JAY 1-music video hit a million views on streaming

Flying the flag for Coventry’s rap scene with a self-assured swagger, JAY1 had a meteoric rise after the single “Your Mrs” made its way to the 18th spot on the U.K. charts.

Originally rapping as Young Jay, JAY1 started making music seriously after moving from North London to the historically student-based city of Coventry in 2016. Bold, self-assured vocals and candid lyrics gave the U.K. MC a fundamental versatility: despite often letting his lyrics speak for themselves on minimalist trap beats, he demonstrated his ability to adapt to everything from drill to dancehall. After delivering freestyles on two popular U.K. video series, Bl@ckbox and Hardest Out, JAY1 saw his first major success with “That’s My Bae,” which blew up through online video channels before inspiring its own freestyle challenge.

A series of 2018 singles helped to boost the rapper’s fan base and expand his sound, leading to him trying his hand at summer dancehall on “Good Vibes” and blunt braggadocio on “Becky.” It wasn’t until “Your Mrs” that the Coventry MC found his breakout hit — after a snippet of its chorus received social media buzz, the song’s music video hit a million views on streaming services just three days after its release. Building on this success, he quickly landed a spot on the remix of Russ and Tion Wayne‘s “Keisha & Becky” and then appeared on Charlie Sloth‘s Fire in the Booth radio show in April 2019. His debut EP, One Wave, was released in July of the same year.

Review by David Crone(United Kingdom)

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Joey Bada$$-One Of The Founding Members Of The Hip-Hop Collective.

Joey Badass is the stage name of Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, the American rapper, Hip-hop record artist and actor. He is one of the founding members of the Hip-hop collective, Pro Era. Joey is credited for dissolving the fine line between the old school Hip-hop and the contemporary rap. He made a name for himself in the hip-hop scenario by releasing his mixtape, ‘1999’. To date, he has a total of 19 singles, three mixtapes and an extended play (EP) to his credit. Some of his notable works are ‘Summer Knights’, ‘All-Amerikkkan Bada$$’, ‘1999’ and ‘Rejex’. Joey has a unique style which is raw and quirky. He loves experimenting with his lyrics which in turn helps him to come up with unique compositions. Joey always wanted to become an actor and he did exactly that by bagging a prominent role in the TV series ‘Mr. Robot’.

For more preview>https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/joey-badass-16073.php

Joey was born Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott on January 20, 1995 in East Flatbush, a neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York City. His mother is from St. Lucia, Caribbean Island, while his father is a native of Jamaica. Joey became the first member from his family to be born in the United States of America.
Joey developed an interest towards literature and English language when he was young and started writing poetry and songs at the age of eleven. Since he always wanted to become an actor, he joined the Edward R. Murrow High School as the school had a reputation of encouraging budding actors. He took part in many school plays just to get noticed as an actor. Joey also did a major role in one of his school plays titled ‘John Cusack is Not a Famous Actor.’
By the time he turned 15, he was absolutely sure of making acting his profession. But destiny had other plans for him. When he saw a few rappers exhibiting their skills in his school, he walked up to them and asked if he could join them as he was intrigued by their artistry.
He soon found himself hanging around with a bunch of rappers. This shifted his focus from acting to music. However, acting was never out of his mind and he only thought that music could introduce him to the field of acting.
Capital Steez, one of the members of their group, gave the idea of forming a rap collective. Together they formed a rap group and named it ‘Pro Era’ which is a short form of ‘Professional Era’. Joey became the co-founder of the collective, along with another rapper, Powers Pleasant.
He started rapping under the pseudonym JayOhVee but later changed it to his current stage name. ‘Pro Era’ soon made a video that displayed the group’s rapping skills and posted it on YouTube. In no time the video was all over the internet and it eventually caught the attention of Jonny Shipes, the founder of Cinematic Music Group.
Jonny then approached Joey and asked him to compose raps and songs that he wanted to release under his label. Joey agreed to his proposal but requested him to sign all his fellow ‘Pro Era’ members. Jonny agreed to it and the rest is history.
Joey also started lending his ears to a lot of contemporary rap artists and incorporated some of their techniques into his music. Jonny Shipes is now Joey’s manager

