“Flame of Life” Releases New Track Entitled “This Water is Dead”

The sound is unique and special.  You have to have an open minded spirit to appreciate the effort put into this track entitled “This Water is Dead” by the Group called “Flame of Life”.

They are in a class of their own when it comes to music and that is why their genre is known as “Lazer”.  Their style of music is futuristic and mystical. 

It will take your mind on a far away journey. A deep journey. Journey of a thousand thoughts. A journey into the outer space.  And when I say outer space, I mean that space deep in your mind which brings out elements of thoughts that we constantly neglect, the third dimension.

This track has a way of reaching your sub-conscious mind and if you constantly listen to it, you will see things and hear things that you have been avoiding. 

“Flame of Life” was founded by “The Bottle” a guitarist.  He was an ex-guitarist of little known punk-rock band called “Wortex Joke Equal”.   The vocalist is known as  â€śFazer”. Back in 2015, Fazer was the vocalist of experimental rock-band called “Kometa”.

“This Water is Dead” is getting some good reviews from listeners and has over 2800 plays on “Soundcloud”.

Below is a few of the comments from Soundcloud.

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