard times financially and couldn’t afford cable / internet anymore. He spent most of his time learning classic acoustic bands like Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, and Third Eye Blind. These influences shaped his earliest songs like “End of You and Me,” “Rewind,” and “It Never Ends” featured on his debut EP Castle in the Sky in 2017. Oliver Stay took what was originally meant to be a hobby a large step forward with his next project If I’m Being Honest. He learned piano and production so that he could be much more in control during the recording process of his music. Now armed with more knowledge, he built his masterpiece from the ground up; creating his genre-bending style and finding his voice as a musician.


The Young Passionate Pop/Urban/Hip Hop Artist…17 Time Independent Music Award Winner “HOPE”

Hailing from and born in Las Vegas, Nevada, this young passionate 17 time Independent Music Award winner, which include being an eight-time Black Music Award winner, as well as receiving the Image and Inspiration Awards and presented a City of Las Vegas Certificate of Recognition and a Certificate of Recognition from the U.S. House of Representatives in reference to her performance involvements.

​ In addition to her appearances recently on BIBO Weekly based in Chicago which aired on the Hot Noize Channel on Roku, Fox 5 Las Vegas in 2017 with Common Tree, a non profit organization as well as with Bully Busters 702 which is an organization that campaigns against bullying, an issue that is very dear to her heart, Hope has made several TV television appearances and interviews, combined with numerous radio interviews and hundreds of live performances with some of them on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.​

Since 2012 this young and talented artist has been continuing to work to further her journey of within the music industry and in life. To reach this goal, Hope has increasingly committed herself to highlighting her energetic performances, the true fuel with which she feeds her desire to achieve something exceptional. 

To find out more about the artist and her music, visit any of the following links: 

Website: iamhopemusic.com – jahmamusic.wixsite.com/hopeepk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamthehopemusic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamthehopemusic
Twitter: twitter.com/iamthehopemusic
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UClXqpDXhyNykwbrWLt2vgTA
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/iamthehopemusic

Vblock Dutch is a fantastic multi-talented Jamaican born DJ, rapper and producer.

When Jamaican charismatic reggae and dance hall flow meets hot and organic beats of Nigerian afro pop, what you get is a rich vein of fine artistry and musical aesthetics as encapsulated in “Son of a Beat” by Vblock Dutch. Vblock Dutch is a fantastic multi-talented Jamaican born DJ, rapper and producer. His new track, Son of a Beat, featuring Nigerian afro beat artist, Chify Jay is a rich blend of trap, dancehall and afro-pop genres. It is a perfect blend of two worlds in popular music as the track links the two genres together while perfectly showcasing the relationship in the two genres.  

The collaboration is a “killer”. The artists expended so much positive vibe in this song, which is a reflection of their inner character and mental strength. Son of a Beat is packed with so much flavor and ingredients that would make it the darling of lovers of good organic music.

The song is about recording huge successes in different undertakings and having confidence in one’s abilities in the face of adversity. Adversities can be caused by haters, betrayals from family and friends or even rivals in the same trade as depicted by the following lines.

I’ma son of a beat me done know- Done know!
(Oh I know)
No surrender retreat a no show – Oh no!
(Oh I know)

Nobody nuh need fe remind me
Mi sound run tings, ma DJ kings
Dancehall tear dung wen we come in

The following lines are a confirmation of the success recorded which can culminate in a party

Myriad of Hot girls circle round me
Whole squad deep right beside me

The hook is dope, the beat is tight, the strains of synths are a perfect combo, the baseline guitars are top notch as the smooth vocals blend in at an “ultra” perfect wavelength, projecting an effortless totality of the song. This is what makes it stand out from the rest of the pack of Dutch’s CD, Yaadman Tings. The flow is uniquely enthralling as it would enthuse the listeners into anticipating or looking forward to hearing the next line.

