Conscience Rhyme has an inherent ability to grab listeners with intelligent lyricism.

Born and raised in Miami Florida, Conscience Rhyme became engulfed in Hip Hop culture at an early age finding Influence from Eric B and Rakim, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Poison Clan, and Public Enemy. Conscience Rhyme has an inherent ability to grab listeners with the depth of his intelligent lyricism and the strength of his voice.

In June of 1996, Conscience Rhyme met his lyrical partner in rhyme from the southside of Chicago, OpSolo. Together they formed the group Purgatory and began a musical odyssey that has endured for 26 years. Along with the super group Andromeda, Conscience Rhyme set forth on a spiritual, political and provocative journey with the release of his first solo album “The Unauthorized Bio pf Patrick J. Wilcox” in 2013.

Now following up with his sophomore album “Jacqui’s Son, Hip Hop will be re-elevated to heights unmatched by simpler mortals. The final destination and the final verse have yet to be written.

He is: Conscience Rhyme.


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Warning!! YJRB Will Blow Your Mind

Warning! YJRB will blow your mind. YJRB as an artist personally and professionally has been impressive and that’s so hard to find these days in the world of music. He may well be a new artist But he knows what he’s doing musically. His songs are well mixed and are spiced with intense kicks, and that seems to give his tracks an identity wherever it is being streamed across the world. Talking of identity, YJRB is a core rapper whose songs have a clear reflection of the streets and he’s definitely on point in this aspect. Recently, YJRB just dropped a banger of an album titled, Eastside Interlude, and it has been receiving positive reviews from fans as the number of streams increases daily.

The artist

YJRB was born and raised in the hood of the eastside, in Houston Texas, USA. While growing up on the streets, the artist witnessed a lot of gang violence and as a way to change things on the street, he has taken to music where he has been inspired the most.

As an artist, one of his goals is to show youngsters that there is a better way of life than the streets. Additionally, his passion is also to show the world that hood life is real. Through his music, he will be able to expose the pain, loss, and death hood life can cause.

The album

Eastside Interlude, YJRB’s latest album was released on the last day of September 2022 on streaming platforms. Since then, the 13-track album has received lots of streams. On the album’s cover, YJRB has the names of his pals he lots on the street, as a way of showing respect to them. East coast Interlude is a pure hip-hop and rap album that contains tracks like “Welcome to the Corner” and “Settle” amongst others that are of extreme musical quality. Click here to stream YJRB lates album.

Welcome to the Corner

Welcome to the Corner is the opening track of YJRB’s Eastside Interlude album, but the most beautiful thing to note about the album is how all the tracks have been perfectly choreographed into a perfect musical sequence. It’s like the names of tracks are telling a story from the first to the last. Honestly, “Welcome to the corner” fits the order of being the opening track on this huge album.

It starts with an intense vocal that introduced the song as the syncopation of synth beat, piano, and hi-hat takes over. Additionally, a mix of various mind-blowing instrumentals including the commanding rap vocals followed through as the track spirals down from the intro. Welcome to the Corner is a buffet of different rap cuisine, as you have YJRB, HollyHood Tay, and Lose D. Truth on it. Overall, the track is a pure sound of bliss. It is lyrically astute and comprises an intro, chorus 3 verses, and an outro.


The Track “Settle” gives the vibe of J cole at the beginning of the track, but as the track plays along, the originality of YJRB takes over. Settle, as the track’s name implies is a cool rap song that comprises an intense kick with other rhythmic instrumentals and dope rap vocals. On the song, YJRB was reminiscing on moments with an ex-lover and how he was happy for her. YJRB’s “Settle” is a 3:14 minutes song that comprises an outro, two verses, a chorus, and an outro.

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DR ALBAN Released A New Single Entitled “CHANGE (I Have A Dream)” Featuring WHITNEY PEYTON…is must listen!

Dr. Alban releases the single ”CHANGE (I Have a Dream)” that addresses the current state of the world with a message that freedom is a human right, not a privilege, and that you should raise your voice against injustice and oppression. The lyrics for the song is inspired by one of his personal heroes, Martin Luther King. The single also features the GRAMMY-award winning artist/songwriter Whitney Peyton. With over 16 million sold albums that includes hits like ”It’s my life”,” Hello Africa and “Sing Hallelujah”, Dr. Alban continues his mission to spread the word about unity, that is beautifully manifested in the lyrics; ” We’re one people, one nation, one world”.

