“Santuary” By “Crawl” Is A Must Listen!!

Without a doubt, I’ll have to add Sanctuary to my list of top 20 tracks this year. Directing you to a 5:42 minutes masterpiece of a song is an absolute gift, you’re lucky. If you have a thing for good music, pop, electronic pop, synth-pop, or EDM then you should listen to Sanctuary by CRAWL. Once in a while, we all long for that one song that gets us to explore our deepest emotions and live in the beautiful moment. Sanctuary epitomizes that song. The piano syncopation, synth beats, rhythmic kicks, and melodic vocals were all a combo of perfection and pure bliss.

The Track

CRAWL’s track, Sanctuary, started with a lovely piano syncopation, after which it spiraled into an avalanche of melodic beauty that was mixed with a sensual vocal that forces the listener to visualize a deep emotional picture that matches the theme of the song. Since its release five days ago on the artist’s Facebook page, Sanctuary has been streamed over 12thousand times on multiple streaming platforms. Feel free to dive into this musical work of art.

The Artist

CRAWL is an artist that has maintained a steady rise in popularity among pop and EDM fans. He has over 5thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone and an ever-increasing fanbase across multiple social media platforms. CRAWL’s experimental creations and evocative soundscapes set him apart from the crowd of generic electronic performers. He’s a world-traveling artist with a sound that goes across genres. He’s been diligently perfecting his art since commencing his career in 2015, crafting a style that is unique and danceable.

CRAWL is one of the few artists who can create a true emotional connection with his audience and he is well on his way to becoming a household name in the music industry. Follow CRAWL on Facebook and Instagram to get first-hand information on updates of new tracks.

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