ONE-on-ONE With The S-O-S Singer/Songwriter-Producer & Performing Artist ” Jackson Cassidy REED…


1.) History and Background

Mr Jackson Cassidy was born bred in Kimberley. He performed in many occasions including weddings, public performances in halls, corporate functions, festivals and private functions. It was in the early eighties when he produced his debut album Summer Love which was a major success, played on radio and television.

Due to the greater bias that industry has towards the music of the bigger provinces even musicians such as Jackson Cassidy could not be given a chance to exploit the opportunities within the national industry, hence these musicians are big and well respected outside of the South African borders. Mr. Jackson Cassidy is back in the province to share his international music experience to help the youth exploit our diverse cultural heritage to the upliftment of the Northern Cape artist.

Whilst working with internationally renowned artist in a Band called the CC Beat in France working and sharing stage with Chico, Lucky Dube, Brenda Fasie, Papa & Blondie,Sipho Hotsticks Mabusa but to mention a few  and other great  South African Artist. Mr. Jackson Cassidy identified opportunities in France. He then decided to stay in France to exploit the opportunities identified.

The Jackson Cassidy Youth Development Cultural Exchange Program was established in 1992, with the aim of partnering with various institutions to improve the socio-economic conditions in our communities by bringing the much-needed arts and cultural exchange services right to the doorstep of the communities, making services accessible to all artist of all communities in Kimberley and the broader Northern Cape Province. The owner Mr. Jackson Cassidy started as a performer since youth to date and has acquired international stature in most places in Europe and America but especially in France and England where he is highly recognized as a musician, producer, songwriter composer and director.

Today CASSIDY YOUTH DEVELOMENTPRODUCTIONS has done many projects for the indigenous, oppressed Broton communities in France  and other projects for own benefit. A new maker in France Mr. Cassidy acquired so much influence that certain communities have requested that he led musical projects for their uplifment. Because of the influence, experience and contacts that Cassidy Productions has acquired over the last 40 years, opportunity to assist in the development of young artist in the Northern Cape has been identified hence the proposal of the Northern Cape  performing arts development program. All operations will be carried out in line with objectives of the provincial arts and culture.
The Jacson Cassidy Youth Development Cultural Exchange Program is working alongside the Northern Cape Provincial Government in curbing the burden of disease and breaking the cycle of poverty facing many rural communities and has contributed immensely to artistic development and job creation. Services are rendered by a team of highly committed, fully trained and experienced staff members.

Please watch the links below
Jackson Cassidy Summer Remix

Please the watch the Jackson Cassidy Coming Home SABC 2 morning live interview find link below

Please Watch “S.O.S d’un terrien en détresse – Jackson Reed” on YouTube find link below

2.) Executive Summary

JACKSON CASSIDY CULTURAL EXCHANGE YOUTH DEVELOMENT PROGRAM in an initiative by CASSIDY Life Changing PRODUCTIONS SA to assist with the holistic development of artist particular young artist within the province. The program is in line with the objectives of the provincial government with respect to nurturing, development and general support for the arts in the Northern Cape. The program is two pronged; it aims to develop them musically and economically
The Jackson Cassidy Youth Development Cultural Exchange Program is dedicated to the delivery of quality life changing services to those artist who lost hope in the artistic industry. The Arts Services Department offers the following programmes: 1.) Drama, Filming, Modeling, Poetry, Comedy and Art Painting. 2.) DJ’s Hip Pop. 3.) Live Band Music. 4.) Music School 5.) Recording Studio. 6.) Video Recordings Mix and Mastering. 7.) Music Production. 8.) Video Production/ Directing and Editing. 9.) Photography. 10.) Choreography/ Traditional and Contemporary Dancing. Contemporary, traditional and Choral Choirs Music Festivals Theatre for people with talent and musical potential. Supervise and mentor strategic partners on palliative initiatives Through its Artistic Services Department, we offers holistic support to the youth women and disabled. Support rendered includes material, educational, economic, adequate music equipment and support, to ensure growth in their new arts and music journey. On Training and Education Jackson Cassidy has an embarrassment in riches of international experience as a training services provider. He also speak French fluent and are in the process teaching youngster basic French. We’ll soon be providing educational programs accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and are a work in progress to comply with the SAQA assessment and moderation policies e.g. Jackson Cassidy has a comprehensive Youth Development programme to support young adults who have grown up in disadvantage communities and projects. The programme includes; development of High School Youth; development of Tertiary Level Youth and motivational camps. The Jackson Cassidy Life Changing Project. It is a Project whereby we envisaged to empower unemployed youth out of school with entrepreneurship skills in partnership with potential sponsorships. We’ll be focusing on the Youth, Women and Disabled from Kimberley and the broader Northern Cape Province, rural and semi rural. The Community led Development programme aims to promote sustainable development through partnerships with rural communities for poverty alleviation and en-courage economic independence through job creation. To achieve all of the above, Jackson Cassidy Youth Cultural Exchange Program is anchored by internal support services that comprises of Finance and Administration, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting, Management Information System, Social Marketing, Communications and Fundraising, Human Resources and Training.