The video opens up with footage of the beautiful and scintillating landscape and ocean bordering Jamaica as Vblock Dutch begins singing his verse in front of a parked car as a big speaker can be sighted on the roof of the car in a compound or an open space with two men in the distant background behind him. After his first two lines, ladies can be seen arriving in their cars and as the song progresses, footage of video vixen swimming in the ocean and female dancers pulling off wild choreography alternates with that of Vblock Dutch and his crew. The song is smooth and contain plenty of dance vibes capable of fixing you in the groove which is customary of Jamaican dancehall and Nigerian afro-pop. Read the following excerpts to learn more about and follow Vblock Dutch on his social media handles.

  1. Q: Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?

Artist name is Vblock Dutch

  1. Q:Tell us more about your stage name and the storry behind it

My company Visionary Block Entertainment (VBE)

As a young singer songwriter I was always called Visionary because I would dream complete songs with Beat, lyrics and melodies then I wake up and lose a lot of them because I would forget portions or all of it as I got older and the dreams continued I’d wake up in the middle of the night and record them in my home studio hence the name Vblock and friends called me Dutch cuz that’s what I roll my smoke with

  1. Q: Where are you from and Where were you based?

Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica and moved to Miami after high school

  1. Q: At What age did you start making music?

Didn’t start taking music serious until mid twenties because I got married young and went straight to work to provide for a wife and baby.

  1. Q: What genre of music do you love? Or what genre would you consider yourself?

I love most genres but my passion is to make Reggae music

  1. Q: Tell us about your latest track or Video ( what is it all about)–Please explain the concept or message behind it

Recorded my video for Son Of A Beat in Ocho Rios Jamaica https://youtu.be/7YcZ4vyu3E4 which was a concept that came to me in a dream. I saw myself on a party boat having a ball and the song came on. I woke up and searched the internet for the song and realized it didn’t exist.

  1. Q: Who wrote the lyrics? who made the beatz? Who made the video?(if any) and finally who produced the song?

I’m the singer songwriter and producer but was composed and mixed by Sugarmix in Nigeria.

  1. Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

From my dreams mostly

  1. Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?

Would love to do songs with Drake and Dj Khaled

  • Q: Where can fans find you? Please List all your social media links (Youtube/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Soundcloud/ Spotify/ Twitter)



SAMUEL BROWN JR. aka Miracle In Focus.

Miracle, one of the most talented writers of today like a diamond in the rough. Introducing Samuel Brown Jr., aka Miracle. Miracle has written over 150 songs and still counting. His mentors include The Winans, Donnie Mcclurklin, Kirk Franklin, and Canton Jones. He has shared the stage with such new artist as Tasha Cobbs, JJ Hairston, and VaShawn Mitchell. His songs are cutting edge with New movement Christian music. Setting a new level of worship and praise. His production is clean and Miracle sets the trends. He has an awesome testimony of a miracle that God performed in his life. When doctors had given up on him, the Lord God Almighty said not so. You will go forth and be a minister of my people. 
Miracle is currently releasing his debut album entitled Heavens Rain and his hit single Calibration. Miracles journey has just begun with upcoming videos Heavens Rain and highly anticipated 2-lit dance video. His music is available on multiple digital music outlets including I tunes, Spotify, Google play, and etc. So watch out for this up and coming artist! Miracle is also in negotiation with a major tv network for a reality show.


“Flame of Life” Releases New Track Entitled “This Water is Dead”

The sound is unique and special.  You have to have an open minded spirit to appreciate the effort put into this track entitled “This Water is Dead” by the Group called “Flame of Life”.

They are in a class of their own when it comes to music and that is why their genre is known as “Lazer”.  Their style of music is futuristic and mystical. 

It will take your mind on a far away journey. A deep journey. Journey of a thousand thoughts. A journey into the outer space.  And when I say outer space, I mean that space deep in your mind which brings out elements of thoughts that we constantly neglect, the third dimension.

This track has a way of reaching your sub-conscious mind and if you constantly listen to it, you will see things and hear things that you have been avoiding. 

