“1PABLO” Showcased Versatility, Wisdom And Fun In His Songs.

Press Release
1PABLO was born in Kingston Jamaica and grew up in Jamaica, Queens.  He went to Springfield Gardens High School and graduated from York College with his Bachelors in Economics. 1PABLO is also a combat veteran who served eight years in the army and completed one tour in Afghanistan.
1PABLO worked diligently on his first EP Humble to express different layers of life’s struggle and triumph through his poetic lyrics.1PABLO showcased versatility, wisdom and fun in his songs.
[ As i ] was written for my son Kayden. I pledged my allegiance and duty to him. All fathers will understand each word of love and commitment.
[ Reason ]
Highlights how one copes with the  frustration and anxiety of life. 1PABLO drives an 05 Honda civic called Humble. She helps him stay engaged and focused. It’s fun to drive, and it slows him down.

[ Tell me ]
Expresses gratitude and love. The pain exist but joy and happiness takes work. Hopefully with simplicity and self awareness, some level of security will find the majority. We all love to feel and the feeling and idea of being reassured and secured. The time is now.
[ Freedom ]
is about empathy and courage. A call to action that will spark the minds of global and local citizens .There is an global transition and reset happening. Some are handling it well. And some are not. Finally realizing that freedom isn’t free. 

 [ Rise]
is about picking yourself up. We all go through some level of hardship, but I believe with faith and understanding. We all can overcome. Rise expresses love and sacrifice. Although life can look and seem unbearable at times. Go army.

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