Meeting Up With The Pop Singer/Songwriter “Chesney Claire”

Pop Singer/Songwriter Chesney Claire was born July 10, 2001. She graduated from Bell City High School in Bell City, Louisiana in 2019. Right after graduation, Chesney moved to Branson, Missouri to work and ultimately begin her music career.

With the help of Music Producer Rich Brown and Atlantis Recording, Chesney would successfully record and release 6 cover singles. While in Branson, Chesney’s talents caught the eye (and ears) of several Las Vegas producers and songwriters. In March of 2020, Chesney and her “Momager” Kim Hebert found themselves moving across the country to “Sin City”, (Las Vegas) in order to be closer to more industry professionals. Immediately upon moving to Vegas, Chesney provided vocals for two original songs that were recorded and released. Mid 2020 (amongst COVID) proved to be the perfect opportunity to write music. With 47 original songs under her belt, she flew to Orlando, FL with a local Vegas producer and had her 1st original single, “15 Candles” perfected by Producer Tim Coons (Pres. of Cheiron Music Group/Original Producer of The Backstreet Boys). “15 Candles” was released June 12, 2020.

Soon after “15 Candles” was released, Chesney began working on her next release, “Moving On”.
By September of 2020 Chesney started making preparations to release “Moving On”, but Industry Awards poured in and demanded her attention. In 2020 alone, Chesney was nominated for an Independent Music Award for her Michael Jackson cover of “BAD”. She was also nominated for Best Upcoming Artist at the Las Vegas Music Awards, and she won Female Artist of The Year at Indie Star Radio in Hollywood, California.

Fast forward to December 18, 2020…. Chesney released “Moving On”.
Chesney’s single “Hours” was released February 1, 2021 and “Come Alive” was properly released right after the pandemic (May 14th 2021). Chesney released “Distracted” in 2021. Chesney started 2022 out right by the release of a song she wrote herself, produced herself, and directed her Official Music Video, “Not In The Mood”.
She continues to write music to add to her “Magic Book of Spells” (as she calls it).
You can be expecting MORE NEW ORIGINAL RELEASES in the very near future. As of December 2021, Chesney was nominated for (25) music Industry awards and has become a TOP 5 charting artist with thousands and thousands of FM radio spins! 2021 has brought many surprises. (3) WORLD-WIDE songwriting awards, a coveted Josie Award nomination and a 2021 ISSA GOLD WIN for Female Vocalist of the Year! In 2021 Chesney was a prestigious nominee for the 2021 Hollywood Music in Media Awards as an Independent Musician along side huge names  associated with Sony Pictures, Walt Disney and others and continues her quest for music placement in feature films, documentaries, and other media sources. She is currently working with Asia Brands for sync placement in a New York City Hulu series and Mac N Me- a Las Vegas Comedy Sitcom. Most recently Chesney ,(at the age of 20), has just purchased Zeiss Records (an independent record label producing charting hits such as “Come Alive”- 2021 and “Distracted”- 2021).

Chesney considers her music her business. She owns her own Publishing Company (CC Publishing), and is a BMI Publisher who works hard every day making new contacts and fostering new business relationships. Chesney is working with other artist/producers daily and still writing!  Chesney ‘s last tour in October 2021 was with the “Break The Silence Extravaganza” featuring actor Danny Glover, The Amazing Howard Hewett, JonJon from Troop, Juanita Wynn, Rodney Allen Rippy and more. Chesney continues touring with the Break The Silence Extravaganza in Stockton, California in 2022.  Chesney is also a Judge for the 2022 International Singer Songwriter’s Association Awards and will be a Presenter at the annual red carpet event to be held in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Chesney has worked with NPA Management, Limited in the UK. She has worked with Producer Tim Coons (Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, JoJo, etc), Producer Rich Brown, Producer Luis “The LP” Pacheo (Jason Derulo, 50 Cent, Alicia Keys, Five Finger Death Punch, Lady GaGa), David Davidian (Tour Manager for Alice Cooper and The Hollywood Vampires), Nashville Producer Ryan Lau, Award-winning songwriter Keegan Bost, Producer Mikheil Rusishvili (the Country Georgia), and Lawton “Agent” Bouhairie.

