R.W. ROLDAN”Can You Feel This”

Born to an outlaw biker father and 16 year old mother, R.W. Roldan came of age in the Los Angeles of the 60’s and 70’s. His family spent a few years homeless, prompting him to join the navy at 17. His young life was full of hard circumstances and difficult environments but Roldan always seemed to soften things with his easy knack for storytelling.

Upon returning to California from his time abroad, R.W. worked all around the San Fernando Valley, immersing himself in the blues and Americana scene. He gravitated towards music and poetry, appreciating contemporary wordsmiths like Dylan and Dr. Seuss as much as American treasures such as Yates and began crafting his own indelible blend of country blues folk rock – a sound that lands somewhere between Hank Williams and Cowboy Junkies.

R.W. now splits his time between his house in the Topanga hills and a newly-purchased dwelling that once belonged to Fatty Arbuckle in Silverlake, where he’s building a studio in the basement. It was professed to be haunted for the past 12 years, but R.W. found it a suitably creative environment to craft the songs on his official solo outing, Can You Feel This, due out August 17th.

The new LP puts Roldan’s adept storytelling front and center, backed by his easy going guitar, mandolin and dobro chops. Tracks like “Big Skies” and “Falling Star” paint an authentically haunting, nostalgic panorama of Los Angeles, while laidback ballads such as “Lauryn’s Song” reveal a sweeter side to the man. It’s all melted in the sweet butter sauce of producer Max Allyn who recently signed R.W. to his AllsWell Records imprint out of Nashville. 
Can You Feel This is out now on all platforms. Vinyl and other merchandise is available at AllswellRecords.com



In 1977 I met the love of my life. We were both young, dumb and full of grit. We spent two years together before life pulled us apart. That time together shaped the rest of my life. Thirty seven years from when I last saw Lauryn, us both having lived long and full lives of marriages, children, upsets and joy, we found each other again. In the months following I wrote this song while living with her up in Topanga Canyon, where she runs the Bird’s Nest Salon. One day as I was driving down Topanga Canyon Blvd., Elvis was playing on the radio as I drove past the salon. She was outside, smiling and waving at me. I blew a kiss to her and the song wrote itself from there.




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