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Mark Rubin, a Detroit native hailing from the vibrant city of Southfield, has journeyed through life with a deep-rooted passion for music. Growing up in a neighborhood closely tied to the iconic Motown sound, Mark’s surroundings served as the backdrop to his musical upbringing.
Immersed in a diverse culture that celebrated everything from house music and basketball to rap and R&B, Mark’s early years were infused with the rhythmic melodies and soulful harmonies that shaped his artistic identity. Even as a child, he was drawn to the stage, captivating audiences with his impressive vocal talents in musicals and performances.
At the age of nine, Mark’s dedication to his craft led him to pursue classical training, honing his skills and expanding his vocal range. Although faced with the absence of his father, Mark found strength in his close-knit family unit, consisting of his twin brother Eddy, a gifted artist and drummer, and his devoted mother.
As life progressed, Mark’s journey took unexpected turns. His mother remarried twice, resulting in a change of surname to Rubin, bestowing upon him the enduring name of Mark Rubin. Balancing the responsibilities of marriage and parenthood, Mark’s passion for music remained steadfast.
Mark’s dedication to his craft shone through as he found solace and inspiration in leading worship at a messianic synagogue and participating in talent shows across Los Angeles. Simultaneously, he used his exceptional sales skills to support his growing family, selling cars and clothing.
An opportunity of a lifetime presented itself when Mark joined a gospel group led by the renowned Billy Davis Jr. and Marilyn McCoo from the legendary Fifth Dimension. As the group’s tenor, Mark honed his artistry while touring with these musical icons. It was during this time that he forged a creative alliance with Grammy Award-winning Producer/Writer Jon-John Robinson, with whom he produced his debut CD. Collaborating with former college roommate Cornelio, Mark also released his second EP, showcasing his versatility as an artist.
Despite the prospect of breaking into the European music scene as an R&B artist, Mark made the heartfelt decision to prioritize his role as a father, choosing to remain close to his young children rather than pursuing his dream abroad. In the following years, he built a thriving auto broker business while continuing to share his melodic talents by performing the National Anthem at professional sporting events across the nation.
Now, in a pivotal moment, Mark has embraced his lifelong dream once again. With a wealth of life experiences, a successful business behind him, and a burning desire to create beautiful music, he sets his sights on a new chapter in his musical journey. Mark Rubin, the Detroit-born artist, is ready to captivate the world once more with his heartfelt melodies and powerful vocals. Stay tuned as this extraordinary talent prepares to take center stage once again, bringing his passion for music to new heights.

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Detroit Native Mark Rubin Teams Up with Grammy-Winning Producer Jon-John Robinson, Releases Captivating Rendition of L.T.D.’s “Love Ballad” 

Detroit, MI – June 30, 2023 – Mark Rubin, the talented Detroit-born artist known for his powerful vocals and heartfelt melodies, has joined forces with two-time Grammy Award-winning producer Jon-John Robinson for his latest release. Rubin, recently signed to independent label AMG Records, is excited to unveil his captivating rendition of the iconic love song, “Love Ballad,” originally made famous by L.T.D.

Drawing from his own life experiences and infusing the song with his unique musical style, Rubin, under the guidance of Robinson, delivers a fresh and soulful take on the beloved classic. The collaboration showcases Rubin’s exceptional talent and Robinson’s renowned production expertise, resulting in a rendition that is both timeless and contemporary.

Mark Rubin’s partnership with Jon-John Robinson and his signing to AMG Records marks a significant milestone in his musical journey. With a shared vision and dedication to creating exceptional music, Rubin and Robinson are set to make waves in the industry, captivating audiences with their combined talent and creative prowess.

Released on June 30th, 2023, Rubin’s version of “Love Ballad” is a testament to his artistry and the exciting new chapter he embarks upon. Music enthusiasts and fans of soulful melodies are eagerly anticipating this release, poised to be moved by Rubin’s powerful vocals and undeniable musicality.

As Mark Rubin continues to craft his musical legacy, fans and listeners can expect more incredible collaborations and releases from the gifted artist. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming projects as Rubin and Robinson prepare to captivate the world with their heartfelt melodies and unparalleled talent.

To listen to Mark Rubin’s rendition of “Love Ballad,” visit Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music and anywhere music is streamed.

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