Chesney is getting some major attention from major record labels and has several upcoming meetings scheduled in the next few months and is looking to be signed to a Major in 2022. 

Artist website :

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The Daughter Of Two Musically Inclined And Talented Parents “Princess Rock” Quickly Grew Her Raw Talents Into A Force To Be Reckoned With…take a look!

When it comes to balancing classic rap with contemporary musicality, not many rappers today can do the job, but one on-the-rise rapper named Princess Rock has already done it. The release of her first single, “Doo Wop”, is demonstrating her flawless rapping abilities which go far beyond mere vocals; she is a songwriter in her own right.
What’s perhaps surprising to many who hear her music for the first time is that Princess Rock is still a teen. She might only be fifteen years old, but Princess Rock is etching her own place in rap royalty. Citing music artist influences such as Drake, Teyana Taylor, and Big Sean, Princess Rock wants to in particular inspire young girls with her unique musicality. In person, Princess Rock has a big personality to match her sound, and being a Philadelphia native, she has been steeped in authentic rap in a tradition that began as a child.
Press Release

Emerging Rapper Princess Rock Debuts First Single, “Doo Wop”

Philadelphia born and raised rapper seamlessly delivers a fresh, modern, yet classic rap sound

PHILADELPHIA, PA – When it comes to balancing classic rap with contemporary musicality, not many rappers today can do the job, but one on-the-rise rapper named Princess Rock has already done it. The release of her first single, “Doo Wop”, is demonstrating her flawless rapping abilities which go far beyond mere vocals; she is a songwriter in her own right.

What’s perhaps surprising to many who hear her music for the first time is that Princess Rock is still a teen. She might only be fifteen years old, but Princess Rock is etching her own place in rap royalty. Citing influences such as Drake, Teyana Taylor, and Big Sean, Princess Rock wants to in particular inspire young girls with her unique musicality. In person, Princess Rock has a big personality to match her sound, and being a Philadelphia native, she has been steeped in authentic rap in a tradition that began as a child.

The daughter of two musically inclined and talented parents, Princess Rock quickly grew her raw talents into a force to be reckoned with.

Princess Rock is part of the Global Excalibur Music Group Family, an independent record label and multimedia entertainment company whose lineup includes some of the most sought after aspiring artists on the scene today such as Shawa, Queen Victoria, and Byzantine. According to a spokesperson for Princess Rock, “She writes most of her music so she hopes the music connects, resonates, and inspires others through the power of the pen.”

“Doo Wop” perfectly encompasses Princess Rock’s energy, style, and talent in one irresistible single. With sharp lyrics and sound, Princess Rock leaves it all on the table in the song’s 3 minute and 26 second runtime, and it will leave listeners pressing play again and again.

It would seem that Princess Rock is just laying the foundation for a long career in rap. In her own words: “Music is what I love. I’ve been around it my whole life. I wanted to make music that uplifted girls and empowers all of us to never give up on our dreams.”

“Doo Wop” is now available for streaming and download at major services such as Spotify, and the new single is already seeing a rapid spike in plays as Princess Rock begins to cultivate a following of her own.

