“High Frequency Freestyle” By “Dre The Great” is definitely a lyrical bomb

Dre the great

“High Frequency Freestyle” is definitely a lyrical bomb and its blast can only be compared to the Hiroshima bomb which the United States dropped on Japan.  Yes! this freestyle by “Dre The Great” will hit you hard and direct once you listen to it.

“Dre The Great” has a unique way of sparking up a fire with his lyrics. I truly believe that he can hurt a fly with his lyrical genius and intricate beats. He goes hard on the beats than any other rapper I have ever heard.

The track “High Frequency Freestyle” truly sounds like he is freestyling. It sounds like he just woke up one morning with a vengence on him mind and went straight to the studio and started started dropping lyrical bombs from the dome. This means that he didnt write nothing down and just went hard on the musical playground and smoked each bar. Each time he drove down the musical court, he dunked on all of us with his musical talent.

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As I listen to the track for the fifth time, I have no doubt that “Dre The Great” had some kind of beef with someone or some people because the force in his tone can be felt from the speakers. He raps as tho he is directing this song to a particular individual or individuals. We might not know the true answer to this assumption but we hope to hear from him someday about clearifying his state of mind while making this track.

Dre the Great was born on the 9th of April, 1989 in the Bronx, NY. He is an Atlanta based Hip Hop recording artist. Although he is still fairly brand new to the culture, he has been sharping his skills since his younger days. Its quite difficult to believe that he is a freshman in the rap game because of his raw talent.

Feel free to listen to the track and drop your own conclusion.

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Little marlon started Doing Music At age four in Kingston Jamaica He Learned From His Older Brother Micheal Richards Little Marlon likes to Performs infront of a audience Making people Dance is what he like to Do Make Them Happy at a Party are at a Concert Hearing People Requesting To Listen to Me Little Marlon Make me Feel Good about myself 

Press Release


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“Total Package” By “Kendall Spencer” Is A Must Listen!

If you want to know what Jay Z and 50 cent’s scheming pattern put together in one person feels like, then you must listen to

Kendall Spencer’s album, Total Package. It is hot and fresh, as he goes back to the basis or the A, B, Cs of rap music. It has the sauce and everything to makes it thick.

Total Package, the album’s title track addresses contemporary social issues that plagued the inner cities.

It depicts his individual struggles and victories under socio-economic disadvantages. He raps about the things that affect young black males. Though he faces the risk of being misunderstood due to the use of strong and explicit languages, he still projects the theme of how he was able to succeed and rise from the bottom to the top, in the face of adversity by working and balling hard, while also dishing out warnings to those he classified as haters, enemies or unhealthy rivals.

“All In” is another track on the album, Total package. In this track, Kendall Spencer talks about working hard, relying on your inner strength, and keeping your eyes on the prize as a way of retaining the desire to get to the top of your game. He enumerates determination, motivation, and hard work as tools to succeed and become famous while urging people to continue to grind and not put their faith in any man. This album is able to connect with the audience as he executes and incorporates complex rhyme schemes, the use of melody and syncopation, rhyming in a bar, and clear enunciation while bending words to rhyme. His baritone vocals also add grits to the dynamics of the mix. He remains true to his style while carrying a concept over a series of songs, throughout the album. Other songs include Trap Phone, Shake That A$$, Getting In, Golden Aisle, Money Rain On Me, and Digging You amongst others.

Overall, the production quality is high which speaks in high regard of the technical crew as you find this album delightful.

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“Soul” by Black ICE Is A Must Listen

“Soul” by Black ICE and produced by Kv Bangerz is a cool, sweet song written in key C minor. Instruments like hi-hat, acoustic guitars, and bell instrumentations are employed in the song. The juicy track focuses on cool sounds from the “RnB” genres, pop genres, and soul genres. Its heavy use of acoustics can easily be noticed. The song begins with a spoken word sequence on how a man believes he is about to change the world through his music while an acoustic guitar plays in the background, just before Soul Black ICE begins to sing about how he intends to change the world through his music.

Towards the end of the song, at 1:14 minutes, the spoken word sequence is continued again, stating how the same man traveled round all over the world and finally found what he was looking for, in line with the lyrics being heard in the background as the song continues to play till fade.