Joey first collaborated with Capital Steez, the founder of ‘Pro Era’, in 2012 and released a song video titled ‘Survival Tactics’ on their official YouTube Channel. Produced by Cinematic Music Group, the tape was recorded at Relentless Records and was distributed by RED Distribution. ‘Survival Tactics’ was partly inspired by ‘2000 Fold’, the first studio album of the Hip-hop collective, ‘Styles of Beyond’.
In July 2012, Joey made his debut as an independent artist by coming up with the mixtape, ‘1999’. The tape instantly became popular and was soon featured in the list of ‘top 40 albums of the year’ by Complex magazine.
Joey released another mixtape in which the remaining tracks of the album were included. It was titled as ‘Rejex’ and was released on September 6, 2012. One of the reasons behind his instant success was that he experimented with his music and also fused many genres of music. Although it was a dicey thing to do, it turned out to be a recipe for good music.
In 2013, Joey’s career scaled greater heights when he released his second mixtape, ‘Summer Knights’. ‘Unorthodox’, a single from the tape, which was released earlier that year, was already a hit.
‘Summer Knights’ was first intended to be released as an extended play, but for some reason, it was released as a mixtape. Joey did release the EP version on October 29, 2013. The EP was at the 48th position on the ‘Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart of US Billboard’. Joey secured his first nomination in 2013 under the category, ‘Best New Artist’ at BET Awards.
Joey’s dream of being an actor materialized in 2014 when he was cast in a short film titled ‘No Regrets’. The story of the film was loosely based on his real life. In August, he released the first track from his next album, ‘Big Dusty’.
The full-length studio album was released on 12 August 2014. In the beginning of the year 2015, he gave a live performance in the famous talk show, ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. He then went on to share the stage with some eminent Hip-hop artists like BJ The Chicago Kid, The Roots and Statik Selektah.

He released his next album ‘B4.DA.$$’ on January 20, 2017, which also marked his 20th birthday. The title of the album is the representation of the phrase, ‘Before the Money’. Joey made his debut television appearance with the thriller series, ‘Mr. Robot’. He played the role of Leon, the best friend of the lead character.
Joey had to turn down the offer to play Barack Obama in a biography because of this series. Joey then released the single ‘Devastated’ on March 4, 2016, which was the first release from his then upcoming album, ‘All-Amerikkkan Bada$$’.
The song grabbed the 25th position on the ‘Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles’ chart. The single was certified as a gold copy by the RIAA as it made record-breaking sales.
On January 20, 2017, he released the second single ‘Land of the Free’ from the album and finally on April 7, 2017, the album hit the shelves.
A month later, Joey’s representatives announced the concert tour, ‘Everybody’s Tour’. During the tour, he was accompanied by rap and Hip-hop artists like Logic and Big Lenbo.

Capital Steez, the founder of ‘Pro Era’, committed suicide on December 24, 2012. The investigation reports suggested it to be a case of murder. The report also suggested that Joey could be involved in the murder.
Another controversy involving Joey cropped up when he broke the nose of a security guard during Falls Festival in Byron Bay, Australia. The incident took place in the year 2015.