Details on Global Excalibur Music Group can be found at and

More on Princess Rock is available at

Website :

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Singer/Songwriter “Draaco Aventura” Wrote This Seductive Love Song As A Gender Neutral Song So That People Of All Genders And Sexual Orientations Can Feel Represented While Listening Or Playing This Song For Their Special Loved One

Draaco Aventura is an American, Pop and Latin Artist. He writes, and performs songs in both English and Spanish in various Latin, EDM, Pop tracks infused with R&B and Hip-hop vocal styles. He is a talented Latin Dancer and a trained Mixed Martial Artist who specializes in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kick Boxing. He is a U.S. Army Veteran and former Intelligence Specialist. Draaco Aventura is an emerging social media influencer with several channels and web series in development. He is also an accomplished actor having stared in several Feature Films, with appearances in BET TV Series “Criminals at Work” and Award-Winning Netflix TV Show Giant “House of Cards”. He enjoys comedic acting and reactions which he produces on his social media channels. Draaco Aventura is Afro-Latino, and was born in Valdosta Georgia where he started his music/entertainment career doing show choir and theatre. He led a men’s quartet that competed in the regional literary competition for arts. He is a Tenor 1, and enjoys singing Bachata and R&B. His favourite dance styles are Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata.

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The New Song From Shadows Of Earth “TEARS FROM THE SKY” In Continued Collaboration With Singer-Khaino…must listen!

Shadows of Earth is a Swedish music producer / songwriter who makes songs in various pop genres. Together with a singer from Italy, called Khaino, who writes the lyrics and sings the songs, they release singles at regular intervals.

About the song. The song is about being honest with yourself and living your life as you are without lying or pretending. It’s a chill pop with a bit of Latin vibes.


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MEETING UP! With “Michelle Rose” Who Records Pop/Alternative Music And Sings Opera For Fun

Michelle Rose is a 2021 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, where her studies emphasized vocal performance, song writing and music production.  She has been co-writing and recording songs since age 12.  She loves planning and directing music videos for her original songs, many of which have won top awards at film and music festivals.  From Minneapolis, MN, she has been honoured to collaborate on many of her songs with Dr. Fink, from Prince’s band, The Revolution. She records Pop/Alternative music, but also sings Opera for fun. She has spent over 2,500 hours of her life volunteering for charities that are close to her heart, and also enjoys acting, modelling, and traveling. 
Website :

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“KATIE BELLE” American Pop Artist And Musician Who Appeared On The 17th Season Of American Idol.

      Katie Belle is an American singer – songwriter.  Working with Track Star Entertainment and Worldwide Music Consultants her team is excited to announce her newest release “Daughter” 11/19/21. A touching song about heartbreak, solace and salvation.

  2021 has seen Katie focused on finishing up tracks written throughout 2020. Katie and her producer Josquin Des Pres (California) are pulling together tunes which highlight Katie’s raspy vocals. Now in the mixing/mastering stage the tunes are supported by pop beats, a little bit of trap-(honing to her southern roots,) and a little bit of that!  Katie is an avid songwriter and several of the tracks are her originals. The summer started off with the July 11th release of “Back To California” which features Rapper Corleone. Followed by her newest release in early September, the much anticipated “Latin/Dance Mix of Back To California”  A real take on west coast vibes filled with energy and the silvery vocals Katie is known for.

     Katie released 2 originals during 2020.  Her first single release of the year was in March, “Love Someone” (songwriters: Katie Belle & Kipp Williams). Love Someone is an endearing song about the back and forth of relationships.  She followed up with a fall release, “Carrousel” (songwriters: Katie Belle & Nathan Levingston).  “Carrousel” is a dreamy track with haunting vocals and a calming, mesmerizing melody.  Both singles have performed well digitally solidifying a strong and growing fan base. When Katie is not song writing or doing studio work she is busy as Lead Female Vocalist for “Color the Night”. The Band plays college campuses, Black Tie Events and Corporate Parties.

     If Katie’s name sounds familiar think back to American Idol S16.  2019 started off with a “gold ticket” to Hollywood for S16 American Idol. Katie received her pass to Hollywood with her rendition of Jennifer Hudson’s version of “Golden Slumber”.  Luke Bryan literally fell out of his chair as the three judges gave Katie her pass to Hollywood week!

