TU PHAM-Doctor & Conscious Rapper

Tu Pham is a doctor working in family and mental health, a rapper and songwriter, a public speaker and a second generation Vietnamese Australian. His music videos examine politics and health issues in a biopsychosocial framework, performed in an entertaining and accessible format. He has performed shows in Brisbane, Sydney, London and New York. He has graced the covers of mX and GP Journey Magazine, headlined for the event “Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason” and has been a panel member at the Pho’nomenal BrisAsia Festival and Inter-Asia Pop Studies conference at Monash University. He was a plenary speaker for the “Creative Careers in Medicine conference” at the Gold Coast. He has reached number 1 on the Reverbnation Brisbane hip hop charts a number of times, and has been featured on 4ZZZ radio. His album “Made of Jade” can be found on iTunes and Spotify. His music video “Save Our Seas” reached 1.6 million Facebook views and has featured on Inquirer.net. On 30th October 2020 he releases his sophomore album “Agenda”.

Press release

The last four years, especially 2020, have been particularly challenging for everybody. Rapper and Doctor Tu Pham has been documenting these crises in detail via the medium of hip-hop music. After the viral success of the pan-ASEAN track “Save Our Seas”, Tu P follows up with the 20 track album ‘Agenda’. The topics covered include: Climate Change, Child Protection, Terrorism, Policing, Freedom of Speech, Asian Geopolitics, Coronavirus, Healthcare and The Arts. Tu P realises these issues are bigger than him and bigger than music. Drawing on personal experience and astute observation, he uses his platform to deliver a message with clarity and conviction.

Get more here > https://www.facebook.com/MCTuPham


Todd Last a.k.a Sonic Radiation is a great maker of fine organic music who has an eye on the past and an eye towards the future. The Dallas Texas-born musical genius makes exciting space-age electronic dance music (EDM) that would captivate and intrigue you as it whisks you away in thoughtful idealistic visualizer.

Sonic Radiation draws motivation from a pool of sources. In his words, “I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and sci-fi movies. Also, great bands like Rush, Depeche Mode and many others. I just fell in love with the epic and out of this world sounds of electronic music”. You can read more on that by clicking on the following link

His latest single “Roentgen”, taken from his Infrared EP and Dimixides, and soon to be released by IUnknown Records is super cool. It is a broad range of percussive electronic music that would largely or generally be a darling of disc jockeys. DJs and producers who create seamless selections of tracks and playbacks would always find it a delight to listen to and play regularly, even if they segue from one recording to another. It is suavely smooth as sonic radiation remains true to his style and roots. The constant probes and thuds of the drum beats bring out the rich allure of the song. The scintillating charged synths electrify your environs as the true color of the track shines through, unlocking your raves, nightclubs, and festival’s swag steps.

While reinterpreting remixing projects, it is safe to say that Sonic Radiation forges ahead with a vision into the future, to consolidate the future of modern electronic dance music throughout the galaxies and universe. With this or other sound works from his stables, Sonic Radiation is certainly carving a niche for himself in this genre 

“Moment” By “Vavz” Is Definitely A Must Listen

“Moment”, is a new song by the ever quintessential songster, Vavz. In this song, Vavz sings about the subject of “transcience’’ where he describes, every second and every moment in time as precious and valuable and should be taken seriously in contrast to the regular rituals of only taking into accounts, futuristic endeavors and gains or dwelling on past successes or failures rather than living for the moment, because you cannot change what has happened in the past.

This is equally in line with the following saying “the success of your tomorrow is a product or the consequence of the actions you take today’.

Furthermore, in a different twist, Vavz originally wrote the lyrics of the song in German, which he later translated to English but was sung in German. He has a great deal of creativity and ingenuity which is always brought to the fore in his songs. The beats are outstandingly resounding.

His audible baritone vocals are crystal, occasionally transforming at intervals into light crisp falsettos but maintaining a regular key for most parts of the song. The song is highly engaging and endearing. It is a heartfelt song that would stir up the waters of your imaginations. The production quality is equally high. This is a testament to the effective shift put in by members of his crew. Overall, this is a decent job and Vavz should get lots of credits for his creativity.

Topafricmusicvideo.com got a chance to do an exclusive one on one interview with the upcoming star and here is what he had to say

Q: Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?

My real name is Sami Ghadoum and my stage name is Vavz.

