“Bar = Magic” by “1Day” is Truly Magic

I really gotta say that I was mesmerized by the track entitled “Bar = Magic!” by the Kansas native artist who goes by the name “1Day”.

He impressed me with his versatility. I had first listened to his RNB track entitled “Know us” and then he threw me off in a good way with the punk rock sound of “Bar = Magic!”. Two thumbs up to you 1Day. Great job.

The track “Bar = Magic!” has pop, rock, punk rock, and RNB in it. He is truly a versatile artist who can switch styles really easily. Just check out another track entitled “Truce” which has the rnb and hip hop elements to it.
I have got to say that the track “Bar = Magic!” reminds me of the 2000 sitcom show called “That 70s Show”. A show that portrayed teenages from Wisconsin who had nothing to do but sit around and talk shit, do shit, and smoke shit. Bar = Magic! track takes me back to that 70s era with its punk rock guitar and melody. Its really worth chillin and listening to.


You simply cannot pin “1Day” to one style of music. He is truly what we would call a universal artist with a falseto like “Usher”. Simply Incredible.

He captivates his audiences with a young, soulful sound. He has a candid ability to combine a unique mixture of creativity with various life happenings both past, present, and future.

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