      Katie got her first thrill of the spotlight in her 3rd grade school choir and by the time she was in 4th grade she was performing solo’s in school plays and church. At the age of 12 she wrote her first song penned on a hotel napkin titled “Born For This”.  Spending time crafting her songwriting style first with country influences and transitioning to a more pop sound of late, Katie is influenced by contemporary pop artists, classic rock, and classic country. Katie released, “American Wild” in 2017 to date accumulative streams and music video views exceed 550k. 2018-2019 saw a sequence of releases “Promises”, a chill R&B release, “Down For You”. “WAS” and “Out Tonight”, an electro pop bop tune. “Out Tonight” has hit a new milestone for Katie with over 780K digital streams to date. She is continually busy in songwriting sessions in her hometown of Atlanta, LA and her favorite studio RxSongs in Nashville. Look for more tunes coming throughout the year.

     Katie has been encouraged to utilize her talents in singing, songwriting, modeling and acting. Her motto can be summarized as “being in the entertainment industry is a multi-tasking journey, modeling acting, live performances work hand in hand to challenge her and mature her talents.  She recently landed a featured article in Modern Luxury’s Jezebel April/May edition, the article titled “Double Duty” explores Katie’s singing and modeling career.  She has had editorials in Voyage Magazine, Teen Fashion Magazine and Embrace Beauty Magazine. A Barbizon Graduate Katie is a spokesperson for the brand and enjoys mentoring young talent. She has graced the runways of NYFW, NOFW, Miami Beach week and more. Look for Katie in the MORPHE cosmetics campaign for “Fluidity” foundation and commercial print work for the 52 store boutique Fab’rik. Katie will tell you she is open to all opportunities in the entertainment industry! Luke Bryan quoted during her American Idol gold ticket audition she was the… “Gisele of Georgia”.  Her modeling and singing parallel one another and provide continual inspiration for her music!   Katie’s favorite social media is Instagram, you will find her on all the popular sites where she is very active posting and chatting with fans.

Press release:

Katie Belle Releases New Single, ‘Daughter,’ Nov. 19, 2021
A song about salvation, solace and redemption

SAN DIEGO, November 19, 2021 ( – WorldWide Entertainment Consultants is excited to announce that Singer-songwriter Katie Belle has released her latest single, “Daughter,” on Nov. 19, 2021.

Belle is an American pop artist and musician who appeared on the 17th season of American Idol. Her striking, breathy vocals and undeniable stage presence caught the attention of notable artists, including Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

Since American Idol, Belle’s career has progressed with a series of single releases. Her music, which can be described as upbeat, nostalgic and rejuvenating, has won the hearts of audiences, fans and critics. She has a strong presence on streaming services both in the U.S. and international markets.

Taken from a true life heartbreak, “Daughter” is presented with a vocally captivating production backed by melodic instrumentation. The track begins quietly, gently pulling the listener into the song. Within the first verse as the tempo rises, the listener joins Belle on a powerful, emotional journey. The metaphorical lyrics are a time capsule for salvation, solace and redemption of a broken heart. Enhanced by Belle’s expressive vocals, it’s a song we can all relate to, in our own way.

Belle is incredibly excited to be the recording artist on this latest single, “Daughter.” The song was penned by an exemplary song writing team which included: Jacqueline Miskanic (JAX), Michael Natter, Nancy Natter, Josquin Des Pres and Fabien Renoult. The song was produced by Josquin Des Pres and Fabien Renoult at Track Star Studios, San Diego, California. Katie is managed by Roxanne Stone of WorldWide Entertainment Consultants.

Belle has previously received great praise from the likes of Ark of Music Blog, who describes her music as “quintessential, catchy, modern pop music at its finest, showcasing what is becoming trademark Katie Belle; simplicity alongside a well-crafted song and perfectly matched production….”

As seen in the summer issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Belle has been named a Top 50 Independent Artist Watchlist for 2021 by Tunecore. “Daughter” has already received positive reviews from listeners on Reverbnation Crowd Review. The reviewers commented that Katie’s lyrics and vocals are delivered with depth, meaning and are further elevated by the track’s inspiring production.

