Maryon’s New Single Titled “Hustler” is Hotter Than Fire!

Maryon’s new single titled “Hustler” is hot, full of sauce, and real. It is a feminist pop-rock anthem about the challenges faced by ambitious female songwriters. It emphasizes their frustration in a male-dominated industry. Maryon possesses a vocal range and strength that are “cynosures of all eyes”.

Her songwriting acumen is equally top-notch which can be noticed in the track as it fiercely re-introduces her after years of writing songs for others and herself. This songwriting experience gathered over the years would prove invaluable in this song as it remains true to her character. She is influenced by pop heavy weights such as Madonna, Lorde and Kate Bush while sharing similar vocal characteristics and uncompromising artistry vision with her influences.

With respect to the cancellations of important dates and other live performances this year, she felt more need to work harder on her own project to compensate for that period. Rather than discouraging her, the circumstances fueled her to come up with “Hustler”.

The events surrounding the writing and the production of “Hustler” equally reflects the “never give up in the face of adversity” theme of the song. This says a lot about her attitude, mental strength, and undying love for making good organic music. The song opens up with finger-snapping at the regular beat intervals and a whistling sound (for 8 seconds) to an acoustic guitar playing in the background while her pitch-perfect vocals cue in afterward as she starts singing. Her voice is deliciously electrifying while the instrumental synths and beats serenade in the background, projecting the sound further without overshadowing or suppressing her soprano vocals. She was also able to execute some risks successfully while adapting her vocals easily in some parts of the song where the key is high.

Overall, this is a great song and can be compared with the likes of Avril Lavigne’s and Vanessa Carlton’s.

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