Jeffrey Auguste’s “Missing You” Will Touch Your Soul…

In this song, Jeffrey sings about missing a love interest while pondering on what he would do to her when she comes back into his arms as he cannot wait to have her back in his arms

 Jeffrey is a bundle of talent. His delivery has everything that can catapult you into an illusionary place, that makes life feel like a dream, far away from reality, and in truth, everyone needs to take a trip to that land at one point in time.

Jeffrey’s strong vocals are the epitome of beauty and professionalism, and he completely covers himself in glory in the way he executes the song. The song is a moderate RnB ballad with the incorporation of pop beats. It is sentimental and heartfelt. Jeffrey’s artistry is highly decent. He also displays a lot of versatility and dexterity in his approach. He brings a lot of attitude, rawness, and warmth that would bring the song alive and make it to resonates in people’s minds as they reflect on that one true love they really miss

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The Flying Cruisers “How Did I Fall In love” Rocks!

The Flying Cruisers is a soft rock band consisting of Ana Kreimeyer (lead singer), Justin Waterman (lead guitarist), Morgan Waterman (drummer), and Carlos Garcia (bass guitarist)

The Flying Cruisers is a soft rock band consisting of Ana Kreimeyer (lead singer), Justin Waterman (lead guitarist), Morgan Waterman (drummer), and Carlos Garcia (bass guitarist). The River Side, a California-based group’s single, “How Did I Fall In love” talks about the beauty of falling in love with the right person. Sometimes, it feels like a dream especially when you are with someone you feel you do not deserve or is too good for you, you may find yourself just asking the same question, how did I fall in love?

The lyrical pallet has numerous colors just like the cover art exemplifies. In fact, it is hard to fault the construction of “How Did I Fall In love”. It is equally hard to fault its guilelessness and not be won over by it. It is one of the fearless great love songs with preternatural wisdom and inclusiveness. The plot of the song is confessional explaining the reasons people fall in love.

The band is an exciting group. The wide mezzo vocal soprano range of the song fits the song’s melody and instrumentation, ultimately forming a proper harmony in the chorus. The song is radio-friendly and sleek. The song’s tune would be enjoyed by different age groups notwithstanding its matured theme of love. Despite its rock foundation, it equally contains some elements of pop music like country-pop and straight-up pop songs.
“How Did I Fall In love” has a moderate beat per minute tempo. New wave electric guitars and clucking banjos were employed as instruments. This group is edgy and a true reflection of what Rock rhythmic music represents.

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JAY STEEL “For Tha Love” In Combination