Black ICE strums his notes vocally gently and powerfully just as the player of the acoustic guitar. The minimal and simple production of this song is commendable as it is done efficiently. The song is a smooth melodious blend of his smooth vocals and a solid upbeat rhythm track. The catchy lyrics would really put you in the mood to change the world. It is comparable to some of the “A- list” songs with universal appeal. The beats of the song have the aura to make you sway heavily and suavely from left to right in an organized calculated rhythmic dancing fashion. The song has an endearing feel that makes you want to continue to hit the play button over and over again.

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D’Vo – Just A lover Of Music Singing For Christ

n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo is a Christian Hip Hop and Soul artist from Houston, TX. He
is the voice of Global Rhythm and Owner of the label, Element 11. Within the
past year, he has released a Christian Hip Hop series called The Codex, Volume I
& II.

D’Vo’s style of music features a unique blending of hip-hop with down south
soul, jazz, rap with modulated voices and chopped & screwed. His futuristic
sound has earned him two top-charting songs, What I Can or Can’t Achieve and
I’ll Find My Way.

D’Vo proves himself versatile as the lead singer in his band, Global Rhythm, a
soul fusion and funk band consisting of four talented artists from around the
world. Their mix of authentic instruments, soulful vocals, and funky beats will
make you want to swing dance on Beale Street in Downtown Memphis.
The bandmates of Global Rhythm had their appearance on D’Vo’s first album,
The Codex: I’ve Got Next, in the song One Love as well as his second album, The
Codex: Running the Point, on Me and My Friends. D’Vo and his band, Global
Rhythm recently released a song called, ‘A Love That Stays The Same’ and he is
working on his upcoming albums to join The Codex as a series.

Let’s keep our eyes on this talented artist and watch his progression in the
music industry. It appears he is not going anywhere anytime soon, as he
mentions his commitment to using his talent to serve God.

Hey, it’s n.e.r.d. Life by D’Vo and I wanted to encourage you with this song, Elavated Thinkin from The Codex Volume II. You can do anything you put your mind to, yea it may be cliche, but it’s true. When no one else believes in you, believe in yourself and have confidence.

 D’Vo Website > …https://nerdlifebydvo.com/

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Killer Song By “Kela” is “Rare”

“Rare” is a cool r&b song by Kela and it also features W!LL, and T-Lee. It is full of light, positive, and substantive vigor that would get you calmly elated and endeared to its captivating allure. It is most definitely a killer song that is a must listen!

If you possess anything (talent, character, true love, etc) you consider rare in life, it would become special to you and you would value and appreciate it.

One of the most striking feats you would get to notice in Rare is its “down to earth”, organic and simplistic approach/outlook which is underscored by its conspicuous, reverberating beats dictating the moderate pace of the song as it eases tensions and stress while calming the nerves with its therapeutic balming effect.

“Rare” has the potential to fix Kela among the constellations as Rare’s composition is well drilled, dotting all the “Is” and crossing all the “Ts”.

The keyboard and synthesizer, with its additive and subtractive influence and the guitar sounds, are heavily involved in shaping the song and giving it its much-needed taste and sparks. These relevant ingredients are what makes “Rare” thick and as interesting as we love it.

The soothing vocals are magical, taking you into a higher stratosphere of fantasy and leaving you with strong dreamy imaginations. The feel-good vibe of the vocals is its most potent character while matching the key of the song.

The production of the song is of good quality while as it is consistent with the meticulous effort also put into the other aspects of the song’s makeup and totality.

Kela is a purist of fantasia with all the immense talents embedded in her.

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PHIL JOSEPH-Platinum Awards Winning Singer/Songwriter & Performer

Phil Joseph, born in Birmingham, England has had a lifelong deep interest in music and over 25 years experience in the music industry.

Having released an album in 1995, entitled ‘Heartbreaker’, Phil has proved popular in Europe gaining regular airplay in Belgium, Spain, France and Germany.  One track from the album, a cover of the Nat King Cole classic ‘Unforgettable’, and a personal favourite of Phil’s, has been reworked and remixed in 1999 and is currently generating plenty of interest and positive feedback from radio stations and local press in Germany and Spain.