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“High Frequency Freestyle” By “Dre The Great” is definitely a lyrical bomb

Dre the great

“High Frequency Freestyle” is definitely a lyrical bomb and its blast can only be compared to the Hiroshima bomb which the United States dropped on Japan.  Yes! this freestyle by “Dre The Great” will hit you hard and direct once you listen to it.

“Dre The Great” has a unique way of sparking up a fire with his lyrics. I truly believe that he can hurt a fly with his lyrical genius and intricate beats. He goes hard on the beats than any other rapper I have ever heard.

The track “High Frequency Freestyle” truly sounds like he is freestyling. It sounds like he just woke up one morning with a vengence on him mind and went straight to the studio and started started dropping lyrical bombs from the dome. This means that he didnt write nothing down and just went hard on the musical playground and smoked each bar. Each time he drove down the musical court, he dunked on all of us with his musical talent.

Listen to it on Apple – Music

As I listen to the track for the fifth time, I have no doubt that “Dre The Great” had some kind of beef with someone or some people because the force in his tone can be felt from the speakers. He raps as tho he is directing this song to a particular individual or individuals. We might not know the true answer to this assumption but we hope to hear from him someday about clearifying his state of mind while making this track.

Dre the Great was born on the 9th of April, 1989 in the Bronx, NY. He is an Atlanta based Hip Hop recording artist. Although he is still fairly brand new to the culture, he has been sharping his skills since his younger days. Its quite difficult to believe that he is a freshman in the rap game because of his raw talent.

Feel free to listen to the track and drop your own conclusion.

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“Der König der Schweine” By German Rapper Deezel Is Very Controversial

Rheda-Wiedenbrück – “I am the king of pigs. I want it for myself I sweep the messes under the table in my slaughterhouse and lower the prices. I don’t care about the others,”. Those are some of the lyrics (Translated in English) from German rapper who goes by the name “Deezel” but whose real name is René Benzin.
In his song “Der König der Schweine” he sharply denounces the meat company called “Tönnies” from Rheda-Wiedenbrück (a city in the district of Gütersloh, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany )and their Managing Director “Clemens Tönnies” .

The fact that rappers do not hold back in their lyrics and their choice of words often making some listeners blush is nothing new in 2022. The rapper Deezel from Rheda-Wiedenbrück also doesn’t mince his words in his “Tönnies-Diss” called “Der König der Schweine” and shoots sharply at the controversial meat mogul from his hometown.

In the song he criticizes, among other things, the working conditions in the Tönnies factory, the behavior of Tönnies boss Clemens Tönnies and the suffering of the animals caused by factory farming. In the hit song, for which there is also a music video on YouTube , René Benzin aka Deezel raps , among other things: “The cattle have to die so that I can turn them into cash even if they are genetically close to me. Brokerage companies supply me with factory workers non-stop from the backyards. The victims work 10-hour shifts at their cheap wages and I get richer.”

According to news outlet, Ruhr24, Tönnies has not only been criticized since the Corona outbreak in 2020 but has also been criticized about their working conditions and animal suffering.
The meat mogul hit the headlines in 2020 due to a massive corona outbreak. It was also the corona outbreak in the Tönnies factory that inspired René Benzin to write his song.

The reactions that Benzin has received to the song “The King of Pigs” and the accompanying music video on YouTube are “almost overwhelmingly positive”. The video is getting close to 4000 views on YouTube. In the comments you can find messages like “Great text, heavy beat and a successful video” or “Thank you Deezel for enriching our thinking.”
Benzin, who has been a vegetarian himself for two years, is not only interested in the subject of “Tönnies” because of his hometown but wants the company to change its corporate culture and hopes that pressure from the public and politicians will increase to achieve the goal.

Benzin hopes that the song will make a tiny contribution to raising awareness of the topic.

