Time out with the rnb-rap- hip-hop star”India Fisher”

I’m India Fisher, I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. I was born June 26,1996. My mother is Shona D. Davis and my deceased father is Miliki Y. Fisher. My parents raised a music monster, All I think and breathe is music. I want to be the best at what I do and make a movement. I want people to feel my music and know every word. I want to be like “that’s my song they are singing”. In any means necessary, I have to always focus on my work and making new songs to lift up my fans mood and I hope it will be appreciated. I’m looking to expand my genre, I want to do pop, rnb and rap. I just want the whole world.

Press release:

Hey I’m Tyme (YAP) young, angry and pretty infitrating your city I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I want a complete take over. I want to be well known for good music. Right now I’m working on my Album Prone and it will be finished very soon and all my singles will be included. I plan to be on billboards in NYC and be seen by millions. I’m signed with Bentley Records and I haven’t been happier. My life’s changing fast and I thank God.

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Royalty-free Samples From WavGrind

WavGrind is an absolute musical delight and the panacea to crap sounds. If you love wonderful sounds, rhythms, and melodies, then just hook up to WavGrind, they are the best in the business. Making out-of-the-world music beats, loops, and drum kits are what they are a master of. It doesn’t stop there, WavGrind is built on the ethos of ingenuity and absolute perfection, little wonder they have been mixed with the cream in the music business.


Despite the fact that their musical packs and MIDI are packed with so much quality, it is still royalty-free. Can you beat that? I don’t think anything could be more stunning, because this is an absolute jaw-dropper. Hip hop and RnB lovers and followers must be feeling super lucky right now because WavGrind is a major in these two genres. To get good value for your time and money, get their sample packs on their official website.

About WavGrind

WavGrind is a music company that focuses on sound design, sample creation, and music training. When it comes to producing high-quality, royalty-free packs, WavGrind is the market leader. Over 80,000 producers have downloaded one of their packs since they began in 2020, and they now have an audience of over 10,000 users. The WavGrind team is made up of professional drummers, guitarists, pianists, flutists, engineers, sound designers, loop creators, and more.

Besides Luke (Legacy Beats), who started WavGrind in 2020, other notable producers who are part of this team include 808 Zaddy, Jake Tompkins, Transcend Beats, Emzy, and Prod HZ. They stand out by providing the best samples and MIDI at the most affordable costs. Lil Keed, Kap G, Lil Gotit, Smookey Margiella, Pressa, Houdini, Lakeyah, Moneybagg Yo, and Dj Drama are just a few of the producers and artists that WavGrind has collaborated with in the past.

About their samples and MIDI

100% of WavGrind’s samples and MIDI are produced without the use of any royalties. This indicates that you are free to use these samples in as much music as you like without giving them credit, paying them royalties, or clearing the samples. The samples also function in all hardware and software. Whether you use FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, Garageband, Pro Tools, Cubase, or another program.

The Q&A

In a bid to further decrypt the essential information about them, here is their Q & A session with topafricmusicvideo:

Q: Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?
Luke A, music name production company is called WavGrind

Q: Where are you from and Where are you based?
Sydney Australia

Q: At What age did you start making music?

Q: what genre would you consider yourself?

Q: Tell us about your latest track or Video ( what is it all about)–Please explain the concept or message
Our latest music projects have been in collaboration with singers, guitarists, pianists, and music producers. We have created unique melodies that are almost impossible to find anywhere else. We want to show that producers of any level or size can get access to industry-quality melodies and samples, and that’s why we built WavGrind website.

Q: Who wrote it and what was the inspiration behind it
The producers on the WavGrind team, including myself, produced the melodies. We all had a part in the sample selection, sample curating, melody creation, mixing, mastering, etc. I was amazed by the quality and unique vibe a lot of producers like Kaytranada were able to achieve. It was musicians like him that inspired me to work on these projects.

Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?
Producers like Kaytranada, Kanye West, Metro, Nick Mira, and Wondagurl are my inspirations. I would love to work with them on a project in the future.

Q: Where can fans find you? List all your social media links
You can find us on our website here: WavGrind

Or social media:  Instagram, YouTube.

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“Belle” Is A Mix Of Pop And Dance Fuelled By Her Natural Voice And The Artist She’s Admired Over The Years…get more info!

