Nigerian-born singer and rapper “REMA”

Divine Ikubor is popularly known as Rema, is a Nigerian singer and rapper, he was born on the 1st of May 2000. In 2019, he signed a record deal with Jonzing World, a subsidiary of Mavin Records. He rose to prominence with the release of the song “Iron Man”, which appeared on Barack Obama’s 2019 summer playlist. Rema was born into a highly spiritual Christian family in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria. Rema grew up singing and rapping while in secondary school. He attended his primary and secondary school in Edo State.
In 2018, Rema posted a viral freestyle to D’Prince’s track “Gucci Gang”. The post caught the attention of D’Prince who flew him to Lagos to offer a record deal. Rema signed a record deal with D’Prince’s Jonzing World, a subsidiary of Mavin Records in 2019 and started recording immediately. He released his eponymous debut EP Rema in 2019. It peaked at number 1 on Apple Music Nigeria for months.
On 19 October 2019, Rema won Next Rated and later was nominated for Viewer’s Choice at the 13th edition of The Headies. On 12 January 2020, he received the Souncity MVP award for theBest New Artist. On 15 June 2020, Rema was nominated as Best Viewers Choice: International Act on the 2020 BET Awards. He was nominated on the awards alongside Burna Boy and Wizkid, they were the only Nigerian Artistes nominated for the awards edition of 2020.
Rema who is still a very young and successful artist has found himself rubbing shoulders with the richest artists in Nigeria. He is present among the richest and the most influential artists in the Nigerian music Industry. According to his assets and endorsement deals as of 2020 Rema is said to have a net worth estimated to be ₦40 million.
Before Rema finally signed to MAVIN, he had been with the label for about 18 months prior to that. But before that 18-month spell, Rema was a teenager who lost his dad and older brother within a short time of each other and was under pressure to raise money for his mother.
At the age of 17, he went to work on a beach in Ghana and bought his mom a car. Soon after, he made a freestyle to D’Prince’s ‘Gucci Gang’ and he came on MAVIN/Jonzing’s radar. Things have not been the same since.

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“Sean Paul” tops Spotify’s highest-earning list

Jamaican recording artist Sean Paul currently ranks at the top of high Caribbean earners on Spotify, the most popular music streaming service in the world. Spotify controlled some 31 percent of the global streaming market as of January 2022. Comparatively, Apple Music comes in second with just 15 percent of the market, and Amazon Music has 13 percent, according to MIDiA, a research firm.
According to, which tracks streaming numbers of Caribbean music artists, the Grammy Award-winning Sean Paul earned more than any other Caribbean artist in 2022 with a total of US$931,010. The ranking was based on estimated data points from BMAT, one of the fastest-growing data providers of music metrics in the industry.

Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1973. A rapper and singer and one of the most prolific artists in the dancehall genre, nearly all of his albums have received nominations for the Best Reggae Album Grammy Award, and the singles “Get Busy” and “Temperature” hit the Hot 100 Billboard chart in the United States. His album “Dutty Rock” won the Best Reggae Album Grammy and he has collaborated with many other artists to achieve chart-topping hits, including “Baby Boy” with Beyonce.

He released his debut album “Stage One” on the VP Records label in 2000, and his second album, the award-winning “Dutty Rock” was released in 2002 in partnership with Atlantic Records. The hit singles from that album all received significant airplay and exposure on MTV and BET. “Gimme the Light” reached Number 7 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and “Get Busy” topped the chart as Paul’s first Number 1 hit song. This was also the first dancehall song to reach the top of the chart. “Dutty Rock” was certified double-platinum by the RIAA and has sold more than six million copies worldwide. “Get Busy” received a nomination for Best Rap Song at the 2004 Grammys. The album popularized dancehall music around the world in the 2000s and contributed to the development of the dancehall pop genre.

Following Sean Paul, the list of top earners on Spotify includes, in US dollars and in order, Bob Marley 511,340, Shaggy 496,080, OMI 217,510, Haddaway 175,540, Damian Marley 156,400, Beenie Man 152,640, Shenseea 145,010, Spice 114,800, Inner Circle 110,660, Popcaan 103,030, Jimmy Cliff 99,220, Chronixx 80,140, Koffee 76,320, Skillibeng 68,690, and Vybz Kartel 64,800.

