Music by Vicky Chand fits into playlists with artists like The Weeknd…

Vicky Chand born (January 28th, 1990), is an artist from Vancouver, Canada. He was born and raised in Surrey BC, and has amassed a large internet following while striving to achieve and major success. Vicky has a unique story of perseverance, hard work, and determination overcoming many obstacles on his journey of music and life to be in the special position where he is now!

In 2019 Vicky started releasing music independently on all digital platforms after making music for a few years and building a name for himself in his hometown of Surrey. In July 1st, 2020 Vicky released his single “Can’t Deny It” that was quite differently from all his previous releases. On this track he was more melodic and showcased his songwriting abilities to the fullest! 

The song immediately started gaining traction from the day of his release and was the #1 song streamed in Surrey and #4 song streamed in Vancouver on during the month of his release. The song travelled to Toronto where high profile models and influencers were reposting the song. The song even caught the ears of DJ Envy from Power 107 New York Radio Hip Hop Station who posted the song on his story! 

With the success of that song and the buzz it’s created Vicky continued to release high quality songs and videos that were being received very well by listeners and playlisters alike. His latest single “Got Me” was released in January 28th, 2022 and has currently over 600,000 streams and has landed Vicky his first single deal with Universal Music Group.


  • Acquired Distribution Deal with Universal Music Group
  • Instagram Verification (11K Followers)
  • Successful festival show overseas in Boston, Massachusetts Reached over 100k Monthly Listeners on Spotify
  • Voted Top 100 New Artists in Canada “CBC Music Toyota Searchlight” 2 million+ total streams in 2022
  • Over 700k+ total YouTube views 
  • S/Os from industry veterans Dj Envy & The Game
  • Single “Got Me” released in Jan 2022 has 600k+ streams on Spotify Radio exposure in Canada, America and UK 
  • Digital Magazine Publication through Peaze Magazine Multiple Blog post on Hip Hop Communities (Noisey, HipHopDX, HipHopCanada)
  • Features with Notable Indie and Established artist such as Young Buck, Gorilla Zoe, WC, Pressa & Merkules
  • 20+ Successful Shows/Openers in markets like (Kelowna, Victoria,Nanaimo, Vancouver, Whistler)

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Check Out Briya Jordan’s New Single Entitled “In Your Shoes”

“You hooked up with some dude you met on the Gram then he flew you out guess you like older men” is part of the lyrics in the new single from Briya

“You hooked up with some dude you met on the Gram then he flew you out guess you like older men”

is part of the lyrics in the new single from Briya Jordan.

Briya will have you thinking really deep after you listen to her track titled â€śIn Your Shoes“. She puts herself in someone elses shoes in other to see their pain as well as their views regarding their situation.

The song is saying: Rather than judge people try to see things from their perspective and your point of view will definitely change. You may not feel their pain but atleast you will see things from a different angle which will help to make you understand them better.

This R & B track is definitely worth listening to. I give it a two thumbs up for lyrics and beats. Briya did a good job with both the lyrics and the beats to this track.
You can almost feel Briya’s old soul in this track even though she is quite young. Her voice will have you feeling the pain of others and also have you regreting any bad thing you have done to others as well.

Briya has always been the oddball who was picked on and laughed at in school. But she has learned to cope with this situation through her spiritual awakening and awareness. You can definitely hear it and feel it in her music. Her experience allows her to pour out her pain and sorrow in every song she drops.
Hopefully, anyone else going through this similar situation can use her music as a healing tool.
Click here to Listen to “In Your Shoes“
You can follow her on Instagram by clicking here @itsbriyajordan

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“Draaco Aventura” Is A Latin, POP, And R&B Music Fusion Artist.

Draaco Aventura is a Latin, POP, and R&B music Fusion Artist. He produces most of his own music and writes, and performs songs in both English and Spanish in various Latin, EDM, Pop tracks infused with R&B and Hip-hop blended styles. He is a talented Latin Dancer and a trained Mixed Martial Artist who specializes in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kick Boxing. He is a U.S. Army Veteran and former Intelligence Specialist.

Draaco Aventura is an emerging social media influencer with several channels and web series in development. He is also an accomplished actor having stared in several Feature Films, BET TV Series “Criminals at Work” and Award-Winning Netflix TV Show Giant “House of Cards”. He enjoys comedic acting and reactions which he produces on his social media channels.

Draaco Aventura is Afro-Latino, and was born in Valdosta Georgia where he started his music/entertainment career doing show choir and theatre. He led a men’s quartet that competed in the regional literary competition for arts. He is a Tenor 1, and enjoys singing Bachata and R&B. His favourite dance styles are Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata.

Press Release

Just Shutup and Dance By Draaco Aventura
I have a song from an artist called “Draaco Aventura” Draaco Aventura is a Latin, POP, and R&B music Fusion Artist. He produces most of his own music and write,s, and performs songs in both English and Spanish in various Latin, EDM, Pop and R&B, and Hip-hop blended styles.

Listen to his song and tell me what you think about it. This guy is really worth some AirplayArtist Name:- Draaco AventuraSong title:- Just Shutup and DanceSong Link:-
Dance Video:
Song Description
“Just Shutup and Dance” is an electronic pop song with merengue and reggaeton rhythms. It is fast-paced and very energetic. There is a dance challenge associated with the project #GetHimDress and #DraacoChallenge are the tags. There several great videos of sexy professional dancers performing to the song.Contact e-mail address:-

I will be waiting for your feedback,

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