Belle grew up dreaming big dreams of lights, cameras, and crowds. But, unlike many who aspire to a career in music, this enormously accomplished creative force has actualized her goals into reality , and she did it by staying true to herself. The Grammy nominated song writing California native has lived her life out loud, on her own terms with a testimony and resume that speaks for itself. Currently touring with Kanye West and the masterful Sunday Service Choir, Belle is celebrated for her boundless vocal range and countless commissioned collaborations. Her multitudinous music capabilities, have casted her on stages alongside a myriad of industry giants namely JLO’s Dance Again world tour/HBO special, The Bangerz world tour with Miley Cyrus, X Tina Aguilera Back-to-Basics tour, George Duke, Eric Benet, and “Tony award winning singer Idina Menzel. Adding published author of “When The Soul Cries”; a mission driven manuscript to her expansive curriculum vitae, the actress, playwright and anointed singer employs her talents to uplift, empower and spread love. Her latest endeavor, an early education interactive album called “Building Bops” released under the name boopity bop’s is a testament to her commitment to family inspired by her two sons who are already showing talents identical to their Mother’s. Now, her aspirations are reaching higher heights in the wake of debuting her latest lyrical labor of love, an Ep in the edm/disco genre. Belle’s relentless work ethic, limitless approach to life and purpose are showing up in ways that only gets better with time.

Belle – Rhythm Of The Night


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The Daughter Of Two Musically Inclined And Talented Parents “Princess Rock” Quickly Grew Her Raw Talents Into A Force To Be Reckoned With…take a look!

When it comes to balancing classic rap with contemporary musicality, not many rappers today can do the job, but one on-the-rise rapper named Princess Rock has already done it. The release of her first single, “Doo Wop”, is demonstrating her flawless rapping abilities which go far beyond mere vocals; she is a songwriter in her own right.
What’s perhaps surprising to many who hear her music for the first time is that Princess Rock is still a teen. She might only be fifteen years old, but Princess Rock is etching her own place in rap royalty. Citing music artist influences such as Drake, Teyana Taylor, and Big Sean, Princess Rock wants to in particular inspire young girls with her unique musicality. In person, Princess Rock has a big personality to match her sound, and being a Philadelphia native, she has been steeped in authentic rap in a tradition that began as a child.
Press Release

Emerging Rapper Princess Rock Debuts First Single, “Doo Wop”

Philadelphia born and raised rapper seamlessly delivers a fresh, modern, yet classic rap sound

PHILADELPHIA, PA – When it comes to balancing classic rap with contemporary musicality, not many rappers today can do the job, but one on-the-rise rapper named Princess Rock has already done it. The release of her first single, “Doo Wop”, is demonstrating her flawless rapping abilities which go far beyond mere vocals; she is a songwriter in her own right.

What’s perhaps surprising to many who hear her music for the first time is that Princess Rock is still a teen. She might only be fifteen years old, but Princess Rock is etching her own place in rap royalty. Citing influences such as Drake, Teyana Taylor, and Big Sean, Princess Rock wants to in particular inspire young girls with her unique musicality. In person, Princess Rock has a big personality to match her sound, and being a Philadelphia native, she has been steeped in authentic rap in a tradition that began as a child.

The daughter of two musically inclined and talented parents, Princess Rock quickly grew her raw talents into a force to be reckoned with.

Princess Rock is part of the Global Excalibur Music Group Family, an independent record label and multimedia entertainment company whose lineup includes some of the most sought after aspiring artists on the scene today such as Shawa, Queen Victoria, and Byzantine. According to a spokesperson for Princess Rock, “She writes most of her music so she hopes the music connects, resonates, and inspires others through the power of the pen.”

“Doo Wop” perfectly encompasses Princess Rock’s energy, style, and talent in one irresistible single. With sharp lyrics and sound, Princess Rock leaves it all on the table in the song’s 3 minute and 26 second runtime, and it will leave listeners pressing play again and again.

It would seem that Princess Rock is just laying the foundation for a long career in rap. In her own words: “Music is what I love. I’ve been around it my whole life. I wanted to make music that uplifted girls and empowers all of us to never give up on our dreams.”

“Doo Wop” is now available for streaming and download at major services such as Spotify, and the new single is already seeing a rapid spike in plays as Princess Rock begins to cultivate a following of her own.

Details on Global Excalibur Music Group can be found at www.globalexcalibur.com and https://www.instagram.com/gxmusicgroup.