Over the past few years, he has worked with artists including Pato Banton, Steel Pulse and Bashara.

This follows an already popular release of Phil’s version of Patsy Cline’s ‘He’s Got You (She’s Got You)’, which was a real ground breaker for Phil in the European market.


To further illustrate his extensive involvement in music, Phil is currently performing in Clubs throughout the UK and also abroad.

Phil Joseph’s music styles are soul, motown, hip hop, and reggae. 

Phil Joseph:- singer, songwriter and performer from a very early age. I started my recording career in the late 70’s with Tony Owens, who was at that time managing Musical Youth. I love soul, reggae, and dance music of most types and of course my hero Nat King Cole.

You can find my five solo albums and countless singles available for sale or download here within my website. I am presently recording a new album. It includes some of my favourite songs of all time. I left some previews for you to listen to. I average around 120 shows a year and would love to see you there. I am always available for gigs and would be interested in working with artists in any genre.

Radio Stream


Artist Website Here > http://philjoseph.biz/index.html

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J MATIC-The Bimusical Artist

J-Matic” an aspiring Bimusical Artist (Hip Hop/Afro Beats/Reggae). His love for rap music, poetry, fueled him to make music and entertain through different musical systems, and making expressive sense of all.

currently gearing up to release his first EP ” Bimusical Experiment”, a mix of hip hop, AfroBeats, and Dancehall. The EP is a feel good type of vibe that touches on current relationship scenarios. 

Connect with J MATIC here:

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Check Out Creative Mike’s New Track entitled “Popping”

“Poppin” by Creative Mike The Rapper is a rap track that is socially conscious. This song elucidates the societal ills that are ravaging the communities, especially the black communities. It brings to fore, sensitive subjects like gun violence, emancipation or racial freedom, equity, justice and fairness, religious extremism and political bigotry, alcoholism, excessive sexual perverseness among men and women and every ill “poppin” up.

Talking about this through his song, probably might change the way his society thinks. In the song, he also expresses the disappointment of his father being locked up and not being able to secure his freedom despite his prayers and his hope for a better world for his daughter. He equally lamented on some of the personal issues he is faced with as a black man.

His beats are nicely and uniquely crafted and effectively backs up the organ or other instruments of the pipe division and the electric bass. They reverberate in the minds as you ponder on the same issues opined in his lyrics. He was able to execute rhyming schemes at stretched intervals in simplistic approach while passing his message across. This preserves the essence of his lyrical content. He is also creative in his delivery, realizing when to take in a deep breathe, when to pause and when to augment his flow. His transitions are suave while maintaining a regular vocal key. This is a very nice work and a disc Jockey’s delight. Creative Mike the rapper deserves all the accolade that come his way.

Click on this link below to listen to Creative Mikes Creativeness

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You Must Listen to”Kai Love’s” Song Entitled “Simper”

My soul simply left my body after listening to 30 seconds of “Simper” by “Kai Love”. This is the true definition of Rythmn and Blues with a touch of soul.

I could hear Maxwell, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott all in one track. Kai really did justice to this track. It sounds like something the angels would listen to during their after hours after performing their heavenly duties up there in the sky. Yes! it is that good! Simply out of this world.

Kai Love is a singer, songwriter, poet, actress, podcaster, small business owner among others. She leaves audience awed with her delivery and style of spoken word poetry, interpretive dance, music and comedy. Kai Love is a hybrid of Erika badoo and Jill Scot. Simper, is the first single from her upcoming album, Curl pattern. Simper talks about one of the most underrated and underestimated subject.

The subject in focus is the powerful role smile plays in real life experience. Smile is the key you need to pull through, in the face of insecurity, adversary, life’s challenges, sorrows, tribulations, trepidations and fears. Being armed with a smile and putting smiles on people’s faces is the panacea and the positive vibe needed to stand tall in the face of all these, as depicted in the following lines“Burdened from life’s responsibilities

You can’t give up now
Keep pushing toward betterment
It will work out someway somehow
Your smile is your lucky charm
Spread joy through the streets”

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