“High Frequency Freestyle” By “Dre The Great” is definitely a lyrical bomb

Dre the great

“High Frequency Freestyle” is definitely a lyrical bomb and its blast can only be compared to the Hiroshima bomb which the United States dropped on Japan.  Yes! this freestyle by “Dre The Great” will hit you hard and direct once you listen to it.

“Dre The Great” has a unique way of sparking up a fire with his lyrics. I truly believe that he can hurt a fly with his lyrical genius and intricate beats. He goes hard on the beats than any other rapper I have ever heard.

The track “High Frequency Freestyle” truly sounds like he is freestyling. It sounds like he just woke up one morning with a vengence on him mind and went straight to the studio and started started dropping lyrical bombs from the dome. This means that he didnt write nothing down and just went hard on the musical playground and smoked each bar. Each time he drove down the musical court, he dunked on all of us with his musical talent.

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As I listen to the track for the fifth time, I have no doubt that “Dre The Great” had some kind of beef with someone or some people because the force in his tone can be felt from the speakers. He raps as tho he is directing this song to a particular individual or individuals. We might not know the true answer to this assumption but we hope to hear from him someday about clearifying his state of mind while making this track.

Dre the Great was born on the 9th of April, 1989 in the Bronx, NY. He is an Atlanta based Hip Hop recording artist. Although he is still fairly brand new to the culture, he has been sharping his skills since his younger days. Its quite difficult to believe that he is a freshman in the rap game because of his raw talent.

Feel free to listen to the track and drop your own conclusion.

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