More on Princess Rock is available at https://www.instagram.com/princessrock_gx.

Website : https://www.officialprincessrock.com/

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James Eland’s sound is based on his movement of #GrabaBottle which insights his vision of party music. Drinks Poppin’ as his first and latest commercial single he’s determined to put Zimbabwe on shine as the rest of his fellow country musician are doing… Everyone’s support helps an artist’s growth and further recognition. In this business as I have learned “NO ONE IS LESS IMPORTANT THEREFORE EVRY SUPPORTIVE PERSON DESERVES RESPECT!”

All purchases to this song will help in making James Eland produce and create more music. The money is helpful for the production of good music and growth of an artist as the business demands money and talent fused together to make the best product.

For everyone that has been supportive from Family, Friends, Associates and Fans on my music and growth am very and still will be grateful for every support given henceforth. It’s not an easy road but with your supportive hand over my shoulder, I know you can make me reach incredible and immeasurable heights.

Shout out to fellow supportive musician and Djs from Zimbabwe itself to South Africa to the United States of America and all social media people.

No all road shall be smooth but #DeepRespect to the people who matter and need me to shine for their sake and #GrabaBottle to all our party people. James Eland to the world.


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Meeting Up The German Based RnB/Hip-Hop & Soul Group ” AVENUE.7

On a new single Gaining the outpouring of love from fans across German…don’t miss this.

Avenue.7 is a very talented duo from Hamburg Germany. Mista BlaQ & Jemotion have been putting in work for the last 3 years putting together their album which will be released this year.
Last year Avenue.7 released , “G.F.O (grown folks only)” , “Bubble” , “Touch” , “Hands Up , “Why” , and their latest work “Fuck It”.
With a total of over half a million streams on radio-chart.com , and 12 weeks of radio airplay on 92.5fm MIXXBOSSES ,this combination of RnB/HipHop & Soul is really starting to make noise in Hamburg, Germany.
So 2021 will be full of new videos from Avenue.7 for our YouTube fans & an album release!! Also planning a Tour with DJ BOB MITCHELL after the pandemic is over. So stay tuned and become a fan.

Connect with the group below:





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Michael McGraw “Gimme Tonight” It’s Slam Jamming!

Berlin Finest Singer Songwriter & Producer”MICHAEL MCGRAW”

now with a new Slamming single entitled “Gimme Tonight” Showing Feelings Of Deep Tenderness.

Listen here:


Previous video:

Connect With Michael McGraw




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Check out New Amazing Track from Scottie Summers

Scottie Summers’ “Memories Made In The Coolest Winter” is a uniquely endearing track. The catchy vibes transcend beyond the borders of imaginative illusions. It is all-encompassing as each unique note is distinctively heard, devoid of destructive background effect or interference.

Equally, the production quality is high as it summarizes the meticulous effort of the technical crew.

The flow is crisply smooth while ascending and descending slightly about the mean key. This depicts a great work by a master craftsman. The composition is artistically aesthetic. It is Poetry in motion. The great attitude, character, and total makeup that makes him thick is usually reflected in his music. His sounds and style of “Memories Made in The Coolest Winter” are spontaneous even as Scottie Summers remains true to his style which is powerful and invigorating to the ears. “Memories Made In The Coolest Winter” perfectly encapsulates Scottie Summers’s ideas and philosophies. This track is capable of giving and spreading light to the world. It lights up and charges the aura around with its kinetic groove and can easily pass for his infectious signature.           View this post on Instagram                      

A post shared by Quinn Parham (@scottiesummers)

Lots of rhythms and sounds are put together to give it texture which serenades all through the duration of the song. The resounding hip hop beats continue to resonate in the mind as it mixes with the piano sounds that give it a funky dimension and a dragging pipe alert organ effect that adds soul to it. This is very good work and can be enjoyed at any time of the day

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Killer Song By “Kela” is “Rare”

“Rare” is a cool r&b song by Kela and it also features W!LL, and T-Lee. It is full of light, positive, and substantive vigor that would get you calmly elated and endeared to its captivating allure. It is most definitely a killer song that is a must listen!

If you possess anything (talent, character, true love, etc) you consider rare in life, it would become special to you and you would value and appreciate it.

One of the most striking feats you would get to notice in Rare is its “down to earth”, organic and simplistic approach/outlook which is underscored by its conspicuous, reverberating beats dictating the moderate pace of the song as it eases tensions and stress while calming the nerves with its therapeutic balming effect.

