LALWEM Clark’s “Ride The Wave” is Riding High

“Ride The Wave” By LALWEM Clark is surprisingly good. We implore you to goto iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube and listen to it before reading this article. Hurry now!! We will wait for you.

The synth beats and other instrumentals match the key of the song as they add more vibes to the flow. LALWEM Clark’s all-around zealous attitude and ability can be felt when listening to the song. There is a special feel that wraps the air whenever you’re listening to this track. A feeling that only someone with LALWEM Clark’s conviction can bring on board as his energy is contagious!

LALWEM Clark’s rap song, “Ride The Wave” is hot… and I mean SPICY hot… as LALWEM Clark spits Fuego through his audacious punch lines. The song is about moving on in life, irrespective of what life throws at you and (or) the situation you’re in. Most certainly in life, there will always be “ups and downs”, but your ability to forge a path and do the things you enjoy amidst the socio, cultural, political, and economic problems are all that matter.

As depicted in an excerpt of his thought-provoking lyrics:

“What do I mean when I talk about waves,
Them current events that shape our days
They bring us joy or cause dismay
Whether good or bad there here to stay…
…Mental healths toxic, while in Beirut a bomb hit
Mom & Pops steady losing profits leads to unstable economics
But… let’s not even mention,
All the racial tension
People losing pension… with benefits suspended…”   

The flow is intelligently simple with no ambiguity or complexities. In one word, it is “dope”. Equally, there is a smooth transition between the hook and the verse, where his baritone vocals also blend easily with the totality of the instrumentals employed in the track.
Clark’s poetry over music imparts a familiar mainstream feel, but with a touch of uniqueness that’s a refreshing break from the repetitive rap vibes, everyone is trying to copy. Simply stated, although different and maybe off-putting to some, Ride The Wave has the potential to become a new age classic!

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