The Como Brothers “Matt And Andrew Como” Making A Melodic Easy Listening Sound That Has A blues Vibe …Must listen!

The Como Brothers, Matt and Andrew Como, are musicians (singers, songwriters and performers) from Long Island, New York.  They are passionate about their song writing and recording / produce all of their original music. Their music combines pop and rock making a melodic easy listening sound that has a blues vibe.  They have written and recorded multiple albums and EP’s of original songs. 

Press release:

Press release: The Como Brothers, Matthew and Andrew, are continuing to release a new, original song every month for 2021. Their self-produced music has an organic, pop-rock sound culminating in hundreds of thousands of streams on the music industry’s biggest platforms. The brothers latest monthly releases include Feeling the NightHoney I’ve Been Feeling ‘Bout YouBeautiful Tonight , Madness and Another You. There next song Sleepwalking in the Moonlight will be out on July 6th.  All their songs are accompanied by a music or lyric video which can be found on their YouTube page.  Individually, Matthew and Andrew bring their own flare, but together, they are an ideal mixture of timeless and contemporary which attracts the ears of many listeners.
Check out the Como Brothers Street Team If you are interested in Exclusive Access To New Music, Private Livestreams, Exclusive Merch, Giveaways, And MORE!   “Sleepwalking in the Midnight” drops at midnight July 6th! �Pre-save “Sleepwalking in the Midnight”and enter the contest to win a T-Shirt � The Street Team will join the Como Brothers for a Premiere livestream Sleepwalking in the Moonlight Party!! ��� (Before the midnight release) on Monday, July5th at 9:00 PM EST in their private Facebook group.
The Como Brothers have a Patreon page where followers can see and hear exclusive content that is not available anywhere else. Their music is worth the listen. Dedication to organic instrumentation and original lyrics are rare in today’s musical landscape. Their songs range in genre—a testament to not only their versatility as musicians, but their ingenuity.
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