Marking the next stage in her blossoming career, Belle is excited about her new single “Daughter” and comments, “I have been song writing from the age of 12, and most of my releases have always been songs I am a writer on. I was introduced last fall to Josquin des Pres and we ended up selecting some compositions that I fell in love with; ‘Daughter’ was one of them! The first time I heard the track it gave me chill bumps. I hope my listeners will hear and feel this same emotion.”


For bookings: Manager Roxanne Stone,  of Worldwide Entertainment Consultants & TrackStarEntertainment Independent Lable Group   

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“Lost in Paradis” is a Must Listen

Lost in Paradise talks about how we human beings wish to reap without sowing. We want to have all the riches that life has to offer but we dont
want to put in the work it takes to acquire such riches.

The riches she talks about is not only money. It can be the respect or love from other human beings. We simply want respect or love without doing the basics which it takes to get such feeling from other humans.

We are lost in our own paradise. This dream world where everything works like magic. But the reality is quite different.
One can tell that Tanja Carol sings from experience and her music comes from her soul. She is a singer/ songwriter from Switzerland who was born into a very music-loving family.

Tanja believes that music is the language of the soul, a universal communication tool which she uses very well to send her point across to other humans. November 2021 is when She started in the music business with the song “Lost In Paradise.”

According to Tanja her songs are all part of her life in one way or another. Sometimes sad and sometimes full of joy.  She sings to touch people and it seems to resonate. So it comes as no surprise that she has over 7000 views on her ” Lost in Paradise” music video on youtube.

Listen to the lyrics of “Lost in Paradise” and you will come to appreciate and respect the artist known as “Tanja Carol”.

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Olivia Rodrigo Plays Heartbreak Scene Again: Her New Track Deja Vu Is A Hit

Remember Olivia Rodrigo? Yeah! She is back again with another hit track titled Deja Vu. Following the groundbreaking success of her debut single “Drivers Licence” Olivia Rodrigo has released another top song.

Remember Olivia Rodrigo? Yeah! She is back again with another hit track titled Deja Vu. Following the groundbreaking success of her debut single “Drivers Licence” on streaming platforms and music charts around the world, Olivia Rodrigo has released another top song. There are little deviations from her “Drivers License” hit to her latest hit “Deja Vu”. Many patterns in the video for Deja Vu reminisce some scenes in “Drivers License”, like driving a car at the beginning of the video and thinking about her ex. What is with Olivia Rodrigo and her ex?

First, it was Drivers Licence and all the breakup saga on the track. At a time Olivia Rodrigo admitted she had a painful breakup before the song was released. Now it is “Deja Vu,” and she is still talking about her ex. Olivia Rodrigo must have been left devastated about her previous relationship. There is no proof that she is traumatized from her previous relationship, but it is only a fact that you can only paint a vivid picture of what you have witnessed.

On the bright side, Olivia Rodrigo has been able to paint a melodious picture of heartbreak scenarios in two of her songs. Deja Vu debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 8 while Drivers License topped the chart on its debut. With these achievements, Olivia Rodrigo became the first artist in history to have his/her first two songs debuted on the top 10.


Deja Vu was released on the 1st of April, 2021 by the artist’s label, Geffen and Interscope Records. Before the released date was announced, Olivia Rodrigo had deleted all her Instagram photos which kept fans guessing her next move. On wiping out her Instagram photos, she explained to fans that it was for the release of her new single Deja Vu.

Late in March 2021, Olivia Rodrigo started posting cryptic teasers of the song on all her social media accounts. On the 29th of March, she announced the name of the track and even posted the song’s artistic cover that same day. When she announced that the song would be released on April 1, 2021, she assured fans that it was not the April fool prank.

