Sensational Project Coming Soon from “Idkanymore”

This is an exclusive only from  Get ready to be wowed!! amazed!! intriqued!! bamboozled!! and most of all entertained by the new musical project with two unknown male band members with multiple genres. This is a hush hush tip from us so dont sleep just yet cos its going to be Big!!!!!


All we have to share with you right now are the links below and a couple pictures down below. You simply have to watch out for this phenominal duo coming out very soon with a sensational single!! Title of song is yet to be released!!


These duo get their musical influence and inspiration from the world due to the fact that they are citizens of the world.


“LUURK aka Sasha Conway” & “Nicklaus Grassett a.k.a Afterweland” are alledged to be members of this secret band.

its going to be awesome and you will be amazed!

Meanwhile visit all the links below!!

LUURK’s social media:

Project that is very under wraps but checkout their social media:

Here are Nicklaus’s social media outlets:

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