He married a compassionate special ed. teacher like the ones who helped him when he struggled so immensely early in life, and he made the music he wanted to hear in the world. After being diagnosed with a serious medical condition, he joined the ranks of the disabled musicians around the globe who didn’t let their disability stop them from bringing their art to life. After 20 years and 8 albums of having his music fueled in large part by disdain, anger, and disgust; this album is powered purely by love.
Eschewing celebrity, status, and ego, Jay Steele has expressed that his primary purpose now is making people happy with his music, which is especially epitomized in the lyrics of his song “Spreadin Joy.”
“I’ve seen the laughter, the smiles, the dancing, and the joy that my music has sparked in people,” Jay explains. “I feel like that’s worth more than any amount of money, and my goal now is to spread that joy to those who would appreciate it.”
The album’s positive vibes emanate resolutely right from the first two tracks. “Givin Thanks,” a “Juicy” by Biggie Smalls like autobiographical and jubilant tune, precedes the aforementioned song.
There is an unabashed emphasis on “For Tha Love” of taking the art of rhyme back to the foundation, which is evident in lyrics like, “Conscious raiser – orator – hip hop culture preservator – graffiti – breakin’ – rap – and DJ demonstrator,” which can be found on “Tha Rhyme Conductor.”
The project’s artwork resoundingly reflects this as well with graffiti on the front cover drawn by renowned graffiti artist “MindGem.” Then there is the graffiti on the back cover (of his name and album title) drawn by Jay himself, who is also a long time visual artist.
The beats on this album are very unique and diverse, or in the words of Abstrack Recording Studio engineer Jeff Mulligan, who worked on the project, “Nothin’ on here sounds the same.” Listeners will find a wide array of instrumentation ranging from mesmerizing keyboards, powerful orchestral notes, smooth electric piano, and mysterious and dramatic strings.
“Musical Family” may stand out the most, however, because it amounts to what may be the first mother and son collaboration in hip hop history. On this one, Jay raps over a violin played by his mom, who was Philadelphia All-City Orchestra in high school.
“We produced the beat together,” Jay says. “My mom came to the studio and played a violin rendition of a beat idea that I beatboxed for her.” Ultimately though, an alternative beat presented itself.
“My mom didn’t want to stop playing and kept improvising different sounds with her violin,” Jay recalls. Then, as his mom tells it, “This place kept inspiring me to make all these mystical beats!” She ended up playing one that really piqued Jay’s interest and imagination, and from over 30 minutes of music, Jay selected a spectacular 3 second segment and looped it, and the familial collaboration was conceived.
Another beat that stands out for its eclectic originality is the Silent NRG produced “Global NRG.” This beat was brewed in Hong Kong, and the sounds of the region, including the 2,500 year old zheng string instrument, are inextricable.
Steele’s style showcases a proliferation of alliteration and sublime, tightly intertwined, timed rhymes combined with a mountain of metaphors. His vocals transmit in a raspier fashion half of the time, which has drawn comparisons to Nas. In tandem with his standard tone, the resulting vocal variety makes for a sonically dynamic contrast.
Jay’s customary voice projects very deep, powerful, and smooth in a manner evoking iconic emcees like Big Daddy Kane, Parrish Smith (of EPMD), Doctor Dre, and The Fresh Prince. In fact, some may find “Givin Thanks” to be reminiscent of the timeless classic hit “Summertime,” with Jay espousing meaningful, grateful, and highly relatable lyrics with smooth flavor like that of Will Smith himself.
Of course, when it comes to lyricism, “Tha Rhyme Conductor” again must be discussed. With its crazy combination of crafty puns and metaphors, combined with a myriad of creatively placed, high voltage, cinematic sound effects, this concoction could certainly be described as electrifying. Listening to the lyrics, it’s clear that this type of effect is the intent. “I feel like I was able to summon up all of my creativity, and energy, and to unleash it on this one,” Jay recounts.
Steele’s writing has been catapulted by love, which is abundantly apparent in “No Better Present,” a romantic love song capable of conjuring memories of classic raps like “The Lover in You” by Big Daddy Kane and Method Man’s “You’re All I Need.” The continuity ensues with “Rap Appreciation,” which is a nostalgic love letter to hip-hop itself. It could be construed as a happier version of Common’s “I Used to Love H.E.R.”
“What I Can Do” is yet another very personally revealing and meaningful collection of lyrics. This composition is dedicated to those contending with cases of severe fibromyalgia, as he is. The lyrics depict a bit of what it’s like to experience this disease while offering hope in the form of ideas to help manage it. It ends by revealing that Steele has been a leader of a New Jersey support group for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and he concludes by providing his email address for those who would be interested in receiving a comprehensive list of resources that could be helpful for managing the disabilities/symptoms.
“Peace Not War” features a rare portrait of a rapper acknowledging his own specific character flaws in an effort toward personal growth. This aim imbues ideas in lines like, “Trying to change everybody – everybody but me – what I need is less me – and more humility.” Jay actually intended to put this track on his album “Solid Steele,” which is comprised of material he made between the years 2001-2006. (It should be noted that from 2006-2013 he released 5 albums, including “Music for a Better World,” under the name “Tha Truth,” which have had a global impact in their promotion of human rights.)
“I didn’t think I was physically capable of recording much ever again when I wrote Peace Not War,” Jay acknowledges. “I was just going to put it on “Solid Steele,” but my wife said she thought I should make a whole new album. She said that’s what she wanted, and that’s when I decided to try and do it.”
An additional aspect of note about this album is the exuberant exhibition of echoes. When Jay first began recording at Mulligan’s studio in Deptford, NJ, the engineer was left awestruck. After amassing decades of studio experience he reflected, “I’ve seen a lot of people try to do that [with echoes], but I’ve never heard anyone do it so well.” Subsequently, when Jay asked him to use his equipment to provide an echo, Jeff responded, “I like it better when you do it.” Alas, from that point on Mulligan began referring to Jay as both “The Echo Messiah” and “The Human Echo Machine.” The latter became the title of an interlude that encapsulates their amusement at the fact that Jay ended up performing virtually the entirety of echoes heard on the project without the aid of studio generated echo effects.
Overall, “For Tha Love” harkens back to the days when hip hop was more innovative, fun, and positive, and artists like De La Soul, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Tribe Called Quest, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Heavy D, and Kid ‘n Play ruled the day. “Rap Appreciation” is a quintessential ode paying tribute to artists like this that really gets to the heart of the idea of keeping these types of vibes alive (and flowing and growing).
Steele began rhyming while residing in Echelon, NJ, not far from his birthplace of Philadelphia. Jay has come a long way since his early days of raps racked with anger and vengeance (assembled after a tumultuous childhood).
Simply put, “For Tha Love” is the culmination of Jay’s trials and tribulations. It exudes the totality of his musical passion, dedication, and versatility.
It is a return to the vibes of yesteryear and a trip back to raps packed with fun, positive, mature, meaningful, and creative content. In the end, it’s music made by and “For Tha Love.”
Quick Description
For Tha Love sounds like The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” combined with rhymes like Tribe, Rakim, and Nas, that move smooth like Kane, Pete Rock and CL, with fun and positive presence like De La, KRS, Heavy D, and Kid ‘N Play
Artists Jay Sounds Like: Nice & Smooth, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, The Fresh Prince, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Kid ‘N Play, Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Visit Jay Steel direct>