Q:Tell us more about your stage name and the storry behind it

Vavz is pronounced like waves and refers to the motivation to act from the feeling. From my point of view waves embody on the one hand calmness and on the other hand the motivation to change.

Q: Where are you from and Where were you based?

I come from near frankfurt am main in Germany and I was born in Germany. My roots are 50% in Tunisia and 50% in Germany.

Q: At What age did you start making music?

I started playing the guitar when I was about 10 years old. After one year of guitar lessons I broke it off and continued teaching myself the guitar. About two years ago I started to play the piano and 12 months ago I decided to build a studio and publish my music.

Q: What genre of music do you love? Or what genre would you consider yourself?

I like a lot of genres, I listen privately to everything from hip-hop, to pop, indie pop, rock and rnb. I would classify my song in the category pop or indie pop.

Q: Tell us about your latest track or Video ( what is it all about)–Please explain the concept or message behind it

My latest song “Moment” deals with the topic of transience. (“Carpe diem”) Based on several nature scenes, I present the decay and development there and try to convey that every moment should be considered valuable for itself. In today’s society we are designed to always look into the future and to prepare for the next years (e.g. studying at school to get an education, to work, to retire…) and we forget that every second we experience during this time is valuable for itself and that it is not only about the goals that should be pursued. The same is true for looking into the past, because we tend to hold on to good and bad events and drag them into our present. A turning point in my life has driven me to write this song and my whole heart is in this project.

Q: Who wrote the lyrics? who made the beatz? Who made the video?(if any) and finally who produced the song?

I wrote the lyrics, smade the cover/video and mixed/mastered

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

I wrote the lyrics, sang the song, did the cover/video and mixed and mastered the song. The incredible beat was done by Marzen G.

Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?

Definitv on first line with the artist XOV.

Q: Where can fans find you? Please List all your social media links (Youtube/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Soundcloud/ Spotify/ Twitter)

They can find me on:

Sherma Andrews – Singer/Songwriter, Arranger, Producer, Pianist & Recording Artist

Sherma Andrews – Profile Singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, pianist, and recording artist started performing at the early age of 4 years old. The youngest in a musically-gifted family living in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad.  Andrews formed a band with renowned saxophonist, Markus Hauser that toured Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. She was hailed by the German press as “A true star who has graced us with her presence before she vanishes beyond reach.” The tour culminated in an appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

Andrews toured and worked with many accomplished recording artists. She filled in for Whitney Houston during Enrique Iglesias’ World Tour. She worked with, Branford Marsalis, Britney Spears, Donna Summer and opened for Michael McDonald and Michael Feinstein. She also performed for President Bill Clinton’s Foundation Gala and many festivals including The Montreux and Cape Cod Jazz Festivals.

Her songs have been played on The Young and The Restless, Against The Ropes, The Sopranos, and other TV shows. Sherma Andrews is no stranger to the stage and has performed in Madison Square Garden, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Bergen Performing Arts Center, The American Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and many others.

Visit Sherma Andrews Here > https://www.shermaandrews.com/

SoulSonic Is a Must Listen

Chicago born producer and composer of Hip Hop Soul on the Alchemyst Audio music label, SoulSonic is currently collaborating with Jordan L, an artist and a lyricist. The audacious marriage has led to the release of a modest, energy “popping”, soul soothing song, “Rise”.

Rise is a song that speaks about police brutality, social injustice, inequality and racial prejudices that occur against the black communities. It is also a song that would make your spirit soar and reflect while giving you the platform to contemplate quiet thoughts or the people and environment around you. This Hip Hop anthem is also a clarion call for the seemingly oppressed people to rise up from their slumber and speak with one voice against these societal ills.

SoulSonic succinctly describes this without equivocation in the following excerpt.

“As a people, the majority in power has put that knee on our neck, from locking car doors when we pass, to crossing the street when we walk, to denying access to opportunity, to hunting us.

We as a people have taken a knee, but we as a people also RISE”.

The beat is dope and “street core” with various bell, clap, crash and ride cymbal effects at the right “music time intervals”. The “bass guitar plays” and electric synths are also conspicuous in shaping the track and making them endearing.

SoulSonic gets inspiration from his late mother, Elizabeth and his wife Jennifer. He also enjoys working with Jordan L. who was very instrumental to success of this track. SoulSonic would also love to perform with Pharell and Jay Z, two Hip Hop Giants. After listening to this track, you would have no doubts in your mind that black lives matter. Read the following for further details on how to reach him.