When Olivia Rodrigo teased the announcement of Deja Vu with three flickering clips of a melting ice cream cone, floating clouds, and a car speeding along the coast, fans may have wondered if the song would be similar to “Drivers License”. In an interview, Olivia Rodrigo told MTV News that the track was not like ‘Drivers License’ and that she was both excited and anxious about her fans seeing a different side of her artistry on it.

So far, Deja Vu has been lauded by fans, artists, and music analysts, with many calling Olivia Rodrigo the next pop music heavyweight. Deja Vu debuted at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart, and it has been streamed over a million times.

Composition and genre

Deja Vu hit track can be categorized as pop, Indie pop, alternative pop, and psychedelic pop song. The song was written by Olivia Rodrigo and Dan Nigro. While the latter was attributed to the song’s production, other important individuals like Randy Merrill and Mitch McCarthy who mastered and mixed the song respectively should also be noted.

The video

Olivia Rodrigo premiered her new single “Deja Vu” on YouTube and MTV before it was launched, and she confirmed that the music video for “Deja Vu” was filmed in Malibu. Allie Avital directed the video for the song. Talia Ryder was starred in the music video. Olivia Rodrigo’s first appearance in the video was in a car driving and eating ice cream as she approaches a building.

She looks through the window of the building and smiles at the girl inside, who is dressed in a green dress and seems to be reminiscing. Olivia Rodrigo stared at the lady for a while until she left for her convertible vintage Mercedes Benz parked outside. When she returned home, she changes into the exact green gown she saw earlier and enters a room with several TVs stacked on top of each other, all of which are playing videos of the girl she saw.

As Olivia Rodrigo rewinds the video, it shows her and not the other girl doing the same thing. When she eventually realizes that the girl is stealing all of her true memories, she smashes the televisions with a hammer. There’s just one TV left when she’s done, and it’s showing the other girl lip-syncing the words “I know you get Deja Vu.”

The ending scene is a repetition of the first scene, with the exception that the other girl is driving instead of Olivia Rodrigo. Since the premiere of the music video of Deja Vu, it has been view over 28 million times on YouTube. Watch the video of the song below.

Olivia Isabel Rodrigo is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born on the 20th of February, 2003 in Temecula, California. The artist rose to prominence in acting before branching out to music where she broke a lot of music streaming records as a debutant.

After signing with Interscope and Geffen Records in 2020, she released her debut single “Drivers License,” which went to number one position on top music charts in several countries around the world, including the US.

Currently, Olivia Rodrigo is working on her debut album titled “Sour” which is due to be released in May 2021. So far she has only dropped two singles from that album, of which Déjà Vu is the latest of them. Click here to read about Olivia Rodrigo’s record-breaking debut track “Drivers License”.

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Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” is on fire right now

I will be surprised if you don’t know Lil Nas X by now because the lad doesn’t know how to stay away from the news. Montero (Call Me by Your Name) is the latest hit of Lil Nas X.

I will be surprised if you don’t know Lil Nas X by now because the lad doesn’t know how to stay away from the news. Montero (Call Me by Your Name) is the latest hit of Lil Nas X. The song was first previewed in a Super bowl LV commercial in February 2021 and on March 26, 2021, Columbia Records released the track. Furthermore, the track is the title track for the artist’s upcoming professional debut album which is expected to be released somewhere in the middle of this year.

Lil Nas X has received critical review and controversial criticism since his leap into the musical limelight. From being a well-loved, popular, and trending teen to America’s next best upcoming artist who has left no stone unturned Lil Nas X is the news. When Lil Nas X released his first professional song “Old Town Road”, it became an instant hit, it even debuted as number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. During that time the young rapper came out as gay, which stunned the world of music.

Everything from his music to his personal life has been top-notch. Musically, Lil Nas X has done well for himself, his first and only two professional singles so far have debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and he has won a host of top musical awards including the Grammys. On the other hand, his personal life has been received with bouts of criticism and mixed opinions.

