The song by Alfred Jackson is worth a listen.

Alfred Jackson, a captivating entertainer born and raised in South Central LA, has dedicated his life to
mesmerizing audiences worldwide. His journey into the world of entertainment began at a young
age when he joined the Marla Gibbs Performing Arts Centre and later the Amazing Grace
Conservatory. These early experiences ignited his passion for the stage, leading him to realize his
dream of becoming a professional entertainer.
As Alfred dedicated himself to perfecting his craft, he amassed an impressive list of theatrical
and television credits. Notable among them are his current role in the hit musical “Dream Girls,”
performances in “Book of Mormon” (Australia), “Rent,” “Glee,” “Michael Jackson’s Man In the Mirror,”
“Take on Me: The Musical,” “General Hospital,” and Issa Rae’s web series “The Choir,” among others.
His contributions to the world of musical theater earned him the prestigious NAACP Award for Best
Choreographer in a musical for “Sarafina.”
Throughout his career, Alfred has collaborated with musical greats such as Diane Warren, Rodney
Jerkins, and Brian Michael Cox. Notably, he recently worked alongside talented actors in the
streaming hit “Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story,” available on Hulu.
Alfred’s creativity and artistry extend beyond the stage, as evidenced by his latest project – the
album titled “U.G.L.Y (Ur Greatest Legacy’s You).” This compelling musical masterpiece, now available
on all streaming platforms, explores themes of self-love, self-worth, and the profound significance of
recognizing one’s greatness. Through his musical expression, Alfred Jackson encourages listeners to
reflect on the legacy they are building and the impact they will leave behind.
For Alfred Jackson, it’s not just about the performances; it’s about the “music” that serves as a
powerful medium to convey messages of self-discovery, love, and the enduring legacy of each
individual has the potential to create.

Press Release

Alfred Jackson’s New Single “FOOL” almost makes you forget the song is all about the disappointment of being in a relationship, that’s not going anywhere. Its upbeat vibe reminds you of Bruno Mars/Maroon5. It has a pop-rock swing with Alfred’s smooth R&B style on top. Release date 1-20-24 available on all digital Platforms!

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Miami Artist Cheflodeezy Unveils Dual Debut Albums with Two Genre-Defying Lead Singles

Miami Artist Cheflodeezy Unveils Dual Debut Albums with Two Genre-Defying Lead Singles
Prepare to embark on a musical journey like no other as Miami’s very own Cheflodeezy breaks boundaries and redefines the music scene with the release of not one, but two lead singles from his groundbreaking dual debut albums. Today, we proudly announce the release of these two electrifying tracks: “Ecstasy” and “Ready To Rock.”

Cheflodeezy’s “Ecstasy” is a sonic masterpiece that effortlessly blends the infectious rhythms of Dancehall, the groovy vibes of Afrobeat, and the raw energy of Drill. Featuring the sensational Dancehall artist TeeJay, whose hit single “Drift” is taking the world by storm, this collaboration is set to ignite dance floors and playlists worldwide. “Ecstasy” is a genre-bending rollercoaster of a track that will have you moving and grooving from start to finish. Brace yourselves for a musical experience like no other. Listen now.

Ready To Rock“:
In stark contrast, “Ready To Rock” showcases Cheflodeezy’s versatility as an artist, diving headfirst into the world of modern rap. This single is a sonic explosion of grinding basslines and razor-sharp lyrical delivery. With its infectious energy and captivating wordplay, “Ready To Rock” cements Cheflodeezy’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. Listen now.

Cheflodeezy is set to release these singles alongside their official music videos, promising visual experiences that will complement the unique sonic landscapes of both tracks.

Speaking about his unprecedented dual album project, Cheflodeezy shares, “I’ve always believed that music has no boundaries, and with these albums, I wanted to challenge myself and push the limits of creativity. ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Ready To Rock’ are just a taste of what’s to come. Get ready for a musical journey that will leave you speechless.”

Fans and music enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating the release of Cheflodeezy’s dual debut albums, which promise to deliver an eclectic fusion of genres and a sonic adventure like never before. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to immerse yourself in the musical world of Cheflodeezy.

About Cheflodeezy:
Cheflodeezy, hailing from Miami, Florida, is a versatile artist known for his boundary-pushing music and electrifying stage presence. With a passion for creating music that transcends genres, Cheflodeezy is set to make an indelible mark on the music industry with his dual debut albums.

