“Lost in Paradis” is a Must Listen

Lost in Paradise talks about how we human beings wish to reap without sowing. We want to have all the riches that life has to offer but we dont
want to put in the work it takes to acquire such riches.

The riches she talks about is not only money. It can be the respect or love from other human beings. We simply want respect or love without doing the basics which it takes to get such feeling from other humans.

We are lost in our own paradise. This dream world where everything works like magic. But the reality is quite different.
One can tell that Tanja Carol sings from experience and her music comes from her soul. She is a singer/ songwriter from Switzerland who was born into a very music-loving family.


Tanja believes that music is the language of the soul, a universal communication tool which she uses very well to send her point across to other humans. November 2021 is when She started in the music business with the song “Lost In Paradise.”

According to Tanja her songs are all part of her life in one way or another. Sometimes sad and sometimes full of joy.  She sings to touch people and it seems to resonate. So it comes as no surprise that she has over 7000 views on her ” Lost in Paradise” music video on youtube.

Listen to the lyrics of “Lost in Paradise” and you will come to appreciate and respect the artist known as “Tanja Carol”.

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