My name is Jordan Ramble and I’m from Trenton, NJ. I’m a Man of God, Dad, and an Artist; in that order lol.

I didn’t grow up in Christian home. I was raised by my dad, at a young age he took me from my mother. Til this day she tells me that my dad told her he was taking me to get pampers, and he just never came back.

I was blessed to be reconciled to her when I got saved, which was around 2014 and we are still building. My dad wasn’t into church, I know his family was, but he just kept me isolated from that life. He was born in Liberia and they were heavy in ministry but when he came to the states I guess he just did his own thing.

I had ZERO knowledge of Christ.

I mean, I had heard about him but I had no interest in getting to know him.

Senior year of high school I transferred schools twice and then I eventually dropped out and during that time period I was so depressed. My dad was always sending me motivational sermons and he would always say, “Son you could be whatever you want to be if you just put your mind to it.” It was around that time I got into Hip-Hop. I heard it tons of times but I just never got in to it. I was a huge Big Sean fan! And as crazy as it may sound, God used Big Sean to stir something up in me and I thought to myself, “I could rap too”, lol.

At that time, the talk about the illuminati and secret societies were heavy and I was one of those curious guys, I’d stay up and look in to it. My Dad was working crazy labor jobs so I rarely saw him but we were always on the phone and he would give me money to spend, so I was good. I remember one day he called me and said he had befriended this guy and the guy had some literature he wanted him to check out that would help him become successful, and sure enough

it was an invitation to a secret society.

My dad had no real interest in it but when he told me about it I pressed him to pursue and they sent a book to our home and I studied it!

From that moment I became an atheist. I truly believed that I was God. I kept it for a while before sharing it with anybody. It was my secret. Before I knew it my life was surrounded by darkness. I had a close friend I shared it with when I moved in with him and his mom, she kicked us both out! Before moving, the book just disappeared. After that, I couldn’t get ahead in life after going in circles a few times. I cried to God and begged him to show up in my life if he was real. I remember that night too. I was sitting in my 1987 Caprice box Chevy (it was so clean) I was crying out to God, smoking a cigarette and asking for forgiveness. At that time I was living with a girlfriend and her mom, my baby mama at the time, who’s my wife now, was in a shelter with my sons. I had just got my GED but I still felt empty. From that day I cried, God started proving His existence. I had no intentions on being a rapper for Jesus or anything like that. I just needed to know if he was real.

It was more so curiosity that compelled me to Christ and I know now that it was grace. 

The best advice I would give to anyone that’s struggling is to seek God, not for things, not for position, or for what He can do for you. Seek Him to know Him for who He truly is and you will find Him. – Deuteronomy 4:29

Since I got saved, I’ve stayed saved and I don’t miss anything behind me. I wish I would have been saved in high school. The focus now is completely different lol but I thank God for the process. He’s constantly building, perfecting, and pushing me to be a better Man, Dad, and Artist! 

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