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“Comin For Ya” By “TLaw Is Definitely a Club Banger

“Coming for Ya” is the latest single from South side Chicago Artist called “T Law“. He is a Songwriter/Rapper who`s goal is to inspire people and make them feel good with his music.
His latest album is entitled Harmony & Bars and he is coming to take over the music industry with his single entitled “Coming for Ya” which features Beadz and karizmatik.           View this post on Instagram                      

A post shared by Terrell T Law Lawson (@terrellakatlaw)

Coming for Ya sounds like Mike Jones interwined with Meek Mills. You will be mesmerized with the beatz as well as the rap verses done by all the artists involved in the track.

This is definitely a club banger, strip joint clapper, and a twerk competition bouncer. It will all the Niggas banging in the club, stripers clapping thoses cheeks in the strip joints, and all the big booty girls bouncing what their mamas gave them.

T Law did a great job with the beatz to this track and with the right people playing this track on radio or clubs, it will definitely go down as the joint to truly get down with.

So step aside Philly and step aside Houston cos South Side Chicago`s got next!
you can listen to the track on all streaming platforms by clicking on this link below.
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LALWEM Clark’s “Ride The Wave” is Riding High

“Ride The Wave” By LALWEM Clark is surprisingly good. We implore you to goto iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube and listen to it before reading this article. Hurry now!! We will wait for you.

The synth beats and other instrumentals match the key of the song as they add more vibes to the flow. LALWEM Clark’s all-around zealous attitude and ability can be felt when listening to the song. There is a special feel that wraps the air whenever you’re listening to this track. A feeling that only someone with LALWEM Clark’s conviction can bring on board as his energy is contagious!

LALWEM Clark’s rap song, “Ride The Wave” is hot… and I mean SPICY hot… as LALWEM Clark spits Fuego through his audacious punch lines. The song is about moving on in life, irrespective of what life throws at you and (or) the situation you’re in. Most certainly in life, there will always be “ups and downs”, but your ability to forge a path and do the things you enjoy amidst the socio, cultural, political, and economic problems are all that matter.

As depicted in an excerpt of his thought-provoking lyrics:

“What do I mean when I talk about waves,
Them current events that shape our days
They bring us joy or cause dismay
Whether good or bad there here to stay…
…Mental healths toxic, while in Beirut a bomb hit
Mom & Pops steady losing profits leads to unstable economics
But… let’s not even mention,
All the racial tension
People losing pension… with benefits suspended…”   

The flow is intelligently simple with no ambiguity or complexities. In one word, it is “dope”. Equally, there is a smooth transition between the hook and the verse, where his baritone vocals also blend easily with the totality of the instrumentals employed in the track.
Clark’s poetry over music imparts a familiar mainstream feel, but with a touch of uniqueness that’s a refreshing break from the repetitive rap vibes, everyone is trying to copy. Simply stated, although different and maybe off-putting to some, Ride The Wave has the potential to become a new age classic!

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Check Out Creative Mike’s New Track entitled “Popping”

“Poppin” by Creative Mike The Rapper is a rap track that is socially conscious. This song elucidates the societal ills that are ravaging the communities, especially the black communities. It brings to fore, sensitive subjects like gun violence, emancipation or racial freedom, equity, justice and fairness, religious extremism and political bigotry, alcoholism, excessive sexual perverseness among men and women and every ill “poppin” up.

Talking about this through his song, probably might change the way his society thinks. In the song, he also expresses the disappointment of his father being locked up and not being able to secure his freedom despite his prayers and his hope for a better world for his daughter. He equally lamented on some of the personal issues he is faced with as a black man.

His beats are nicely and uniquely crafted and effectively backs up the organ or other instruments of the pipe division and the electric bass. They reverberate in the minds as you ponder on the same issues opined in his lyrics. He was able to execute rhyming schemes at stretched intervals in simplistic approach while passing his message across. This preserves the essence of his lyrical content. He is also creative in his delivery, realizing when to take in a deep breathe, when to pause and when to augment his flow. His transitions are suave while maintaining a regular vocal key. This is a very nice work and a disc Jockey’s delight. Creative Mike the rapper deserves all the accolade that come his way.

