“Mike Thompson” is a Florida-based indie rocker with a penchant for power-pop tunes. With his lyrics, harmonies, and compositions, he captures the heart of the listener.

Mike Thompson is an indie rocker from the Emerald Coast of Florida.  Music is an obsession for Mike.  He makes music, including two albums, 2015’s Out of My Head, 2019’s Needful Things, and several singles for himself and other artists.  He supports independent artists by producing and hosting weekly radio and TV shows featuring regional talents.  

Mike’s music has met with critical praise and been featured on charts across Europe.

“Where Mike Thompson has been all these years is anyone’s guess, but on the evidence of this album, it’s only a matter of time before he gets noticed.” – Rob Evans, PowerPlay Magazine UK

“If you are looking for normal rock and roll music then this simply is not the CD for your player. From the opening strains it is obvious that this is a work of love..” – Dashal Jennings, The Daily Banner

Out of My Head #2 Independent Album of the Year” – AOR Underground

“All for You” is the new release from indie rocker Mike Thompson. It is an energetic power-pop tune about dedicating one’s self to another’s happiness. Originally conceived as a love letter to the dreams of his teenaged self, Mike says the meaning has grown well beyond that. With the music of his youth as inspiration, and powerful modern sound, All for You is a frolicking good time!

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