Music by Vicky Chand fits into playlists with artists like The Weeknd…

Vicky Chand born (January 28th, 1990), is an artist from Vancouver, Canada. He was born and raised in Surrey BC, and has amassed a large internet following while striving to achieve and major success. Vicky has a unique story of perseverance, hard work, and determination overcoming many obstacles on his journey of music and life to be in the special position where he is now!

In 2019 Vicky started releasing music independently on all digital platforms after making music for a few years and building a name for himself in his hometown of Surrey. In July 1st, 2020 Vicky released his single “Can’t Deny It” that was quite differently from all his previous releases. On this track he was more melodic and showcased his songwriting abilities to the fullest! 

The song immediately started gaining traction from the day of his release and was the #1 song streamed in Surrey and #4 song streamed in Vancouver on during the month of his release. The song travelled to Toronto where high profile models and influencers were reposting the song. The song even caught the ears of DJ Envy from Power 107 New York Radio Hip Hop Station who posted the song on his story! 

With the success of that song and the buzz it’s created Vicky continued to release high quality songs and videos that were being received very well by listeners and playlisters alike. His latest single “Got Me” was released in January 28th, 2022 and has currently over 600,000 streams and has landed Vicky his first single deal with Universal Music Group.


  • Acquired Distribution Deal with Universal Music Group
  • Instagram Verification (11K Followers)
  • Successful festival show overseas in Boston, Massachusetts Reached over 100k Monthly Listeners on Spotify
  • Voted Top 100 New Artists in Canada “CBC Music Toyota Searchlight” 2 million+ total streams in 2022
  • Over 700k+ total YouTube views 
  • S/Os from industry veterans Dj Envy & The Game
  • Single “Got Me” released in Jan 2022 has 600k+ streams on Spotify Radio exposure in Canada, America and UK 
  • Digital Magazine Publication through Peaze Magazine Multiple Blog post on Hip Hop Communities (Noisey, HipHopDX, HipHopCanada)
  • Features with Notable Indie and Established artist such as Young Buck, Gorilla Zoe, WC, Pressa & Merkules
  • 20+ Successful Shows/Openers in markets like (Kelowna, Victoria,Nanaimo, Vancouver, Whistler)

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Conscience Rhyme has an inherent ability to grab listeners with intelligent lyricism.

Born and raised in Miami Florida, Conscience Rhyme became engulfed in Hip Hop culture at an early age finding Influence from Eric B and Rakim, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Poison Clan, and Public Enemy. Conscience Rhyme has an inherent ability to grab listeners with the depth of his intelligent lyricism and the strength of his voice.

In June of 1996, Conscience Rhyme met his lyrical partner in rhyme from the southside of Chicago, OpSolo. Together they formed the group Purgatory and began a musical odyssey that has endured for 26 years. Along with the super group Andromeda, Conscience Rhyme set forth on a spiritual, political and provocative journey with the release of his first solo album “The Unauthorized Bio pf Patrick J. Wilcox” in 2013.

Now following up with his sophomore album “Jacqui’s Son, Hip Hop will be re-elevated to heights unmatched by simpler mortals. The final destination and the final verse have yet to be written.

He is: Conscience Rhyme.


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