Calle Mambo Out with New Album

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Calle Mambo Out with New Album

Calle mambo sat down with’s moderator Ricky Ross and explained the concept to their new release entitled “Electro Pachamámico”.
This song is definitely hot if you like latin music. Their new Album is entitled “Electro Pachamámico” is a tribute to the diversity and wealth of Latin America and its people, celebrating the continent’s legacy: it is based on indigenous and creole rhythms from the Andes and the Caribbean, featuring the Charango, Quena, ( original instruments from los Andes ) Timbales, Guitar, Moog synthesizer, Güira, the Gaita (indigenous flute from the Colombian Andes) the Tambor Alegre (Afro-Colombian percussion) and more. The result is folklore with driving beats, a modern fusion we named „Música Electropachamámica”.
Currently we are based in Berlin. And you can find them on spotify and all media outlets.


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