  1. Q: Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name? SoulSonic, originally from Chicago, is a Producer and Composer of Conscious Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop Soul on the Alchemyst Audio music label out of Vegas. Currently collaborating with lyricist and artist JordanL to create the soul soothing, energy releasing, rallying cry Hip-Hop Anthem RISE.

    JordanL is an established HipHop artist from Detroit, he brings ridiculous heat and thought inspiring lyrics in his music and delivery.
  2. Q:Tell us more about your stage name and the storry behind it Although I hear music and bring melodies to life I hear in my head, I neither claim nor pretend to control the creative process of the music I write, compose and produce. As far as I can tell, I am a creative interpretive channel for music that I believe we all share as we are all connected, and this is music from our collective souls. Having this as a premise for the gift of music allowed me to get to the concept of SoulSonic. While I was very aware of the group Afrikaa Bambaataa and the SoulSonic Force, who also had spiritual leanings in their philosophy, for me reaching SoulSonic as an artist name was both wider and connected, and much more literal. Interestingly enough we both drew some spiritually creative comfort from the symbology of ancient egypt. https://www.instagram.com/p/CF57np9n9iu/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. Q: Where are you from and Where were you based? I grew up on Chicagos’ South Side which though predominantly African American, had many cultures, food and music to experience. This has allowed my expression as SoulSonic to creatively address inequities I have seen, personally experienced, or was made aware of as I grew up. The song RISE is written in 2020, but could have easily been among the songs played at any operation P.U.S.H rally (People United to Serve Humanity) occurring in Chicago in the 70s as well. Its the spirit, and the intention of the spirit that shapes the music. Chicago will always be part of my creative process.
  4. Q: At What age did you start making music? I took years of piano lessons and a few years of violin before highschool, I couldn’t begin to remember the years. I started actively composing piano pieces in college, and that creative process would start and stall with upto seven year gaps before I returned to it with time, focus and goals.
  5. Q: What genre of music do you love? Or what genre would you consider yourself? I am drawn to the cinema of music. Music that makes your spirit rise, soar, reflect, or allows you space to contemplate quiet thoughts or the people and environment around you. This can be achieved boldly or subtly, the thoughts can be in the silences in-between the notes, as long as the music is intentional and present.
  6. Q: Tell us about your latest track or Video ( what is it all about)–Please explain the concept or message behind it RISE Description

    Hip-Hop Anthem speaking on police brutality and world events in the Black community in a voice to mark and embrace the moment and our people.

    A righteous voice from the experience that the streets in all these cities has taught us, that we have been profiled, treated as less, abused by the power of morally bankrupt officers, and systemically discriminated against.

    As a people, the majority in power has put that knee on our neck, from locking car doors when we pass, to crossing the street when we walk, to denying access to opportunity, to hunting us.

    We as a people have taken a knee, but we as a people also RISE.

  7. Q: Who wrote the lyrics? who made the beatz? Who made the video?(if any) and finally who produced the song? RISE Credits
    Genre: Conscious Hip Hop. No Profanity.
    Producer: SoulSonic
    Concept: SoulSonic
    Composer: SoulSonic
    Lyrics: JordanL
    Vocals: JordanL.
    © 2020 Alchemyst Audio

    Video created by Mark Karl Spann
  8. Q: Where do you get your inspiration? My inspiration comes from the woman who raised me, my mother Elizabeth, who’s passed, and the Woman I Love, my wife Jennifer. They are both remarkable women, souls and people. They are and were generous, caring, loving and optimistic beings in a world where it seems there is a little less light everyday. SoulSonic is a very intentional, measured expression that hopefully channels outrage at casual incivility, bigotry, ignorance, racism, and lack of empathy I see everyday – into a more positive response that still requires accounting, but does not meet ignorance with ignorance, or escalation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GWJae4iFiI
  9. Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with? In the hip hop genre who I have not worked with I’d Love to write tracks with Pharell Williams or for Common, Jay-Z, or the amazingly talented but under appreciated Busta Rhymes, the talented. But I have to say – the man I’ve collaborated with on RISE, JordanL. brings it all to the table and I am amazingly blessed to have connected with him and have him write the lyrics and perform RISE. He has a cerebral flow but keeps it accessible, he has a delivery that lets you know he FEELS what he’s telling you, he has something to say and a reason to rhyme. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.
  10. Q: Where can fans find you? Please List all your social media links (Youtube/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Soundcloud/ Spotify/ Twitter) Thank You,