Background of the track (Montero: Call Me By Your Name)

Montero (Call Me By Your Name) is Lil Nas X’s second professional musical single under the soon-to-be-launched Montero album. In a Twitter video on July 9, 2020, Lil Nas X played a snippet of the song (originally titled “Call Me by Your Name”), as well as in the background of some TikTok videos, including one addressed to American rapper 6ix9ine.

On February 2021, the track was used in a Logitech advert that aired during Super Bowl LV. Thereafter, its release date, and its artistic cover was revealed on Twitter in March 9, 2021. In a reinterpretation of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, Spanish–Croatian artist Filip Ćustić designed the single cover, which features Lil Nas X as both Adam and God. The song’s title “Montero” was named after Lil Nas X (Montero Lamar Hill) and the subtitle was adopted from the movie “Call Me By Your Name”.

After the song’s premiere, André Aciman, the author of the novel “Call Me by Your Name”, from which the film was adapted, expressed gratitude and humility for Lil Nas X’s song of the same name. Lil Nas X later claimed that the film was one of the first queer films he had ever watched, feeling “very artsy” and encouraging him to write about the idea of calling someone by their name as lovers and wanting to hold things between you two.

Composition and Lyrics

“Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” can be categorized as a hip hop and electropop song featuring a syncopated guitar and handclaps. Lil Nas x, Denzel Baptiste, David Biral, and Omer Fedi wrote the track while Roy Lenzo and the song’s composers except for Lil Nas X collaborated to produce the hit song. On the “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” hit track, Lil Nas X attempts to end pretending with his significant other and start acting like they’ve known each other for a long time.

The lyrics of the song featured Lil Nas X singing about a trip to Hawaii and includes the line “shoot a child in yo’ mouth while I’m ridin’,” which was meant to help break down the stigma surrounding gay sexual activities in music. Also, the lyrics provides a reference to the 19 weeks his first single “Old Town Road” spent atop the Billboard Hot 100 when he said “A dime and a nine, it was mine every week” on the seventh line in the second verse. Again, Lil Nas X took advantage of the lyrics to have an open discussion of the burden he feels representing the LGBT community (“A sign of the times every time that I speak”).


The song is made up of two verses, a pre-chorus, chorus, and post-chorus. see the lyrics below.

The video

Tanu Muino and Lil Nas X directed the music video for “Montero (Call Me by Your Name),” which was released alongside the song. Lil Nas X stars as a variety of characters in biblical and mythology-inspired scenes, which were shot over two days in February 2021. Muino who was working on Cardi B’s Up music video at the time she was contacted, expressed her excitement about the offer.

Dante’s Inferno and Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings, such as The Garden of Earthly Delights, a triptych portraying heavenly and hellish imagery, and the Last Judgment, inspired her. It was Muino’s first video as a co-director, and a portion of it was shot remotely through Zoom after she was wrongly diagnosed with COVID-19. Mathematic, a French animation studio based in Paris, created the visual effects for the music video in a seven-week process.

Features in the music video includes Lil Nas X makes out with himself in the Garden of Eden while playing both a snakeskin-wearing Eve and a humanoid serpent. Suddenly, he gets stoned to death at the Coliseum while wearing a Marie Antoinette-like wig and outfit and descends to hell on a stripper pole before performing a graphic lap dance to the devil while wearing only Calvin Klein boxers.