Media Contact:
Follow Cheflodeezy on social media:

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @Cheflodeezy
  • Twitter: @Cheflodeezy
  • Facebook: /Cheflodeezy

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Meet Up With The German Based Afrobeat Artist “BOYPOSY”[FSL]

The Nigerian recording artist, singer, songwriter, and performer Omobolaji Ayanfe Oluwa belongs to the African pop star genre. As a singer, he began his career in Ibadan, where he was born and raised. When he released his first single, “No dulling”, he became popular on campus and became well known in Ibadan. In turn, this led him to meet the king of the Fuji Taye currency and sing with him.
His career later took him to Lagos where he met a lot of A-list artistes who recognized his talent and put him on stage and in the year 2020 he recorded Awero with Jaywon, which gained him his first recognition across all platforms and media coverage. Last year, he released his EP titled love, light and star, which led to him touring Europe and the U.K. and gave him his first international recognition. Because he is seen as the future of Afrobeat, he is nicknamed “FSL” which means Fresh Star Legend.

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One-on-One With The legendary Prodigy Singer/Songwriter & Performer”WURIE-J”

We had exclusive interview with him and his expression contain definition. Please read.

Q: Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?

A:Myreal name is Oury Diallo stage name is wurie  J

Q: Where are you from and Where were you born?

I’m from the Republic of Guinea

Q: At What age did you start making music?

A: at the age of 15

Q: What genre of music do you particularly love? Afro beat? Jazz?  Hip-Hop?  RnB? 

A: I love reggae music, afro beat and Africa traditional music

Q: Who is your favourite artist and why?

A: Steve wonder, akon, Baba mal, Fela Anikulapo kuti

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: reading listening to music on the radio and singing

Q: Do you play any musical instrument?

A: yes keyboard and piano

Q: Where do you get your musical inspiration?

A: I got my musical inspiration mostly around ladies, in a crowd of people, or when I’m driving with taxi or taking a walk in nature.

Q: Do you write your own music?

A: Yes I write and compose my music

Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?

A: Steve wonder, baba mal yosundu, angelic kido

Q: What would you like our readers to know about you?

A: I am a Man with lots of experiences despite my current disability which has giving Me more encouragements. I’m not sighted but I am an optimist. I’m also wishing everybody to leave a happy life and have a piece of mind. I repeat again that I’ve been through lots of difficulties in life, words cannot explain it all as a child who lost loving mother at the age of 4, and dearest father at the age of 6 with no sight to see than to feel and smell things. Thanks’ to God  and the people all around me, who have helped me to achieve a good educational Standard up to the University level as a blind child with musical talent. I will like our readers to also have courage and not to be discouraged.

For more info & Bookings>

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Snowflakes Releases Massive Album Titled “No Nation”

Snow Flakes’ style as an “afro pop/afro beat” artist from Nigeria and Togo is unique. His delivery is captivating. He dishes out smooth flow of organic songs and has released his long awaited album, “No Nation”. “No Nation” is a balance of emotive, upbeat love songs and the reawakening of the socially conscious ones. The songs on the album are an explicit cross-border African experience.

“Make You Know” is a cool afro beat “jam” in the album. It has all the elements that make up a great song. From the dazzling effect of the crystallizing drum play to the perfect arrangement of the sharp instrumentals. This song is definitely a cynosure of magisterial efforts. Snow Flakes sings about showing affection and doing everything within his power to please a love interest while also getting similar energy from same, in return.

“Wa” is another track that has all the ingredients to make it a hit. This song is a “bombshell” and can give any of the genre’s “A” list artist a run for his or her money. In this song, Snow Flakes sings about calling a girl with an amazing body, a body shape that inspires him to dance, for talks. With the chorus sung in Africa’s “Yoruba” language, this song will have all the ladies shake “what their mama gave them” and the guys lost in street afro dance steps.

Sometimes, when you fall in love with a wrong girl, it is capable of killing a man. This is what is depicted in “She Kill Man”, where Snow Flakes sings about desiring a girl, which could later spiral him into a dangerous loop. The music video begins with scenes of Snow Flakes and a video vixen who plays the role of his love interest, sleeping on the same bed in a house, after which Snow Flakes wakes up all of a sudden with an empty bottle of wine in his hand. He immediately recollects what happened the previous night with respect to the sensual intimate moments he shared with the girl. He also picks a spent cigarette that was dropped during his “hangover” or while he was asleep by a known intruder in who’s house Snow Flakes first set his eyes on his love interest, while also observing an empty picture frame, with the inscription “She kill man” which was written by the known intruder. The song begins with clips of events that happened prior, like Snow Flakes meeting the girl and the “would be” intruder to sign some paper works, alternating with scenes of Snow Flakes singing and some choreographers performing their acts.