    Twitter link: https://twitter.com/SoulSonicMusic
    Twitter handle: @SoulSonicMusic

    Instagram (On Alchemyst Audio):
    Facebook (On Alchemyst Audio):

    Jordanl.: https://www.jordanlmusic.com/

    Link to Boomplay

    Link to Apple Music

Enjoy Ace A Caped Crusade

Ace A Caped Crusade has completed his most recent album, “XV” which is a compilation of great rap songs. His rap flow is suave or smooth. The production quality is equally high. The drum beats, synths, piano and the electric guitars added thir fair share of vibe as Ace A Caped Crusade takes you on a ride you will never forget in a hurry. All the songs in the album are selected for your listening delight or pleasure.

The love Ace A Caped Crusade found in the streets and other external influence in his youthful days, especially in the arms of a love interest where he proposes to be her roses rather than sending her flowers is described in “Roses”. The slow rap pattern also continues in this track with the beat pattern being 4/4.

“R.I.P” is characterized by a slow piano chord. Here, Ace A Caped Crusade raps about the hate and the negative energy he gets from people, the criticisms he faces as his haters try to get him off his game by wishing him dead. Typically, he only has one message for them which is same as what they wish him, if they do not face their business. The tracks rigs of strong theme, violence and language, but the delivery is good

The quest for self-discovery, the search for answers to all the questions of life, his divinity which seeks to set the puzzles of life straight are all captured in this track titled “Reality”. Ace A Caped Crusade sees himself in the eyes of his “hommies” while seeking reality. He also raps about how his friends also seek answers through him, while some get into trouble and dying since they are not as successful as he is. He also raps about how he looks out for his friends

In “Home”, Ace A Caped Crusade elucidates all his fears in life while going down memory lane, the lessons learnt on the “home front” and what to expect in future while reiterating the “home” as being his beacon of hope amidst all this. The electric guitar sounds reflected the vibe from the song.

“Red wine” is also a great track anyone can listen to at any day or time.

The lyrics of the songs contain strong themes of violence and languages, hence the need for activation of parental control.

Award Winning, Multi-Nominated Singer/Songwriter & Performer “NATALIE JEAN”

Natalie Jean is an award winning, multi-nominated singer/songwriter performer. She is also a Voting Member in the Recording Academy (GRAMMYS). Natalie Jean is a versatile performer and singer. She sings and writes for many genres , such as Jazz, Pop, R&B, Blues, World, Rock, Country, Americana, Inspirational, Adult Contemporary, Alternative, and, Dance. She can also sing in French, Spanish, English, and Haitian Creole. Natalie Jean is mostly influenced by artists such as Lena Horne, Celine Dion, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and Ella Fitzgerald. She has performed at many venues in the MD/DC. She also has   performed in LA, New York ,Nashville, and North Carolina. She also appeared on WPFW, a Jazz station in Washington DC. She has been nominated over 100 times for her music and has won many awards. She has released six albums, Obsession, Natalie Jean, Lecons D’Amour, Unafraid, Haiti Mwen Renmenw, and Where Do We Go From Here?. She has also released several singles.

Visit Natalie Jean For More: https://natalie-jean.com/

Check Out PHIL JOSEPH’S Newly Regenerated Single Entitled “STAND BY ME”

The Improvement of he’s new single “stand by me, is now producing a good and unique result.

Dr. Michael C. Wheeler’s review:

We are pleased to announce our first winner in the category of Best International Artist: Mr. Phil Joseph. An ambition of ours here at Current Music Thoughts was to bring to our readers excellence in music making within the independent world – and I’m sure you know how many artists there are to hear. That being said, there are individuals who are making music that just jumps out and screams to be acknowledged. Such an artist is London-based Phil Joseph and his unique, tasteful, and masterful rendition of the classic Ben King tune “Stand by Me.” It has upbeat dance and reggae elements which breathe new life into the track as if giving it a second-wind during the midnight of the original’s popularity. 

Featuring the rapper Malik on the verses it is original and yet at the same time such a beautiful homage to classic American music. This reason, more than any other, is merit enough for the award as in a period of waning interest in the USA Mr. Joseph gives us a positive nod. It’s a love song – but at the same time we’re all wondering if there is a dual meaning saying “stand by me and everything is going to be OK” and from this side of the pond, we appreciate it. Congratulations Mr. Joseph on an outstanding achievement, we will be anxiously awaiting many more tunes.