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“Total Package” By “Kendall Spencer” Is A Must Listen!

If you want to know what Jay Z and 50 cent’s scheming pattern put together in one person feels like, then you must listen to

Kendall Spencer’s album, Total Package. It is hot and fresh, as he goes back to the basis or the A, B, Cs of rap music. It has the sauce and everything to makes it thick.

Total Package, the album’s title track addresses contemporary social issues that plagued the inner cities.

It depicts his individual struggles and victories under socio-economic disadvantages. He raps about the things that affect young black males. Though he faces the risk of being misunderstood due to the use of strong and explicit languages, he still projects the theme of how he was able to succeed and rise from the bottom to the top, in the face of adversity by working and balling hard, while also dishing out warnings to those he classified as haters, enemies or unhealthy rivals.

“All In” is another track on the album, Total package. In this track, Kendall Spencer talks about working hard, relying on your inner strength, and keeping your eyes on the prize as a way of retaining the desire to get to the top of your game. He enumerates determination, motivation, and hard work as tools to succeed and become famous while urging people to continue to grind and not put their faith in any man. This album is able to connect with the audience as he executes and incorporates complex rhyme schemes, the use of melody and syncopation, rhyming in a bar, and clear enunciation while bending words to rhyme. His baritone vocals also add grits to the dynamics of the mix. He remains true to his style while carrying a concept over a series of songs, throughout the album. Other songs include Trap Phone, Shake That A$$, Getting In, Golden Aisle, Money Rain On Me, and Digging You amongst others.

Overall, the production quality is high which speaks in high regard of the technical crew as you find this album delightful.

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Michael McGraw “Gimme Tonight” It’s Slam Jamming!

Berlin Finest Singer Songwriter & Producer”MICHAEL MCGRAW”

now with a new Slamming single entitled “Gimme Tonight” Showing Feelings Of Deep Tenderness.

Listen here:


Previous video:

Connect With Michael McGraw


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Ads Music, leader de la promotion musicale

Si vous êtes dans la musique, vous avez surement du entendre parler de Ads Music et vous cherchez à en savoir plus. Avant toute chose nous avons testé leurs services, Youtube, Instagram et Spotify avant de vous en parler ici.

