Brooklyn Born, L I S A BENNETT

This eclectic Brooklyn born Philly native was created in an era of Hip Hop  rhymes & R&B crooners.

Heavy undertones of reggae /dancehall & soca music would become a heavy influence from her Jamaican heritage.

Expect anywhere from R&B to Ska, Dubstep to Reggae/Dancehall flooding your ears while listening to one of her singles.
Penning her own lyrics and occasional beats, she has definitely managed to keep an unorthodox approach to her craft.
While maintaining lyrical awareness, she has began to create a fusion of genres.

Her humble beginnings in the church and school choir would offer her a platform to perform at an early age.
Such as singing in local talent shows, collaborating with other artist and even a few appearances as a dancer on MTV.
Frequent commute from PA to New York would soon result, in an offer for a deal from Sony records which she later turned down.

After moving to Belgium she released a double EP entitled
Face Off.
Which featured R&B/HipHop/Experimental CD entitled “Off Dat Wally”.
The second, a Reggae/Dub/Roots CD entitled “Blowing Down Trees”.
Both well received by many blogs, such as 21tracks,, &
LAtoKingston, just to name a few.

Always with plans to move forward, Lisa has began to work on her first
L. P. to showcase her progression both vocally & mentally.
Look out for that goody later on this year.
For Contacts & Bookings
Twitter: @IamLisaBennett
Instagram: @IamLisaBennett

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