PRT’s Chemistry out and available; Who is Jesse JL and The PRT group

About Chemistry

No greater judgment could be done to funk music than the PRT has done to “Chemistry”, a music that sets the pace for the PRT group on their coming out to the world with a uniquely special kind of fusion between Funk, Rock, and Hip-Hop genre of music. It’s taken five amazing artists and a badass Producer, “Dam Black” to come out with something that’s generating a viral wave across the social media.

Call it funk, call it Hip Hop, or Call it Rock, every bit of this category is present in Chemistry. Coherent lyrics and a group of talents, Chemistry shows that the PRT is coming out with a unique sound setting their foot firmly on the ground and making a bold statement on the world music platform.

Chemistry is one among songs by the PRT which currently selling fast across various music platforms on the internet. Produced in Geneva, Switzerland, the video visualizes exactly what the music says and whether it’s funk or rock, you’ve got to see this music first.

Chemistry cannot be overrated as every positive review this song gets is what it deserve. It takes a group of talented individuals to come out with something as good as this.

The song is number one on the just released PRT album. The song is what every party lovers could relate with, here you see Jesse JL Kolb who’s the leader of the formidable pack releasing his rap venom creating a flow that’ll definitely get you nodding your head forth and back.

 Each and every individual in this group has been had been an independent artist, doing good music on their own and holding it down wherever they find them selfs as long as promising and upcoming artists/music is the concern. Fabian AKA Bansh is a multi-talent which Jesse met at the voice of Germany in 2015. His rap is captivating and his Beatboxing is more. he kills it wherever he goes, clubs, shows, cafes, or any avenue where people want to here something funk or rock, bansh is the man of the people.

Sandrine and Jasmine are the girls in the group and their contributions to this beautiful track can not¬†be overlooked. it’ll definitely feel dry without the sweet voice of Jasmine and Sandrine.

Benjamin Kleinholz could never be left out, the german born rapper is the last person to hit the ground on the track, spitting out his german rock flow and punch line, killing the beat.

Finally, this could have never been a pleasure to the ear if Dam Black had not mixed the whole song and mastered it. a german producer that has a wide experience of work ethic and knows the games when it comes to Funk, Rock or music in General.

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