“Torrez Soundz” Our Music Is Like Diamond In The Ruff!

Three brothers that grew up in a small town called Bridgeton New jersey. Losing their father at a very young age gave them no other alternative, but to stick together and Learn How To become men on there own! 
Dubb City which is the middle age brother dibbled and dabbled within the industry for over a decade. he started his career performing with his former group 85609. Dubb city Was Given a chance to experience what it was like to be on tour opening up for former Rocafella artist young Steff and this experience pushed him to become a more groomed and more developed artist. Meanwhile his other two brothers n.i.t.z and trilly were learning to become artists themselves by writing and recording at a very low budget home studio that they invested in themselves. Dubb City heard and liked what he was hearing, so he decided to Add his element to they’re rough and unpolished, but yet interesting sound. Now keep in my mind that these three never had any intent on becoming a hip hop group until one fateful night magic was a created in the comfort of their own home studio! a record they recorded called wat dey talking bout Feat. Kannon set the stage and forced the three brothers to unite and take this hip hop genre by storm! On this very night torrez was born. They went from torrez to torrez soundz and now torrez soundz ent. the reason for this is because their talents do not only lie in music alone. they also have the ability to entertain and inspire you in all other creative ways as well… #TorrezSoundzEnt #BornToWin

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