Qu’est ce que Ads Music?

Ads Music est une agence fournissant des services de promotion musical pour développer pour les réseaux sociaux. Leur équipe est composé d’experts sur Google Ads pour effectuer des campagnes publicitaires sur Youtube, d’experts en influence et d’un expert sur Facebook Ads. L’agence Ads Music est certifié Google Ads partner et Facebook Marketing Partner donc autant vous dire que leurs services sont à la hauteur de vos exigences. Connu pour ses nombreux partenariats avec des labels de musique et producteurs, elle ouvre officiellement ses services aux indépendants en 2018.

Quels sont les services de Ads Music?

Ads Music à de nombreux services mais très qualitatifs. Elle propose des services pour développer sa chaine Youtube avec la publicité Facebook Ads, organiser une sortie de clip avec Google Ads et des groupes d’engagement, développer sa fanbase sur Instagram et du placement en playlist Spotify. L’équipe Ads Music est disponible par téléphone ou par mail. Une agence que nous recommandons pour la promotion musicale.

La notoriété de Ads Music?

Vous trouverez sur leur site internet de nombreux témoignages d’artistes qui sont satisfait de leurs services. Des artistes très connu en Europe ont également parlé d’Ads Music sur leurs réseaux sociaux.

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Get A Kick Out Of “Rhys’ “Kick”

“Kick” by Rhys, is a lively and catchy rap song. Its simplistic approach is thrilling. Rhys is a young enterprising artist who is looking set to take the rap stage by storm. He is characterized by his fresh sounds and buoyant personality.

His unique voice in this song is something you will definitely love and would catch your attention at any time. In this rap song, Kick was true to his style and character. This song has the potential of being a fan favorite and would always receive positive reviews for the intricate lyrics, the musical instrument used, and his storytelling abilities. He is one who says his mind without holding back in his rap songs and should be given the respect he deserves.

Rhys is gradually developing into his own while carving a niche for himself. Furthermore, Kick provided Rhys with the platform to push through the boundary, also using his human voice as an instrument. For this effort, you wouldn’t describe him as a backpack rapper as his ambition is mixed with pure confidence in his own skills.

Kick illustrates Rhys’ personal feeling toward fame while showcasing his musical novelty. It also reveals his social commentary skills. He raps about what he was passing through at that stage of his life.

As is epitomized in the lyrics below

“We don’t fight for revenge

We fight for what is right”

 At this rate, his career would reach a new height if he keeps churning out tracks like this. To capture his personal feelings in his rap is just bold as he recognized his boundaries and pushed beyond them.

With this song, he definitely has the potential to broaden the demography of fans. His pop/RnB blend of hip hop will offer a brand new sense of variety. Rhys is indeed generic.

Check out his instagram and you will see this upcoming star free styling.

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LALWEM Clark’s “Ride The Wave” is Riding High

“Ride The Wave” By LALWEM Clark is surprisingly good. We implore you to goto iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube and listen to it before reading this article. Hurry now!! We will wait for you.

The synth beats and other instrumentals match the key of the song as they add more vibes to the flow. LALWEM Clark’s all-around zealous attitude and ability can be felt when listening to the song. There is a special feel that wraps the air whenever you’re listening to this track. A feeling that only someone with LALWEM Clark’s conviction can bring on board as his energy is contagious!

LALWEM Clark’s rap song, “Ride The Wave” is hot… and I mean SPICY hot… as LALWEM Clark spits Fuego through his audacious punch lines. The song is about moving on in life, irrespective of what life throws at you and (or) the situation you’re in. Most certainly in life, there will always be “ups and downs”, but your ability to forge a path and do the things you enjoy amidst the socio, cultural, political, and economic problems are all that matter.

