Get A Kick Out Of “Rhys’ “Kick”

“Kick” by Rhys, is a lively and catchy rap song. Its simplistic approach is thrilling. Rhys is a young enterprising artist who is looking set to take the rap stage by storm. He is characterized by his fresh sounds and buoyant personality.

His unique voice in this song is something you will definitely love and would catch your attention at any time. In this rap song, Kick was true to his style and character. This song has the potential of being a fan favorite and would always receive positive reviews for the intricate lyrics, the musical instrument used, and his storytelling abilities. He is one who says his mind without holding back in his rap songs and should be given the respect he deserves.

Rhys is gradually developing into his own while carving a niche for himself. Furthermore, Kick provided Rhys with the platform to push through the boundary, also using his human voice as an instrument. For this effort, you wouldn’t describe him as a backpack rapper as his ambition is mixed with pure confidence in his own skills.

Kick illustrates Rhys’ personal feeling toward fame while showcasing his musical novelty. It also reveals his social commentary skills. He raps about what he was passing through at that stage of his life.

As is epitomized in the lyrics below

“We don’t fight for revenge

We fight for what is right”

 At this rate, his career would reach a new height if he keeps churning out tracks like this. To capture his personal feelings in his rap is just bold as he recognized his boundaries and pushed beyond them.

With this song, he definitely has the potential to broaden the demography of fans. His pop/RnB blend of hip hop will offer a brand new sense of variety. Rhys is indeed generic.

Check out his instagram and you will see this upcoming star free styling.

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