The rest of his “No Nation” album consist of great songs like “Dangote”, Champion”, “Everyday”, “Criminal”, etc which are fantastic songs in their own rights. There is no doubt in my mind that Snow Flakes has what it takes, including the “stay power” to dominate the afro beats space for a long time, on the strength of his precocious talents and musical acumen. A great album indeed.

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J MATIC-The Bimusical Artist

J-Matic” an aspiring Bimusical Artist (Hip Hop/Afro Beats/Reggae). His love for rap music, poetry, fueled him to make music and entertain through different musical systems, and making expressive sense of all.

currently gearing up to release his first EP ” Bimusical Experiment”, a mix of hip hop, AfroBeats, and Dancehall. The EP is a feel good type of vibe that touches on current relationship scenarios. 

Connect with J MATIC here:

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The Award Winning Artist ” GEE.JAY ” Singer/Songwriter & Performer


Gloria Johnson, popularly known as Gee Jay(GJ), an artist in the Diaspora, born in Edo state Nigeria. She completed her school in Minna Niger state. Right after her
school, she proceeded into professional hair styling in the city of Abuja(F.C.T).

In 2016 Gee Jay travelled to Europe where she started pursuing her music career. Her first published single received positive reviews and became the best new single of the year with an ABMA AWARD.
The same year, Gee Jay collaborated with the popular duo P square on “BANK ALERT GMIX” and shared a video of her singing BANK ALERT in a gospel version, which went viral.
Paul of P square liked it so much and released it on December 27th 2016.
With this great success, Gee Jay started releasing her own singles one by one:

In the year 2017, Gee Jay was nominated as The Best Female Artist
Of the year and won the”NEU AWARDS”, also for the Best female artist ADMA 2018


Connect With “GJ”




Official Website

Gee Jay official website, is under construction by the website developer.



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MARY NANTAYIRO”The Scandinavian Music Award Winner”


Mary Nantayiro is a Ugandan singer living in Denmark. Mary was born and raised in Uganda, and moved to Denmark as a 13 year old. She debuted with her very first Ep: “Mary Nantayiro” in 2016 with the hit single “Live your life”.

Performances and showcases .

Mary has since performed live at different occasions in Denmark, fx. at Uganda’s independence celebrations both in 2016 & 2017, At the welcoming party of Uganda’s Prime minister (Katikkiro) in may 2016, and at several clubs/festivals as well.

Mary’s music is melodious modern popmusic with inspiration from her African background. Mary’s music speaks both to the heart and the feet, she communicates the music with a vocal that has many qualities, both to the quietly intense and the big ballads. Mary really gets her music beyond the stage and manages to captive the audience with her charming and warm expressions.

Mary sing’s, inspires and also love putting the love of God first on everything.


Connect with Mary Nantayiro:







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Taiwo Edwards popularly known among his friends as 100% was born in southern Nigeria Oke – Odo where he lived with his parents
till the Family moved to Midwestern part of Nigeria, Delta state where the both parents originally are from his parents finally settled down at Agbor Orogodo Boji Boji district Town, where he
completed his Primary and secondary school education, at Odilli Primary School and Ika Grammer School both at Agbor Delta state Nigeria, before further educations at the BBS 3 Hannover an
academical school for profession trades in Hannover Germany.

Taiwo discovered his love for music and entertainment at a very tender age beginning with dancing and miming to pop music, at
age 5 his love for music and show business became very obvious.

While still in Secondary ,Taiwo was already a household name in his locality well known for singing Dancing and miming to the
tune of Michael Jackson,Curtis Blow, New Edition, Musical Youths, Grandmaster Flash,Grandmaster Melle Mel ,Furious Five, Gifted 4 , Whodini he made a lot of impacts musically in their

Today Taiwo is Known for for his rendition of Ika Rap Music being the very first to publish and release An afro Hip Hop Rap
Music In Ika Language with the release of his Album “ The legend Of An Archangel ” featuring Hit Tracks like No Don, Kpami Chukwu,Igba gba Orogodo ,Elu Darling (Eluruma ) and many others in
2017 under the Artsité own label Hit Town Records what he called Legendary, ,his stylish outfits cannot be ignored as the artist combines Red, Black and White in a most wonderful astonishing
collaboration .

Taiwo is expecting the release of his Single soonest and decries the trend in music ” almost 65% of every afrobeat music
release today sounds the same people are become copycats than being creative themselves it seems to me like 65% to 75% of Afrobeats music sounds the same only differs in Lyrics .

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Connect With 100% MR.T:

Official Website>

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