Chloe Dolandis & Fernando Perdomo – Together With A Combined Obsession Of Swedish Pop Music.

The Long Goodnight is a new collaboration from two old friends who have worked together in music for more than 10 years and share a love of Swedish pop music. Their first forthcoming EP, Good Songs, will be a collection of songs written/co-written by Salem Al Fakir (currently of the songwriting/production duo Vargas and Lagola — their songs having been recorded by artists including Katy Perry, Madonna, and Avicii). COVID-19 has created many artistic collaborations across the globe and this unique duo has been a long time coming. The Long Goodnight’s debut single, “Brooklyn Sun” is a dreamy, hopeful nod to the New York sky and will be released via social media and electronic distribution platforms on Sept. 10, 2020. Recorded at Reseda Ranch Studios and Studio Chlo by Fernando Perdomo (All Instruments) and Chloe Dolandis (lead vocals, background vocals) respectively. All songs mixed by Zach Ziskin. Brooklyn Sun Written by Salem Al Fakir and Nate Campany Produced by Fernando Perdomo and Chloe Dolandis Chloe Dolandis – Lead and Backing Vocals Fernando Perdomo – Guitars, Fernotronics, Bass, Keys, Tongue Drum, Frame Drum Mixed and Mastered by Zach Ziskin Video Edited by Nathalie Malpica Footage Found by Cyndi Trissel, Fernando Perdomo and Chloe Dolandis Song License by Harry Fox Songfile Single Available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and More.

Press Release:

The Long Goodnight is Echo In The Canyon Guitarist Fernando Perdomo and Critically Acclaimed Singer and Voice Over Artist Chloe Dolandis. They come together with a combined obsession with Swedish Pop music. Their first EP is the songs of Salem Al Fakir who went on to be the voice of Avicci and a hit songwriter for Katy Perry, Madonna, and more.. 

Here is the gorgeous new single Brooklyn Sun. Written by Salem Al Fakir and Nate Campany. It is a heartwarming combo of gorgeous vocals and dreamy guitars. Fernando Perdomo used Frippertronics to create the layers of swirling sound. 

Listen Here:


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