Who Is ” 3 T O B “

3TOB is Tony Toni Toné Original Band! The group consists of Tony Toni Toné founding members, Elijah Baker, Antron Haile, and Carl Wheeler. Also on board are Jubu Smith, who joined 3T during the production of their second album The Revival, and Amar Khalil who took over as lead singer following Raphael Saadiq’s exit from the group in 1998. Of all these guys, Khalil had the longest run with the original group, staying 20 years. 

In 2019, while working on the production of the award winning documentary, Loyalty No Royalty: The Breakup of Tony Toni Toné, the concept of 3TOB was born.

In the original group’s heyday, album covers and media coverage promoted them as a three-member band,  when in fact, there were six members counting Elijah Baker, Antron Haile, and Carl Wheeler.

They were the “sound” of the band. Then Jubu Smith joined the group and added his unique and recognizable guitar riffs to that sound.


3TOB is on a mission to bring that sound back to their fans and the music world as a whole.

The making of music always came from the imagination of how the composer wanted it to sound.

These men are true musicians, using live instrumentation and old school music production expertise to bring back the soulful, quality sound that has been missing from modern music.


Each 3TOB member has over thirty years of experience in the music industry.

Elijah Baker is a lifelong bass player, singer and songwriter who has made his mark as a renowned producer. He is also CEO of Ambitious Records, Inc.

Carl Wheeler is a keyboardist since childhood. He is a masterful producer, R&B songwriter, and musical director. In addition to other projects, Carl has been performing with Frankie Beverly and Maze for 20 years.

Antron Haile is an accomplished synthesist, producer, and songwriter. Over the   years he has been a part of creative collaborative partnerships with numerous groups and solo artists.

Jubu Smith is an extraordinary guitar player, singer and songwriter. He is front man for his group, Legally Blynd and is well known for his guitar solo performances with Frankie Beverly and Maze.

Amar Khalil is a lead singer with an unforgettable, resonant tenor voice. As well as being an excellent songwriter & producer. Besides his current involvement with 3TOB, he has produced and released several solo projects for himself, his son, and other rising young artists. Amar is also an accomplished actor, writer & director with great vision.

He’s a very accomplished Organist, Pianist, & Synth player who has 3 Grammys (3 years years in a row) from working with Bay Area Artist Fantastic Negrito���

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