The Big Al Staggs Band“Been There Done That”

Big Al Staggs’ new single / video “Been There Done That” is the first of 10 songs off the brand new “SoLo” album that features 10 freshly cooked original compositions. 

If you aren’t uplifted by the message, energy and positivity, go see a doctor. This isn’t just another song, it’s an uplifting moment, a tangible positive force that this battered society so desperately needs.

His storied career with the Left Wing Fascists and Moaning Lisas has fueled this epic offering of sheer energy, good vibes and terrific storytelling. 

Speaking of storytelling, the lyrical content is one that every man and some ladies can surely relate to. 

The tribal chant accompanying Big Al on lead vocals resets the stage for glimpses and memories of nights he can’t remember with friends that he’ll never forget. Just when you’d thought “you’d been there and done that”, “you ain’t seen the likes of her”; a life altering partner who’ll show you “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”!

This new single and video is produced and directed by the former lead guitarist for Iggy Pop and David Bowie, Stacy Heydon. Stacy is also known for his production work of the rock band Sheriff’s #1 Billboard Hot 100 single “When I’m with You” (Capitol Records).  

The music video was filmed in San Clemente CA, and includes actual real life events unfolding as the crew moved from location to location (the arrest scene and the girl in the Target parking lot removing her warmed up burrito from the running engine of her parked car)… yes really!

A perfect fit for the “Been There Done That” theme.

Big Al is from Norfolk Virginia, but his writing is from the heart and his vocal delivery is from his soul.

Check out this new single and please contact us for the complete album release set for this January 1, 2020.

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