Click on this link below to listen to Creative Mikes Creativeness
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JohnDoe Khalifa-Makes Music That Is Striking For Its Outstanding Melodies,

From: CA, United States Genre:Hip Hop/Rap, RAP JOHNDOE KHALIFA is not your average artist. Although his sound is rooted in the rap genre, his music is completely free, he allows different ideas and influences to inspire his eclectic work. Born in Dallas, but raised in LA, Johndoe Khalifa makes music that is striking for its outstanding melodies, punchy grooves and gripping lyrics. His lyrical flow is absolutely outstanding, and his voice is seamless and organic, combining his great musical background with unprecedented charisma and a distinctive vocal approach that echoing the work of influencers as diverse as 2pac Shakur, Biggie Smalls or Nas, among others. With his groundbreaking blend of sound, Johndoe Khalifa is really able to seamlessly bridge the divide between great old school hip-hop and punchy modern ideas, making for a really unique approach.

He has accomplished so much in his career, including getting a slot on Snoop Dogg & DJ 2High’s West Coast Gangsta Shit vol.3, featuring legendary artists such as 2PAC, Snoop Dogg, DPG, Dra$tic, E-40, The Game, and many more. He has also been worked with many other talented artists on the scene, including Rich Boy, Krazy Bone,C- BO, Goldie-locc, Butch Cassidy, Bad Azz,The Realest, P. Smurf of Brick Squad Monopoly The Company,Eastwood & No-Limit records,Tracy Robinson,The Outlawz, Silky Fine, only to mention a few. Don’t miss out on Johndoe Khalifa’s new mixtape and album, which are about to drop soon!n 2008 I got my first slot on Snoop Dogg & DJ 2High’s West Coast Gangsta Shit vol.3 featuring artist such ass 2PAC,SNOOP,DPG, Dra$tic,E-40,THE GAME and many more. I personally work with such artist as Rich Boy, Krazy Bone,C- BO, Goldie-locc, Butch Cassidy, Bad Azz,The Realest, P. Smurf of Brick Squad Monopoly The Company,Eastwood & No-Limit records,Tracy Robinson,The Outlawz, Silky Fine and more. Developed by the Greatest Legends in hip hop history which leaves Johndoe Khalifah in the making of his his prime and up coming music career that comes with explosive lyrics and astonishing metaphors explaining and picking up were the legends of Hip Hop and R&B left off. This year will be Johndoe Khalifah’s Album debut ”MY TURN” currently CEO of Khalifa Outlaw Music. Also since i have been working independently i will be helping our New artist as well such as YYKKES [Chronic 2001], GANGSTA OHIO, R&B SINGER KY Khalifah.


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Meeting Up With The Hip Hop Queen ” SHARAYA J “

Fresh off FOX Network’s hit show The Four, where she now holds the record as the longest seat-holder in history, Sharaya J is ready to let her talent do the talking! After receiving high praise from the likes of Meghan Trainor, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, and DJ Khaled all season long, it’s clear that Sharaya is a force to be reckoned with.

A native Hawaiian, but raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, Sharaya J has always been an artist at heart. Exposed early by her father who was a member of the 90’s Hip Hop group Double XX Posse; Sharaya has always been a natural performer. With a very successful career in the dance industry; she’s never been a stranger to the spotlight.

After a chance encounter, Sharaya was offered the opportunity to study and work under the legendary Missy Elliott as her protégé. Within the same year, Sharaya J released her debut single “BANJI”. This record not only displayed an underground Jersey Club rhythmic sound, it also created an international movement. Never slowing down, Sharaya released two more singles; “Takin’ It No More” and “Shut It Down” which set the dance world ablaze.

Known for her high-fashion look, Sharaya joined forces with Alexander Wangstarring in his T by Alexander Wang campaign and becoming a brand ambassador for his line. She even caught the eye of Wilhelmina Models and was signed to their celebrity board. With multiple features that followed, including BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, Dazed Digital, Interview magazine, NY Mag/The Cut, Good Day Atlanta, Entertainment Tonight and The Steve Harvey Radio Show, Sharaya’s blazing a trail and encouraging all to Be Authentic and Never Jeopardize their Individuality (B.A.N.J.I).

Ever progressing, Sharaya J started her own company; BANJI Entertainment. Under that umbrella she released her single “BIG”; which reintroduced her fans to a more evolved lyricist and an established brand. Followed by the release of “New Wave”. Widely known and highly respected in the industries of entertainment, songwriting, screenwriting, modeling, and dancing; Sharaya J has been rolling out hit after hit. Most recently with the release of her new single “Say Less”. There’s no telling where her talents will take her from here!


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