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“KYLE LITTLE” Michigan Finest Rapper-Now Rolling on Deal with Bungalo Records through Universal Music Group


Exseccary has gained popularity for his popular songs “So Sic” and “Have You Seen Enough” and, has also appeared in the video “Who Wild Like Us” with Bizarre from d-12. “So Sic” has appeared on the national website www.Yoraps.com/exseccary

receiving more than four million hits within the past several months. A native of Flint, Michigan, EXSECCARY, sounds like accessory aka Kyle Little, has been rapping since he was 15 years old. A tragic accident nearly took his life when he was working for a steel company that builds steel trusses and frames. When nine huge beams weighing 18,500 lbs. the weight of nine diesels trucks accidentally fell off a loading vehicle trapping Little against a wall of steel his fellow workers thought he was killed instantly. Emergency medical technicians rushed him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a crushed pelvis and other internal injuries. Little was hospitalized for two weeks, and recovered miraculously with the help of rehabilitation and later working out with martial arts trainers. Within the past few years, Exseccary has performed in New York City, Chicago, Phoenix Flint and Detroit Michigan and many others building a remarkable fan base. After being chosen to enter a pop competition where his song aired on top-rated Flint radio station 105.5, Exseccary advanced to the finals to perform at Flint’s Clio Amphitheater for a screaming house of around 3,000 fans. Followed by the competition EXSECCARY went on to do an interview at Shade 45 Radio station in New York City and “So Sic” receiving national attention on the website “Yoraps.com”.

Exseccary won a Battle of the Bands contest in Grand Rapids, and won studio time with Black Rose Productions in New York City. Exseccary is currently prepping the release of his new CD after signing a production deal with III Worlds Entertainment & Music Group, and Death By Lipstick. who have done sounds tracks on a variety of movies, and production on many of celebrities tracks. EXSECCARY is now working on releasing some of thee most intense story line songs the industry will have layer eyes on. He has worked on a reality show with bungle records and now t.v. called little by little taking over hollywood staring him and his twin brother lyle little. EXSECCARY has a distribution deal with Bungalo Records through Universal Music Group. Be sure to check out his new songs ID Take A Bullet For You remix with Dick Wagner The Maestro of rock.He was Alice Coopers Leads guitarist and appeared on over 35 platinum records. The video is coming very soon in short film style it is amazing.Also be on the look out for his track Tears over flowers it packs a punch that you may not recover from. You can find him at Exseccary or exseccary | Hip Hop from Flint, MI Exseccary (exseccary) | Twitter his http://www.facebook.com/exseccarymusic or new www.exseccary.com website is in progress. thank you and enjoy music with meaning.


Otis Fonde Next Hip Hop Artist To Blow


Although he says he would like to someday perform with the likes of Jay z and J Cole, Otis is steady working hard to rightfully take his place as the next big thing in the Hip hop scene.

While living in Las Vegas, Otis dropped the Album entitled “Decatur Blvd”. This album also has two music videos on youtube – Season and Congratulations.

Otis started making music when he was 13 yrs old and gets his musical inspiration from his brother Dwayne.

When we asked me what inspired him to write the Album, He replied saying ” Sin City; The light, The Parties, The Feeling”.
Watch out for this Virginia native cos not only does he know how to write his own music but he sure knows how to razzle and dazzle you.


A: IG: @OtisFonde
Facebook: facebook.com/OtisFonde


The Inspired Talent Of BabyBoi-J-

Babyboi J. (born September 1, 1991) is an German-English singer, songwriter and rapper.Inspired by different kind of music like “Soul”,”RnB”and”Hip-Hop”, started Jay at the age of 10 to sing and to write his own songs. A few years later by the age of 14 he recorded his first songs and tried to learn as much as he can about the music. His ambition as an artist is to touch other people with his music and to show his passion for the art. In collaboration with different artists from all over the world, he wants to show how many-sided the music can be and how easy it is to connect with people thru the music even if they don’t speak the same language.Babyboi J. dropped street singles like “Bend Over”, “Believe It”, “Keep The Hustle“ and “Shotgun“. His debut EP “Straight Up“ came out in January 2017 and is available on Spotify, I-Tunes Amazon etc. After he dropped more singles and is working on new projects.





3D SONG written and Performed by #BLOW_FLYY Fx Jason “Soul” Howe

THIS is for the #BLOW_FLYY song “TO THE STARZ” Featuring Vocals by Jason “Soul” HOWE from Halifax Nova Scotia.