“Flame of Life” was founded by “The Bottle” a guitarist.  He was an ex-guitarist of little known punk-rock band called “Wortex Joke Equal”.   The vocalist is known as  “Fazer”. Back in 2015, Fazer was the vocalist of experimental rock-band called “Kometa”.

“This Water is Dead” is getting some good reviews from listeners and has over 2800 plays on “Soundcloud”.

Below is a few of the comments from Soundcloud.

Ghana born R&B Artist-Nana Kofi-Is Creating A Sound That Is Undeniable

Ghana born, Nana Kofi, is creating a sound that is undeniable. Now based in Atlanta, the artist and producer is taking from his experiences to create the type of music his listeners are sure to love. “From pain, love, heartbreaks and learning experiences, I’m able to express that through my music, ” he explains and the evidence is all in his work.

 Nana Kofi path with music began at just nine years old as the pianist for his church. From there, he began to play around with production at just eleven years old, where he would sneak and play around on programs on his father’s computer. Once he realized he had a story to tell, Nana Kofi began to add words behind his own production and shared the songs on Soundcloud. Now, the young artist is pushing his sound beyond the internet and is currently pushing his newest single titled “Deserve it, ft Derez Deshon”. Video and single is available on all platform.

Already working with major artists like Lil Baby, Derez Deshon, Kollision and Don Q, Nana Kofi is focused on becoming a better artist and perfecting his craft in the years to come.

You Must Listen to”Kai Love’s” Song Entitled “Simper”

My soul simply left my body after listening to 30 seconds of “Simper” by “Kai Love”. This is the true definition of Rythmn and Blues with a touch of soul.

I could hear Maxwell, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott all in one track. Kai really did justice to this track. It sounds like something the angels would listen to during their after hours after performing their heavenly duties up there in the sky. Yes! it is that good! Simply out of this world.

Kai Love is a singer, songwriter, poet, actress, podcaster, small business owner among others. She leaves audience awed with her delivery and style of spoken word poetry, interpretive dance, music and comedy. Kai Love is a hybrid of Erika badoo and Jill Scot. Simper, is the first single from her upcoming album, Curl pattern. Simper talks about one of the most underrated and underestimated subject.

The subject in focus is the powerful role smile plays in real life experience. Smile is the key you need to pull through, in the face of insecurity, adversary, life’s challenges, sorrows, tribulations, trepidations and fears. Being armed with a smile and putting smiles on people’s faces is the panacea and the positive vibe needed to stand tall in the face of all these, as depicted in the following lines“Burdened from life’s responsibilities

You can’t give up now
Keep pushing toward betterment
It will work out someway somehow
Your smile is your lucky charm
Spread joy through the streets”

“Bar = Magic” by “1Day” is Truly Magic

I really gotta say that I was mesmerized by the track entitled “Bar = Magic!” by the Kansas native artist who goes by the name “1Day”.

He impressed me with his versatility. I had first listened to his RNB track entitled “Know us” and then he threw me off in a good way with the punk rock sound of “Bar = Magic!”. Two thumbs up to you 1Day. Great job.

The track “Bar = Magic!” has pop, rock, punk rock, and RNB in it. He is truly a versatile artist who can switch styles really easily. Just check out another track entitled “Truce” which has the rnb and hip hop elements to it.
I have got to say that the track “Bar = Magic!” reminds me of the 2000 sitcom show called “That 70s Show”. A show that portrayed teenages from Wisconsin who had nothing to do but sit around and talk shit, do shit, and smoke shit. Bar = Magic! track takes me back to that 70s era with its punk rock guitar and melody. Its really worth chillin and listening to.

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Throwback 😎🙏🏽 College days…

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You simply cannot pin “1Day” to one style of music. He is truly what we would call a universal artist with a falseto like “Usher”. Simply Incredible.

He captivates his audiences with a young, soulful sound. He has a candid ability to combine a unique mixture of creativity with various life happenings both past, present, and future.

Visit his website at