“Drax Africa”It’s hard to ignore their melodious voices as they capture the spirit of the Gen Z generation emerging today.

Introducing Drax Africa, the dynamic twin duo, Golden Mumba and Kelvin Mumba, originating from

the vibrant town of Luanshya in Zambia, often referred to as “the garden town of the copperbelt.” Their

upbringing in this culturally rich city, nestled in the heart of north-central Zambia, has deeply influenced

their music, art, and worldview.

Drawing inspiration from legends like Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Fela Kuti and Bob Marley, Drax

Africa masterfully blends pop, afrobeats, and reggae genres. Their melodious voices resonate with

the spirit of the emerging Gen Z generation, while honoring timeless influences such as Zamrock and

reggae music. In 2019, Drax Africa made a striking entry into the music scene with a double release

featuring consecutive No. 1 hits, “Turn Around” and “Heart Of Mine.” These songs earned them

recognition as Artist Republik’s Songs of the Summer in both 2019 and 2020.

Their momentum soared in 2021 when “Turn Around” received the prestigious title of Best Indie Track

globally and in Africa at the Djooky Music Awards, an honor celebrated by industry Esteemed judges,

including Grammy nominee Patrice Rushen, producer Sasha Skarbek (known for his work with James

Blunt and Miley Cyrus), Justin Gray (collaborator with John Legend and Mariah Carey), and producer/

engineer Brian Malouf (with an illustrious roster including Michael Jackson, Madonna, Stevie Wonder

and Queen).

Drax Africa’s artistic journey is marked by remarkable collaborations with fellow artists across the

continent, including a notable partnership with Jamaican reggae luminary General Degree for their

2020 single, “Fine One.” As the sole independent duo in Zambia to claim the coveted Djooky Global

Music Award, Drax Africa offers a fresh perspective and a resonant voice that transcends geographical

boundaries, delivering a unique musical experience to the world.

Recently, Drax Africa achieved a significant milestone as their entire music catalog was featured on

Spotify editorial playlists “Viral Hits” and “Hits Italiane” for one week, garnering overwhelming support

from fans worldwide. Their recent single, “New Nyemu,”https://ffm.to/draxafrica-newnyemu  was release on December 1, 2023, serves

as a prelude to their forthcoming EP, “Afro In Space” In this emotionally charged composition, the duo

bravely explores the struggles faced by individuals striving to find their place in a challenging world,

addressing themes of mockery, rejection, and perseverance on the path to victory and renewal. Drax

Africa invites you to join them on this captivating musical journey, one that promises to touch hearts and

inspire minds.

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