Check out New Amazing Track from Scottie Summers

Scottie Summers’ “Memories Made In The Coolest Winter” is a uniquely endearing track. The catchy vibes transcend beyond the borders of imaginative illusions. It is all-encompassing as each unique note is distinctively heard, devoid of destructive background effect or interference.

Equally, the production quality is high as it summarizes the meticulous effort of the technical crew.

The flow is crisply smooth while ascending and descending slightly about the mean key. This depicts a great work by a master craftsman. The composition is artistically aesthetic. It is Poetry in motion. The great attitude, character, and total makeup that makes him thick is usually reflected in his music. His sounds and style of “Memories Made in The Coolest Winter” are spontaneous even as Scottie Summers remains true to his style which is powerful and invigorating to the ears. “Memories Made In The Coolest Winter” perfectly encapsulates Scottie Summers’s ideas and philosophies. This track is capable of giving and spreading light to the world. It lights up and charges the aura around with its kinetic groove and can easily pass for his infectious signature.           View this post on Instagram                      

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Lots of rhythms and sounds are put together to give it texture which serenades all through the duration of the song. The resounding hip hop beats continue to resonate in the mind as it mixes with the piano sounds that give it a funky dimension and a dragging pipe alert organ effect that adds soul to it. This is very good work and can be enjoyed at any time of the day

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