It’s a 3D SONG Visual written and Performed by #BLOW_FLYY with Jason “Soul” Howe Vocal Collab, from his album called”BORN TO DREAM” released digitally worldwide, just hit any of the following links to Stream and/or download any one of his songs: ” ENJOY”



#1. http://noisetrade.com/blowflyy
#2. https://www.audiomack.com/artist/blow…
#4. https://www.facebook.com/BLOWFLYY/
#10. http://www.bainil.com/BLOW_FLYY
#11. https://fanburst.com/blow_flyy

Brooklyn Finest Hip-Hop / Rap Artist * MZ . DYZIHRE *

“My Music Delivers A Message”

Artist Name: Mz. Dyzihre
Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Present Location: Houston, Texas

One word to best describe what the music game is missing !!!

Mz.Dyzihre, a native of New York grew up on the streets of Brooklyn. She has always had a taste for the arts. What sets her apart from other female artist is that her music is relatable and it conveys a message. Mz.Dyzihre currently just released her single “Hello New York” that is available on Spotify, CD Baby, and Tidal. Her album “Femcee Chronicles” coming soon will feature chart-topping hits such as “Checkmate”, “Hello New York ” and “Doowa” just to name a few.

Click Here👉 Press Release Down Low


Exclusive Interview

Q: Can You please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?
A: Kathryn Lisa Scurry / Mz.Dyzihre

Q: How old are you?
A: ?

Q: Where are you from and Where were you born?
A: Brooklyn ,NY

Q: At What age did you start making music?
A: 16

Q: What genre of music do you particularly love? Jazz? Hip-Hop? RnB?
A: I value all genres. But my preference is
Hip-Hop, Reggae and R&B

Q: Who is your favorite artist and why?
A: Me. I love that fact that I can adapt to many different styles like a chameleon.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Clothing Design , Author, Screenwriter.

Q: Do you play any musical instrument?
A: No. But I’m sure if I tried I could.

Q: Where do you get your musical inspiration?

Life. My many experiences on this earth has given much inspiration to my music.

Q: Who is your hero?
A: My Grandmother. She is a strong woman raising 35 grandkids including me. I definitly get my strength from her.

Q: Do you write your own music?
A: Yes. I also create tracks.Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?
A: Rihanna

Q: What would you like our readers to know about You?
A: I’m not your average artist. I have my own style and I choose to showcase it in my music.

Feel free to tell our readers more about yourself and your music. Things like your goals in life, and what your current projects are?. And also let them know where they can get your music or where you will be performing soon or regularly……

My goal is to connect with other artist worldwide and build my own label with many different genres of music.

My current project :

My Official Music Page :

Femcee Chronicles is set to release early March with my chart topping hits “Hello New York”, “Newpaper” , “Doowa” and Down Low (What You Sippin ?).

I currently perform in Houston, Texas.
I am planning a Spring Tour called
” I Rap With My Clothes On”. Were inquiring Sponsors now !!!.

My music is currently available on

iTunes , Apple Music ,SimfyAfrica
YouTube Art Tracks, Spotify
Amazon Music , Google Play
Deezer ,Groove ,iHeartRadio
Napster , MediaNet, VerveLife
Tidal, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital
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Q.Sic, Musicload, Kuack ,Boomplay Music

Thank you for your time.

Peace and God Bless


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Humbled King ( JL )

The rapper and composer Jesse Kolb (who is also known as “JL”) is heading courageously towards the charts with his new album “Project Road Trip” (PRT). New music videos “Keep fighting for hip hop”,  “Y’all  don’t hear me”, It’s about to go down and Chemistry” was released on Apr. 11, 2017.
The artist “JL” has built his foundation on a broad spectrum.

“JL” was born in Mannheim (Germany) and grew up there until he moved to the United States at the age of eight. As a child, “JL” inspired many with his gift of written and spoken poetry, even though he struggled with writing.
His teachers, however, allowed him to submit poems in replace of essays. The teachers were impressed by his poems and then hung them up in the classroom so that all the students could read them. It was not until he was 18 years old that the producer Ron Pearson could take him under his wing, who then taught him how to rap.