Photo – Sean Paul Facebook

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Music by Vicky Chand fits into playlists with artists like The Weeknd…

Vicky Chand born (January 28th, 1990), is an artist from Vancouver, Canada. He was born and raised in Surrey BC, and has amassed a large internet following while striving to achieve and major success. Vicky has a unique story of perseverance, hard work, and determination overcoming many obstacles on his journey of music and life to be in the special position where he is now!

In 2019 Vicky started releasing music independently on all digital platforms after making music for a few years and building a name for himself in his hometown of Surrey. In July 1st, 2020 Vicky released his single “Can’t Deny It” that was quite differently from all his previous releases. On this track he was more melodic and showcased his songwriting abilities to the fullest! 

The song immediately started gaining traction from the day of his release and was the #1 song streamed in Surrey and #4 song streamed in Vancouver on during the month of his release. The song travelled to Toronto where high profile models and influencers were reposting the song. The song even caught the ears of DJ Envy from Power 107 New York Radio Hip Hop Station who posted the song on his story! 

With the success of that song and the buzz it’s created Vicky continued to release high quality songs and videos that were being received very well by listeners and playlisters alike. His latest single “Got Me” was released in January 28th, 2022 and has currently over 600,000 streams and has landed Vicky his first single deal with Universal Music Group.


  • Acquired Distribution Deal with Universal Music Group
  • Instagram Verification (11K Followers)
  • Successful festival show overseas in Boston, Massachusetts Reached over 100k Monthly Listeners on Spotify
  • Voted Top 100 New Artists in Canada “CBC Music Toyota Searchlight” 2 million+ total streams in 2022
  • Over 700k+ total YouTube views 
  • S/Os from industry veterans Dj Envy & The Game
  • Single “Got Me” released in Jan 2022 has 600k+ streams on Spotify Radio exposure in Canada, America and UK 
  • Digital Magazine Publication through Peaze Magazine Multiple Blog post on Hip Hop Communities (Noisey, HipHopDX, HipHopCanada)
  • Features with Notable Indie and Established artist such as Young Buck, Gorilla Zoe, WC, Pressa & Merkules
  • 20+ Successful Shows/Openers in markets like (Kelowna, Victoria,Nanaimo, Vancouver, Whistler)

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Conscience Rhyme has an inherent ability to grab listeners with intelligent lyricism.

Born and raised in Miami Florida, Conscience Rhyme became engulfed in Hip Hop culture at an early age finding Influence from Eric B and Rakim, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Poison Clan, and Public Enemy. Conscience Rhyme has an inherent ability to grab listeners with the depth of his intelligent lyricism and the strength of his voice.

In June of 1996, Conscience Rhyme met his lyrical partner in rhyme from the southside of Chicago, OpSolo. Together they formed the group Purgatory and began a musical odyssey that has endured for 26 years. Along with the super group Andromeda, Conscience Rhyme set forth on a spiritual, political and provocative journey with the release of his first solo album “The Unauthorized Bio pf Patrick J. Wilcox” in 2013.

Now following up with his sophomore album “Jacqui’s Son, Hip Hop will be re-elevated to heights unmatched by simpler mortals. The final destination and the final verse have yet to be written.

He is: Conscience Rhyme.


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Time out with the rnb-rap- hip-hop star”India Fisher”

I’m India Fisher, I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. I was born June 26,1996. My mother is Shona D. Davis and my deceased father is Miliki Y. Fisher. My parents raised a music monster, All I think and breathe is music. I want to be the best at what I do and make a movement. I want people to feel my music and know every word. I want to be like “that’s my song they are singing”. In any means necessary, I have to always focus on my work and making new songs to lift up my fans mood and I hope it will be appreciated. I’m looking to expand my genre, I want to do pop, rnb and rap. I just want the whole world.

Press release:

Hey I’m Tyme (YAP) young, angry and pretty infitrating your city I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I want a complete take over. I want to be well known for good music. Right now I’m working on my Album Prone and it will be finished very soon and all my singles will be included. I plan to be on billboards in NYC and be seen by millions. I’m signed with Bentley Records and I haven’t been happier. My life’s changing fast and I thank God.

