Jeffrey Auguste’s “Missing You” Will Touch Your Soul…

In this song, Jeffrey sings about missing a love interest while pondering on what he would do to her when she comes back into his arms as he cannot wait to have her back in his arms

 Jeffrey is a bundle of talent. His delivery has everything that can catapult you into an illusionary place, that makes life feel like a dream, far away from reality, and in truth, everyone needs to take a trip to that land at one point in time.

Jeffrey’s strong vocals are the epitome of beauty and professionalism, and he completely covers himself in glory in the way he executes the song. The song is a moderate RnB ballad with the incorporation of pop beats. It is sentimental and heartfelt. Jeffrey’s artistry is highly decent. He also displays a lot of versatility and dexterity in his approach. He brings a lot of attitude, rawness, and warmth that would bring the song alive and make it to resonates in people’s minds as they reflect on that one true love they really miss

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