The artist
Montero Lamar Hill, better known by his stage name Lil Nas X, is an internet celebrity, rapper, musician, and songwriter from the United States. He was born in Lithia Springs, Georgia, on April 9, 1999. He rose to fame after the release of his first professional track “Old Town Road” in early 2019, which went viral on the social media app TikTok before climbing music charts around the world.
According to Foxnews, “Old Town Road” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 19 weeks, making it the longest-running number-one song since the chart’s inception in 1958.  within that period, Lil Nas X came out as gay when his song “Old Town Road” was at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, making him the first and only artist to do so while getting a number-one single. His upcoming debut studio album, Montero, is followed by the singles “Holiday” and “Montero (Call Me by Your Name). The latter went on to top the Billboard Hot 100 charts on its debut.
Lil Nas X is a two-time Grammy award winner alongside other top musical awards.
Latest news  
Reports gotten from NME accounts that Lil Nas X’s latest hit “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” was briefly taken down from all streaming platforms yesterday (April 13), however, it has been restored. The rapper asked fans to verify if the song was still available for streaming on Apple Music in their respective nations in a series of tweets yesterday.
Lil Nas X then retweeted replies from fans who were unable to listen to the song due to technical difficulties. In one tweet, he wrote, “Not even joking.” He went further to tell fans to stream “call me by your name” as much as they can today (April 14) because it may no longer be available tomorrow, and there is nothing he can do about it.

Tell us what you think about this Lil Nas X.

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” GWEN STEFANI “A Three-Time GRAMMY Award Winner & Multi-Platinum Solo Artist

A three-time GRAMMY® Award winner, Gwen Stefani has achieved global success as a performer, songwriter, frontwoman for iconic rock band No Doubt, and multi-platinum solo artist. To date, she’s sold more than 50 million units worldwide, including her four-times-platinum debut solo album Love.Angel.Music.Baby. — a 2004 release delivering the hit singles “Rich Girl,” “What You Waiting For?”, and the Pharrell Williams-produced No. 1 hit “Hollaback Girl.” With her 2006 sophomore album The Sweet Escape featuring the Billboard Hot 100 top-ten smash “Wind It Up,” Stefani most recently released her third solo effort This Is What The Truth Feels Like. Debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, the critically praised album includes her powerful No. 1 single “Used To Love You.”

In addition to her three GRAMMY® Awards, Stefani’s honors include four MTV Video Music Awards, two Billboard Awards, an American Music Award, and a Brit Award. In 2014, she channeled her tremendous musical passion into empowering young singers as their coach on the seventh season of NBC’s musical competition series “The Voice.” Stefani now returns for her fourth season as a coach on “The Voice,” with the 17th season of the four-time Emmy Award-winning show arriving in September 2019.

Known for her wildly charismatic stage presence, Stefani premiered her exclusive Las Vegas headlining residency “Gwen Stefani – Just A Girl” in June 2018 at Zappos Theatre at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. With its setlist comprised of fan favorites and iconic hits, the two-hour show unfolds as an eye-popping spectacular, putting a fresh twist on classic Vegas theatrics. But despite the elaborate stage production — and wardrobe changes showcasing her legendary fashion sense — Stefani offers up an undeniably intimate performance, ultimately forging an unforgettable connection with the crowd.

One of pop culture’s most magnetic style icons, Gwen Stefani has also emerged as the first global celebrity artist to translate music stardom into a series of massively successful lifestyle brands. Through her fashion line L.A.M.B., its sister label Harajuku Lovers, and her eyewear line gx by Gwen Stefani, the designer and entrepreneur has brilliantly merged modern glamour with fashion-forward streetwear.  L.A.M.B. and gx eyewear is available in over 3000+ doors in the United States.  Harajuku Lovers, the pop-art-inspired apparel and accessories brand has had broad appeal with collaborations including the award-winning Harajuku Mini for Target and beauty accessories for Sephora.  Target is celebrating 20 years of their groundbreaking Design For All program and are bringing back 20 of their favorite and most iconic designer partnerships including Harajuku Mini.  The Limited Edition Harajuku Mini Anniversary Collection will be available at Target stores and beginning September 14, 2019.

With over $1 billion in retail sales across all brands to date, she recently took the helm as co-creator and executive producer of “Kuu Kuu Harajuku”: a children’s animated TV show now in its third season on Nick Jr., fulfilling Stefani’s mission of providing young girls with content that celebrates creativity, imagination, and fearless individuality.

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