Princess Vitarah got Another Spot on TopAfric Music Video Next Countdown Show Ep8 – Number 12 with “Nigerian Pussy”

After being listed for TopAfric Music Video’s Episode 8 Top 15 Countdown Show

with her song, “I want 20Inch D*ck”. Nigerian Princess Vitarah also got another blockbuster song on Number 12 on the list that has raked over 100k views on Spotify which is damn impressive. On Number 11 of TMV Ep8 Countdown show, it’s “Nigerian Pu**y”.


Here’s what TopAfric Music Video Has to Say;

Princess Vitarah somewhat caused a storm online with the release of her song titled ‘Nigerian pussy’.

Watching and listening to her music video Nigerian pussy, it’s no surprise that she’s gone viral. On the track, the artist brags that “Nigerian pussy is the tightest, Ghanian pussy is not! Nigerian p***y is the softest, it’s the cream of the crop. Naija pussy makes a nigga wanna pay“.

The song “Nigerian Pussy” broke the record for most downloads in 24 hrs in Nigeria and now has more than 100,000 streams on Spotify the first for any African female rapper ever. Princess Vitarah has been praised for opening doors for African women concerning the expression of sexuality.

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