“JL” has performed not only throughout California and Las Vegas (NV) but has also played throughout Missouri. He brought out the band “DHC” (Divers Hustlers’ Committee), which promoted Afro-American artists by performing their rap music in predominantly whites inhabited communities. “JL” also brought out the band “United We Stand”, which opened the door for many rap artists and singers, performing as opening acts.
In 2010

“JL” teamed up with “Lil Wayne”, “United We Stand” and “jminista Graphic King” for “Be Me”. For two years, this song topped the club charts in the U.S. and all that being un-signed at that time.

His life is paved with many hardships and triumphs; from the lowest depths to the highest heights, “JL” was able to get to know both sides of the spectrum – in Germany as well as in the U.S… His music depicts his story in the real form. He has been compared to some of the best contemporary artists, such as: “Common”, “J. Cole” and “Eminem”. However, with his German “Swag” he is alone on the playing field.

“JL” has been inspired by the greatest of hip-hop, including “Jay Z” and “The Notorious B.I.G.” and hopes to collaborate with “Jay Z” himself one day.
In 1998 “JL” was able to grace a stage, which was in front of a crowd of 3,000 spectators in Germany. With this attention, he was given the opportunity to perform as a pre-band for many renowned artists. Among them were “D4L”, “Waka Flocka Flame”, “Bone Thugs-N-Harmony” (at the “United We Stand” show in 2010), “Ray J”, “J. Holiday”, ” Soulja Boy”, “Yo Gotti”, “Murphy Lee” and “Nelly”.
Now “JL” stands on his foundation in order to step further determinedly

“JL” has released eight mix tapes: “Circle of My Life”, “Circle of My Life Pt. 2”, “Two Worlds Collide”, “The Truth Is Here”, “A Hustler’s Proof”, “Grind time”, “50/50”, “8th Day” and his latest release, “6 Steps to Fame”.
In the year 2016, he participated in “The Voice of Germany” and presented the song “Encore” by “Jay Z” in a nice way.

“JL” is a professional in constructing and dissecting each beat so that it fits perfectly with all other parts of a song. He is adamant to identify himself as an artist and not just as a rapper or a composer. “JL” defines rap as a rhythm plus poetry because it reveals the creativity that was invested in composing a song. Embracing the God-given gift of being able to motivate others by his words, he began his pursuit as an artist and could finally appear in the whole of Europe and in the U.S.A…

“JL” regularly performs as a rapper and MC with “Snap!” the cult band from the 90s. In April 2015, he and “Snap!” were able to perform to more than 25,000 people in Moscow (Russia). He currently concentrates all his energy and attention on his “Project Road Trip” (PRT VOL1), which he created from the ground up and decisively forms together with artists from “The Voice of Germany” Some facts about rap.
Rap (rhythm and poetry) is historically based on West African Griots and on the Jamaican genre of toasting and came up after 1970 in Afro-American communities throughout the U.S.A.. Since then it has been spread also to other parts of the world, including Germany.

Germany, for instance  a traditional dimension was basically lost and present German rappers are just on the verge of creating their own rap culture. Though staying connected to the roots of rap would be wise by any rapper throughout the world.

Links to “JL”

Website: http://jesseakajl.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jesseakajl/
Music video “Chemistry”: https://youtu.be/GKztBgYq1K4/
German article: http://ammiratus.review/2017/06/01/jesse-kolb-aka-jl-von-der-kunst-des-rappens/
Photo: http://ammiratus.review/press-release/2017/06/Jesse-Kolb-JL-Rapper-Composer-Artist.jpg

Thanks for reading this article about, Jesse Kolb aka “JL”: of the Art of Rapping.


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“Keep Fighting” by Jesse a.k.a JL.

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