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It’s a Moment by “Mick J. Clark” As I Bid You Farewell To Send You A Message Of Love.

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Mick J. Clark,  I am on the Sonorus Record Label.
I  have a catalogue of 63 songs, with no swearing or sexual lyrics in any of the songs.
 I have over 1,000,000 Streams on my 63 songs, all genres.
My passion is helping children to stop Self Harming and worse and stopping children from starting to smoke/drugs, and you can help by using songs, as Croydon Education have put both of my songs into all the Schools in Croydon, Surrey.
‘You Don’t Look Cool By Teenagers’ (Brit School), and my empowering song:
 ‘Me My Body And I’ into all the schools in Croydon, Surrey.
 I also had 54 of my songs played in shops, via Emerge Media, till they stopped trading last year.
: ’A Song Has Gotta Swing Like Sinatra’ has been put forward for this year’s UK Country Song Award.
I have had ‘15’ videos accepted by Promo Stream.
I have been in the iTunes singles Chart six times and the iTunes Album Chart once.
I made it into the official 64th Grammy Nominations with my album, ‘Causes’ and my single, ‘A Song Has Gotta Swing Like Sinatra’. 
My 63 songs are all on You Tube. Three Albums and three EPs, called, Notes 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.
I have had over 400,000 Streams on my three Christmas songs.
150,000 on my summer song, called: 
‘Anuther Sunny Hulliday’.
My latest single ‘This Moment’ is on Spotify/iTunes etc and on my ‘‘Box Set Song Catalogue’, last song, No 60.

And 115,000 on my birthday song, called: ‘Blow Those Candles Out’.

I also have a book out called ‘Message From A Star’, ( star is in the sky)  which received great reviews from Kirkus and Blue Ink, also Book Club. My aim is to have it made into a film, because the story is universal, ‘men never grow up’, and yes I am one :-)) it is a humorous, but relatable story.
Many Thanks,

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Warning!! YJRB Will Blow Your Mind

Warning! YJRB will blow your mind. YJRB as an artist personally and professionally has been impressive and that’s so hard to find these days in the world of music. He may well be a new artist But he knows what he’s doing musically. His songs are well mixed and are spiced with intense kicks, and that seems to give his tracks an identity wherever it is being streamed across the world. Talking of identity, YJRB is a core rapper whose songs have a clear reflection of the streets and he’s definitely on point in this aspect. Recently, YJRB just dropped a banger of an album titled, Eastside Interlude, and it has been receiving positive reviews from fans as the number of streams increases daily.

The artist

YJRB was born and raised in the hood of the eastside, in Houston Texas, USA. While growing up on the streets, the artist witnessed a lot of gang violence and as a way to change things on the street, he has taken to music where he has been inspired the most.

As an artist, one of his goals is to show youngsters that there is a better way of life than the streets. Additionally, his passion is also to show the world that hood life is real. Through his music, he will be able to expose the pain, loss, and death hood life can cause.

The album

Eastside Interlude, YJRB’s latest album was released on the last day of September 2022 on streaming platforms. Since then, the 13-track album has received lots of streams. On the album’s cover, YJRB has the names of his pals he lots on the street, as a way of showing respect to them. East coast Interlude is a pure hip-hop and rap album that contains tracks like “Welcome to the Corner” and “Settle” amongst others that are of extreme musical quality. Click here to stream YJRB lates album.

Welcome to the Corner

Welcome to the Corner is the opening track of YJRB’s Eastside Interlude album, but the most beautiful thing to note about the album is how all the tracks have been perfectly choreographed into a perfect musical sequence. It’s like the names of tracks are telling a story from the first to the last. Honestly, “Welcome to the corner” fits the order of being the opening track on this huge album.

It starts with an intense vocal that introduced the song as the syncopation of synth beat, piano, and hi-hat takes over. Additionally, a mix of various mind-blowing instrumentals including the commanding rap vocals followed through as the track spirals down from the intro. Welcome to the Corner is a buffet of different rap cuisine, as you have YJRB, HollyHood Tay, and Lose D. Truth on it. Overall, the track is a pure sound of bliss. It is lyrically astute and comprises an intro, chorus 3 verses, and an outro.


