Snowflakes Releases Massive Album Titled “No Nation”

Snow Flakes’ style as an “afro pop/afro beat” artist from Nigeria and Togo is unique. His delivery is captivating. He dishes out smooth flow of organic songs and has released his long awaited album, “No Nation”. “No Nation” is a balance of emotive, upbeat love songs and the reawakening of the socially conscious ones. The songs on the album are an explicit cross-border African experience.

“Make You Know” is a cool afro beat “jam” in the album. It has all the elements that make up a great song. From the dazzling effect of the crystallizing drum play to the perfect arrangement of the sharp instrumentals. This song is definitely a cynosure of magisterial efforts. Snow Flakes sings about showing affection and doing everything within his power to please a love interest while also getting similar energy from same, in return.

“Wa” is another track that has all the ingredients to make it a hit. This song is a “bombshell” and can give any of the genre’s “A” list artist a run for his or her money. In this song, Snow Flakes sings about calling a girl with an amazing body, a body shape that inspires him to dance, for talks. With the chorus sung in Africa’s “Yoruba” language, this song will have all the ladies shake “what their mama gave them” and the guys lost in street afro dance steps.

Sometimes, when you fall in love with a wrong girl, it is capable of killing a man. This is what is depicted in “She Kill Man”, where Snow Flakes sings about desiring a girl, which could later spiral him into a dangerous loop. The music video begins with scenes of Snow Flakes and a video vixen who plays the role of his love interest, sleeping on the same bed in a house, after which Snow Flakes wakes up all of a sudden with an empty bottle of wine in his hand. He immediately recollects what happened the previous night with respect to the sensual intimate moments he shared with the girl. He also picks a spent cigarette that was dropped during his “hangover” or while he was asleep by a known intruder in who’s house Snow Flakes first set his eyes on his love interest, while also observing an empty picture frame, with the inscription “She kill man” which was written by the known intruder. The song begins with clips of events that happened prior, like Snow Flakes meeting the girl and the “would be” intruder to sign some paper works, alternating with scenes of Snow Flakes singing and some choreographers performing their acts.

The rest of his “No Nation” album consist of great songs like “Dangote”, Champion”, “Everyday”, “Criminal”, etc which are fantastic songs in their own rights. There is no doubt in my mind that Snow Flakes has what it takes, including the “stay power” to dominate the afro beats space for a long time, on the strength of his precocious talents and musical acumen. A great album indeed.

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