The Canadian Pop Act Known As Hip Culture with “Shortwave Love Affair”

 “Shortwave Love Affair” is a fun and spirited new release from the Canadian pop act known as Hip Culture. This up-tempo, high energy track features a synth heavy arrangement, pulsating bass, and a driving four-on-the-floor rhythm that deserves a spot on any club DJ’s playlist. Veteran songwriter Iggy Natoli’s lyrics about finding love on the dance floor are executed to perfection by vocalists Dela Cibrian and Aline, with the latter delivering a stunning rap performance in the song’s bridge section. A majestic and grandiose 80s style guitar solo follows said bridge, setting up a triumphant final chorus. Dance-pop and synth-pop fans of all ages will surely revel in Hip Culture’s “Shortwave Love Affair”, thanks to its exceptional vitality and high level of production.

Strongest Point(s):   Outstanding production, excellent mix. Incredible energy. Nice little intro. Great synth choices across the board. Fantastic hook in the chorus, reminiscent of late 70’s-early 80’s dance pop hits. The rapped bridge was an excellent choice, breaks up the arrangement nicely. Guitar adds a wonderful rock element. Terrific track all around, should have broad appeal due to the diversity in the arrangement, the classic vocal stylings, and the thoroughly modern production techniques that were used. Tremendous effort, by all involved!
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Check Out” SYS “Album-I Know My Worth-By See Your Shadow Songwriting

See Your Shadow Song writing is Arizona’s top independent artist.  See Your Shadow is a collaborative network of vocalist and musicians who make the songs they create their stars.  See Your Shadow is headed by Artistic Director, Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” who writes and produces all of the organizations material.  With three international iTunes Country Chart Number 1s under their belt, See Your Shadow combines country and dance with “I Know My Worth” which is the first female hick hop record and the first dance influenced record that has the banjo as the lead instrument.

Press release:

See Your Shadow Songwriting will release the first black female “hick hop” single, “I Know My Worth.” A portion of proceeds will go to RAINN.

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, January 15, 2021 / — Michael Coleman and See Your Shadow Songwriting started 2021 with their third international iTunes chart-topper. The January 5th release, “Today I Do Became I Don’t” placed an empowered female as the protagonist in the song about divorce. The message resonated with listeners, as the track raced to #1, also achieving more than 100K Youtube views of the video.

Now, Coleman and the Phoenix-based act are returning with another, even more groundbreaking and empowering song for women, “I Know My Worth.” The single will be released on January 19th, 2021, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network.) With International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2021, Coleman hopes to make a strong impact with the first woman of color-fronted “hick hop” song:

“I had been wanting to do a female empowerment song for a long time,” he says. “The challenge came in the fact that could I, as a man, write a piece about female empowerment and have it be authentic? As a writer, channeling the emotions of others is one of the things I do best and is part of my signature, but this was putting me in a whole other ballpark. It was a difficult piece to write. However, I accepted the challenge, because I do like to push myself as an artist. When it was done, I knew that we had something special and a vehicle that was going to give inspiration and empower a lot of women.”

Coleman talks about the song’s unique production: “’I Know My Worth’ is a unique recording in many ways. Not only is it a female empowerment anthem written by a man, but to my knowledge, it is the first and only “hick hop” recording done by a woman of color, and the first danceable record with the banjo as the lead instrument. To further empower women, a portion of the proceeds from the song will be donated to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) to help those who have been victims of sexual assault, and to pay homage to my mother who herself was a survivor.”

Watch the video for “I Know My Worth” at

ABOUT MICHAEL COLEMAN / SEE YOUR SHADOW: See Your Shadow Songwriting is a musical creation entity currently based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Run by Michael Coleman, aka “The Metropolitan Cowboy”, See Your Shadow is unique in the fact that it is a collaborative network of talented vocalists and musicians who make the songs it creates their star. Michael Coleman, the artistic director of See Your Shadow Songwriting, writes and produces all the songs created and released by See Your Shadow Songwriting. See Your Shadow was launched in Columbus, Ohio, and takes its name from Michael Coleman’s birthday being Groundhog Day. Michael Coleman and See Your Shadow Songwriting’s lyrical writing style packs such a punch, that Michael has earned the distinction of being the only professional songwriter ever nominated for the office of Poet Laureate for the State of Ohio. For more information, please visit

Michael Stover
MTS Management Group
+1 412-445-5282

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