The Track “Settle” gives the vibe of J cole at the beginning of the track, but as the track plays along, the originality of YJRB takes over. Settle, as the track’s name implies is a cool rap song that comprises an intense kick with other rhythmic instrumentals and dope rap vocals. On the song, YJRB was reminiscing on moments with an ex-lover and how he was happy for her. YJRB’s “Settle” is a 3:14 minutes song that comprises an outro, two verses, a chorus, and an outro.

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Michelle Rose (feat. POEM KING) Is a must listen!

Michelle Rose is a 2021 summa cum laude graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston.   She has been co-writing and recording songs since age 12.  She loves planning and directing music videos for her original songs, many of which have won top awards at film and music festivals.  From Minneapolis, MN, she has been honored to collaborate on many of her songs with Dr. Fink, from Prince’s band, The Revolution. She sings primarily Pop/Alternative, Adult0 Contempory and Country music, but also sings Opera for fun. She has spent over 2,500 hours of her life volunteering for charities that are close to her heart, and also enjoys acting, modeling, and traveling. 
POEM KING is a poet, spoken word artist, singer and actor and performer who also plans and directs his own music videos.

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CELEBRATE [ Aiye Le ] by “Larry Safari”…A must-listen now that it’s streaming globally

With his outstanding single, Larry Safari, the MCA/Universal Records artist, has taken the world by storm.
Larry Safari’s fans around the world simply cannot get enough of this afro pop song with an Amapiano element thrown in.
It would be great if you could share and enjoy this song with others.

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Dr Jaymz is the first missionary to become an EDM artist inspired by David Guetta-Zedd and Joel Corry!

Gospel has always been synonymous with dance music. Think back to early Motown or Soul, and you will see the straight line to the dance floor. Now as the world turns and searches for new hope through the Word, Dr Jaymz is bringing that underlying sense of Peace, Love, Unity, harmonies and beats to the EDM experience.
A British minister who has preached to 80,000 people, and who has performed as a DJ Producer to thousands more, Dr Jaymz has tapped into a feeling that replaces the loneliness, depression and despair that can be felt through a soulless dive into hedonism. Praise is his game, and combined with infectious beats and soaring melodies, he has been leading the charge to a new dawn of fulfillment.


Artist Releases Song to Tackle Growing Depression Among Youth 

BOSTON, Mass. — Dr Jaymz, a British artist now living in the USA, releases new single ‘Set Me Loose.’ As the world’s first missionary turned EDM artist, his inspiring new release tackles the growth in depression among youth. According to the CDC’s most recent report, rates of psychological distress among youth, including anxiety and depression, have increased. It’s clear that people need a sense of love and purpose to tackle these emotions. Dr Jaymz is doing just that by merging music with an uplifting message that can overcome feelings of sadness and brokenness.

In his latest release, Dr Jaymz delivers a message of freedom and deliverance, where he infuses iconic house instrumentals with gospel lyrics, lovingly crafted to comfort and heal the lonely and broken. Ethereal synths, pulsing keys, and powerhouse vocals collide, for a straight up danceable house sound reminiscent of hits by Joel Corry, Clean Bandit and David Guetta.

People who struggle with depression often feel like they have no one who cares for them or understands their feelings. However, through his uplifting single, Dr Jaymz moves the hearts of listeners with lyrics of hope and care, showing people that God loves them. The vocalist sings, I thought that I was ok but then you came and showed me a life that is a better way. Everyone is looking for a better life, and this song highlights the everlasting life found in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The chorus ‘You set me loose, now I wanna dance,’ sums up the vibe of the song and will surely move audiences to their feet. 

Mastered by the same studio that brought the hit single ‘Head and Heart’ by Joel Corry, ‘Set Me Loose’ is set to become another hit that will captivate listeners with a fresh UK House sound that’s become increasingly popular among music listeners worldwide.

Dr Jaymz is available for interviews to share with your audience his uniquely creative and timely approach for battling depression through music.




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