“Rare” has the potential to fix Kela among the constellations as Rare’s composition is well drilled, dotting all the “Is” and crossing all the “Ts”.

The keyboard and synthesizer, with its additive and subtractive influence and the guitar sounds, are heavily involved in shaping the song and giving it its much-needed taste and sparks. These relevant ingredients are what makes “Rare” thick and as interesting as we love it.

The soothing vocals are magical, taking you into a higher stratosphere of fantasy and leaving you with strong dreamy imaginations. The feel-good vibe of the vocals is its most potent character while matching the key of the song.

The production of the song is of good quality while as it is consistent with the meticulous effort also put into the other aspects of the song’s makeup and totality.

Kela is a purist of fantasia with all the immense talents embedded in her.

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Grammy Song-Winning Writer Jackie’s Boy Releases Powerful New Single “Do It Again” ft Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman

Carlos Battey artistically known by his stage name Jackie’s Boy is a singer, songwriter, producer, multi-platinum, Grammy Song-Winning Writer/ 4 Time Grammy Nominated Songwriter and ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Winner (2010 Best Remixed Recording Madonna â€œRevolver”) who has written hits for Madonna, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Charlie Wilson, Johnny Gil, Jay Sean, Becky G, Jake Miller, Bruno Mars, Flo-rida and Chris Brown.

Carlos Battey  began his career with his brother Steven, they use to spend their days performing original songs and covers on the River Street Pier in Savannah Georgia to adoring crowds of locals. They enjoyed the small town fame but it wasn’t until the untimely death of their father in 2003 followed by their mother  Jackie, the very next year, that the brothers decided to leave town and head to the world’s most notorious music metropolis, LA. (The name ‘Jackie’s Boy’ comes from his mother, Jackie. She was always his true inspiration and his driving force.  She inspired him to be who he is and to stay to true to who he is.)

The brothers found themselves playing regularly for local crowds and it was at one of these gigs that a talent scout from Atlantic records spotted them and offered them a record deal. His first big break was with Flo-rida and his first Grammy came with working with Madonna.

When asked what inspired him to become an artist, he said it was his near-death experience that made him realize how short life could be, he stated, “I had started to get a lot of headaches – they were bad. I initially thought it was my wisdom teeth but it wasn’t. After having an X-Ray a large tumor was found, growing on the inside of my jaw. It turns out that the cancer was an unusual kind known as Ameloblaseoma (it’s so rare, in fact, that it accounts for less than one percent of the worlds tumors – Ed.) I decided to go to Miami after finding a great surgeon and I had a 3 month recovery instead of the one year recovery being quoted in LA. I believe that experience led me to understand the true meaning of having just one life, just one voice and I realized that, whilst writing for others is great financially it was time to create music as an artist.  I actually made a pact with God that I would never take those gifts for granted again.”

Jackie’s Boy recently released his sensual, powerful new single â€œDo It Again” ft Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman. “Do It Again” showcases his lyrical prowess as well as his originality and creativity. When asked asked about the inspiration for the record he stated,  â€œI wanted to make something unique and progressive for R&B lovers. I emailed a rough version of  the song to Shawn to check out. He came to the studio and said “Where’s that song you sent me?” I knew exactly what he was talking about. He recorded his verse in 10 minutes! I was extremely impressed and blown away I was working with a true legend. I think this record feels different than others because it speaks to both new R&B lovers and classic R&B lovers alike.”

Jackie’s Boy has been featured on Billboard’s New People to Watch.

Jackie’s Boy is brilliant, gifted, with stellar talent and accolades to match.  His artistry is a breath of fresh air to the industry; he doesn’t compromise himself to follow the popular trend. He is destined to reach super star status and become a household name.ProjectsFlo Rida “Sugar”- Billboard HOT 100: 5
• Madonna FT David Guetta “Revolver (Remix)”- Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical.
• Chris Brown “Graffiti” * Mann “Buzzin”- Billboard HEATSEEKERS SONGS: 1
• Sean Kingston featuring Justin Bieber “Eenie Meenie”- Billboard HOT 100: 15
• Johnny Gill ft New Edition “This ones for me and you” #1 R&B Billboard Charts (2016)
• Charlie Wilson “Im Blessed” #1 R&B Billboard Charts (2017)Social media links:

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