“WILDCARD” by Lucky Harmon-is must listen!

Lucky Harmon is paving his way up to the top with his marvelous creations. He is entertaining the crowd with his thrilling voice. The prowess lyrics and catchy music of his song have their own flavor. The multi-talented artist is not only a singer but an actor too. He is working on every possible way to impress his audience. The balanced beat and instrumental music enrich his songs more. Other than that the perfect deliverance has fascinated all the listeners. His songs are surprisingly simple yet attractive, the pleasant music of him is capable of taking the spotlight.
He has recently delivered his new song collaborating with the legend Lil Wayne, named â€˜Wild Card’. Even before listening to track the arrangement of it has done the half job of it. When two stars like these come together then it is undoubtedly going to be a bang. The excellent lyricism and brilliant music have taken the centre stage. Their passion for music has been reflected in their craft. Not only these, but the relatable approach has helped to garner more listeners. This song has been produced by Eddie Timmons aka Shyboogs , Masterkraft David Veslocki Colin Leonard.
Lucky Harmon” a topnotch Pro Singer, Songwriter, and Actor with exceptional singing skills as he’s also a recording artist that is reinventing the sound of pop music who has created a stir in the entertainment industry. From a multicultural background emerges his art and love for music as he started his career as a teenager performing music.
Melodic and rhythmic in his flows, Lucky Harmon has graced many singing occasions and has performed excellently well. He is a native of the United State aiming to illustrate a vision through his lyricism and delivery of his art.
Lucky Harmon is an exemplary artist who has never let down his fans. He has given a lot of soundtracks that have reached every corner of the world. â€˜IDOLIZE ME’ has made it to the top 40 chart of billboard. All of his magical creations are available on Spotify and YouTube. Follow him on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and his own website to know more about his upcoming projects.

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