Check Out PHIL JOSEPH’S Newly Regenerated Single Entitled “STAND BY ME”

The Improvement of he’s new single “stand by me, is now producing a good and unique result.

Dr. Michael C. Wheeler’s review:

We are pleased to announce our first winner in the category of Best International Artist: Mr. Phil Joseph. An ambition of ours here at Current Music Thoughts was to bring to our readers excellence in music making within the independent world – and I’m sure you know how many artists there are to hear. That being said, there are individuals who are making music that just jumps out and screams to be acknowledged. Such an artist is London-based Phil Joseph and his unique, tasteful, and masterful rendition of the classic Ben King tune “Stand by Me.” It has upbeat dance and reggae elements which breathe new life into the track as if giving it a second-wind during the midnight of the original’s popularity. 

Featuring the rapper Malik on the verses it is original and yet at the same time such a beautiful homage to classic American music. This reason, more than any other, is merit enough for the award as in a period of waning interest in the USA Mr. Joseph gives us a positive nod. It’s a love song – but at the same time we’re all wondering if there is a dual meaning saying “stand by me and everything is going to be OK” and from this side of the pond, we appreciate it. Congratulations Mr. Joseph on an outstanding achievement, we will be anxiously awaiting many more tunes.

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  1. Phil Joseph is well organised and hard working artis! I’ll nominate him.

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