On 10,11,12 April 2020 we envisage to bring around 1500-2000 people together from all walks of life across the province. The purpose of the event is to raise funds for Jackson Cassidy’s Youth Development Cultural Exchange Academy. The goal of this event is to increase interest in the artistic industry amongst the youth. More importantly is to develop the youth and export a proudly Northern Cape product to Europe France and across the World.


To change lives while being in a life changing position through quality life and dignity restoration in the artistic industry. To be a light of hope to artist from all walks of life especially those who feel hopeless.


Commission works world class recordings and productions in house of high quality. Select productions unique to the Northern Cape.  It is to improve the quality of artist teaching and learning, among the group described as historically disadvantaged, mainly from disadvantage communities but not discriminating against any ethical group intensify diversity in and around Kimberley (Northern Cape) through integrated interventions aimed at the improvement of arts holistically.
In partnership with the community, Government and other stakeholders, we show our appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual within the community by sharing our talents, resources and time.

The Event Comprises Of:

31 Artist In Total
3 International Artist
3 National Artist
5 Local Artist From Pixle Kaseme
5 Local Artist From Siyanda
5 Local Artist From JT
5 Local Artist from Namakwa
5 Local Artist From Frances Baard

We intent to invite International associates of Jackson Cassidy. The likes of Danny Nadh From France, Dia from France and Robert Maseko from England.


1.) Poetry 2.) Drama 3.) Comedy 4.) Hip Pop 5.) House 6.) DJ’s
The promotion of Local content across the province will be our first priority and If push comes to shaft, it will be our only priority
At least 1 well renowned artist of each of the five districts in the Northern Province will be invited and benefit from this historic event.
We intent to invite an International DJ’s from England
We will invite the Executive Mayor of Sol Plaatje to Open the Event on Friday.


Live Band
1.) Jazz 2.) Rock ‘n Roll 3.) Soul 4.) RNB 5.) Blues
The promotion of Local content across the province will be our first priority and If push comes to shaft, it will be our only priority.
Jackson Cassidy and Friends will rock the house with his Hit Single Summer Love and Old School Music O’Jays and many, many more.
We intent to invite a well renowned timeless Hit Burn Out Sipho Hot Sticks Mabusa.
We intent to invite an international artist from France City of Nantes.
We’ll extent an invitation the MEC of Sports Arts and Culture to open Saturday’s Event.


Live Band Gospel Music
The promotion of Local content across the province will be our first priority and If push comes to shaft, it will be our only priority.
1.) Choral 2.) Afrikaans Pinkster 3.) English Setswana Zulu, Xhosa
We’ll extent an invitation to the Premier of the Northern Cape to open Sundays Gospel event.
We intent to invite National Artist Mr Ewe S’bu


The Jackson Cassidy Coming Home SABC 2 morning live interview find link below

Please Watch “S.O.S d’un terrien en détresse – Jackson Reed” on YouTube find link below

Watch “Jackson Reed – “Listen to the children” : 4ème Forum mondial des droits de l’Homme – Nantes, France” on YouTube find link below

Please Watch “Babylon is on Fire, Jackson Reed” on YouTube. find link below

Please Watch “KARL W DAVIS & JACKSON REED + DAVID LE DEUNFF + JULIEN B. JAM 1// TNT // 29 MARS 2009” on YouTube. find link below

Please Watch “Jackson Reed & public session” on YouTube. find link below Reed

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