Brooklyn Based Caribbean-American Songwriter Vocalist And Recording Artist” DIONNE BLAIZE”

QUALITY MEETS PASSION IN DIONNE BLAIZE – an amazing recording artist with a sense of purpose

“Music is my life. I view my involvement with music as that of a marriage. It is something I will cherish forever. It’s my passion as well as my calling. I eat, sleep, breath, walk and live – music,” says Dionne Blaize, an experienced, driven Caribbean-American songwriter, vocalist and recording artiste, based in Brooklyn, New York City.

Some artists are looking to entertain their audiences, or to just ‘make it’ with a big hit; while there are others who have a much deeper aim, endeavoring to make a difference through their production of quality music, and to truly connect with their listeners and fans. The latter is truly the case with Dionne, who has been deeply committed to music ever since she was a tot.

Dionne grew up in Brooklyn, NY with 7 brothers and sisters. According to her mother, Dionne started singing at the tender age of six months, immensely inspired by Whitney Houston, whose music, along with that of other artistes, was always in the air and in Dionne’s ear in her childhood home. In fact,from as early as age six, Dionne was in love with music, inspired by her elders in a home which was culturally affluent – surrounded by musicians and great records (vinyls and CDs). Eventually, she took up singing seriously, first performing as part of her school’s choir, and later maturing into a talented and accomplished vocal performer with a distinctive voice. She knew from a young age that a professional career in music was her passion and destiny.

Blessed with a well-trained alto-soprano voice and great range, Dionne writes very personal tunes that are loaded with emotional messages and vibrant modern sounds.  Dionne’s style is kaleidoscopic, inspired by a wide variety of genres and influences. This is borne out of her global scope of music and her understanding of the importance of appreciating and exploring different cultures and genres, in an age when technology is allowing the public to have easy access to a wide variety of music online. Dionne smoothly crisscrosses, blurs and refines the lines between multiple genres – as her repertoire includes soul, pop, reggae, R&B, house and EDM.

Already, Dionne has written 150 plus songs, recorded at least 50 and published over 25. To date, she has released two albums – “Rise Up” in 2008 and “Contagious” in 2019. The latter was released through Jweek Records. Her recent recordings comprise of a few reggae covers. Of these, she has already released three – one of which is “I Believe In You and Me” by Whitney Houston.

Whatever genre Dionne sings, there is always a common denominator: passion and dedication. Her productions are world-class with a stunning attention to detail, as she always aims to deliver the best possible tunes to her audience, never letting anyone down and always striving to accomplish something truly memorable.

Dionne smoothly crisscrosses, blurs and refines the lines between multiple genres – as her repertoire includes soul, pop, reggae, R&B, house and EDM.

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