Radio Stream:

Grab your copy here:




Follow Phil Joseph and discover more:

Chloe Dolandis & Fernando Perdomo – Together With A Combined Obsession Of Swedish Pop Music.

The Long Goodnight is a new collaboration from two old friends who have worked together in music for more than 10 years and share a love of Swedish pop music. Their first forthcoming EP, Good Songs, will be a collection of songs written/co-written by Salem Al Fakir (currently of the songwriting/production duo Vargas and Lagola — their songs having been recorded by artists including Katy Perry, Madonna, and Avicii). COVID-19 has created many artistic collaborations across the globe and this unique duo has been a long time coming. The Long Goodnight’s debut single, “Brooklyn Sun” is a dreamy, hopeful nod to the New York sky and will be released via social media and electronic distribution platforms on Sept. 10, 2020. Recorded at Reseda Ranch Studios and Studio Chlo by Fernando Perdomo (All Instruments) and Chloe Dolandis (lead vocals, background vocals) respectively. All songs mixed by Zach Ziskin. Brooklyn Sun Written by Salem Al Fakir and Nate Campany Produced by Fernando Perdomo and Chloe Dolandis Chloe Dolandis – Lead and Backing Vocals Fernando Perdomo – Guitars, Fernotronics, Bass, Keys, Tongue Drum, Frame Drum Mixed and Mastered by Zach Ziskin Video Edited by Nathalie Malpica Footage Found by Cyndi Trissel, Fernando Perdomo and Chloe Dolandis Song License by Harry Fox Songfile Single Available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and More.

Press Release:

The Long Goodnight is Echo In The Canyon Guitarist Fernando Perdomo and Critically Acclaimed Singer and Voice Over Artist Chloe Dolandis. They come together with a combined obsession with Swedish Pop music. Their first EP is the songs of Salem Al Fakir who went on to be the voice of Avicci and a hit songwriter for Katy Perry, Madonna, and more.. 

Here is the gorgeous new single Brooklyn Sun. Written by Salem Al Fakir and Nate Campany. It is a heartwarming combo of gorgeous vocals and dreamy guitars. Fernando Perdomo used Frippertronics to create the layers of swirling sound. 

Listen Here:


JANOUSEK ” Songwriter & Music Producer Based In Sweden Stockholm


Frans Janousek born 1971 in Stockholm, Sweden, discovered the Synthesizers in mid eighties and took years of pianolessons. He has written music since then and also developed into remixing great artists such as Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Roxette, Christina Aguilera, Bruno Mars, Journey, The Royal Concept, Sanna Nielsen, Euro Latin Beats, Style, General Knas, Bodies Without Organs, E-Type, and more. He has had two “Music Hit of the week” in Swedish National Radio twice with two famous Swedish artists. Frans also visits music camps to write with international artists, musiccomposers and is DJing in nightclubs at weekends.

“I discovered music actually when I was 4 years old, listening to my parents vinly records all kinds of genre, for hours and just got inspired. Started to play drums on books to the music and also sang preformed in front of my partens, though I´m still a lousy singer haha. But I knew I was going to work with music in some way, I grew up with the late 70´s disco era and the 80s pop and new wave music that formed me a lot. Beginning of 90´s I discovered hard rock and indieacts, alternative music and liked it as well. Also started to listen to, 50- 60´s music that catched my vibe. After that I got very open minded to all kind of music and that has helped me when I write songs in different genres, or playing DJing”

Since beginning of the 90´s I started to DJ-ing at nightclubs, also a member in a coverband playing the keyboard at houndreds of pubs and home-weddingparties. But that got me skilled to know what the people wanted to hear, in that time or environment. Since late 90´s I started to get in touch with professional artist, singers, record companies and also had such luck that i released a single in Japan for a Japanese boyband beginning of year 2000. That was cool. Since then I´ve worked hard everyday, developed myself to be even better writing music, producing, and DJing. And I´m still working hard, but having the wonderful time of my life creating music in all kinds of forms.

Quotes from artists:

Frans Janousek is a faboulous skilled music composer, DJ and has a sense for making hits and musical hooks.” 

“Frans Janousek is an awesome DJ that gives and spreads energy and adops the music wherever he plays. Always with 110% passion”

“Great songwriter that gives energy, works fast and is quick with ideas. Great listener and a humble person”

Follow Frans Janousek: