Saweetie Shares Anthemic New Single & Video “NANi”

Saweetie, the rap star, is making a comeback with her latest summer anthem called “NANi.” The music video showcases a vibrant and colorful portrayal of Saweetie’s daily life. The visuals share a similar color scheme and overall style that might remind viewers of a Barbie movie. Throughout the video, there is a clever product placement featuring Smirnoff Smash Vodka Soda, which changes colors along with the background Saweetie is in. The video begins with Saweetie enjoying herself in the pool, then she heads to the club, and later transforms a parking lot into a dance floor. She’s clearly having a blast, and the song perfectly captures that feel-good vibe. It’s a pop song that will definitely put you in a great mood.

Saweetie is excited to share that NANi is more than just a track; it’s the perfect soundtrack for a great time! This song truly embodies the energy of being the main character in your own story. It’s been a labor of love creating this single, and it’s only the start of an incredible journey. Saweetie has been working on this new music for quite some time, and she can’t wait to share more of this amazing journey with all of you.

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