As depicted in an excerpt of his thought-provoking lyrics:

“What do I mean when I talk about waves,
Them current events that shape our days
They bring us joy or cause dismay
Whether good or bad there here to stay…
…Mental healths toxic, while in Beirut a bomb hit
Mom & Pops steady losing profits leads to unstable economics
But… let’s not even mention,
All the racial tension
People losing pension… with benefits suspended…”   

The flow is intelligently simple with no ambiguity or complexities. In one word, it is “dope”. Equally, there is a smooth transition between the hook and the verse, where his baritone vocals also blend easily with the totality of the instrumentals employed in the track.
Clark’s poetry over music imparts a familiar mainstream feel, but with a touch of uniqueness that’s a refreshing break from the repetitive rap vibes, everyone is trying to copy. Simply stated, although different and maybe off-putting to some, Ride The Wave has the potential to become a new age classic!

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Khali Flock’s “Savage Shit” is a Hit

Khali Flock is making waves in the art of contemporary rap music. In his single, “Savage Shit” he raps about making money and living large but money, power, and respect also bring about haters, enemies, and betrayals. But their criticisms and antics would never break him while also keeping him going at the same time as depicted in the line “I feel like I have finally made it”.

Khali Flock is making waves in the art of contemporary rap music. In his single, “Savage Shit” he raps about making money and living large but money, power, and respect also bring about haters, enemies, and betrayals. But their criticisms and antics would never break him while also keeping him going at the same time as depicted in the line “I feel like I have finally made it”.

In the music, the reverberating beats were expertly played as they help to give the song a defining bass which in turn, helped to maintain the energy therein throughout the duration of the song. His catchy punch lines are equally ‘dope’ and project the theoretical realities of the will power to earn respect. This is the basis of survival in the streets, otherwise, the streets will consume you. He brings all this to life with his unique delivery as can be felt when listening to this song.

His vibes are contagious as the song will have you move and sway your body in matching and flowing dance steps.

His tenacity in getting into character in the music video speaks volumes of his uncommon acting skills.

In the music video, different scenes of him displaying wads of money, drinking exotic wines, and rapping outdoors and behind closed doors alternates with scenes of his associates by the poolside, fast cars, and video vixens doing their thing. With money, fame, power, and friends around, every day is party day

The lyrics contain strong languages, therefore, parental control should be activated for persons below 18years of age

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“Miami Nights 1984” Makes A Comeback With Soundtrack to The Movie “Flinch”

“Miami Nights 1984” makes a comeback by creating the Full Soundtrack for Flinch – a 2021 Film about a Hitman
The album for the movie “Flinch” contains spontaneous synth wave tracks. The style of the synth-wave is unique, quintessential, very catchy, and original.

Of course, you can get a feel of Miami Nights 1984 signature riffs throughout the track, which most certainly are over the top. This underscores the hard work put in by Miami Nights 1984, which is an essential attribute or ingredient needed to deliver topnotch tracks for the listening pleasure of the fans. The tracks on the album elicit a lot of nostalgic feelings. This can easily pass for the soundtrack of my life and can fit into 80s tv series, soaps, or action movies. The tracks Possess a variety of spices, ranging from soft, smooth, downtempo slow chill ballads or cool energy track to atmospheric, blood pumping, up-tempo tracks.

In addition, there is also a mysterious and discrete aura around the album, but it is all for good measure. The sounds are aesthetically beautiful and well composed with analog based instruments and virtuals like Ableton, DMX, Drumtrax, MN84 edition, Kiwi106, JX3p, tx81z, EMAX, Prophet6, and a host of other exciting synth instruments 

The album is a special one as it would give the fans a good listener’s experience. Miami Nights 1984’s touch is delicate and professional. Equally, “Watching” and “She didn’t flint” are tracks on the album that are capable of hitting the right emotional gear in you while retaining the carefree feel of the ’80s. Other tracks on the album are “Intro”, “Church”, ‘Pull up”, “Doyle”, “On My Own”, “The girl”, “The Job”, and “Getting Messy”. These tracks all belong to the genre of soundtrack music with epic lead inspired by Miami Nights 1984’s imaginations and creativity which also encompasses the music, the cars, and the girls, showcased in the movies of yester years

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