“THE SWINGING CHADS” Wild West Hardest Working Band

The Swinging Chads Began performing Three Nights a week at The Tuscany Restaurant in Napa ,California in 2010 .Their first album,With The Swinging Chads on Russian River Records was released  May 2015 ,A second Album ,Bringing the Heat was released July 2018.With the help of five Recording studios and Studio Musicians ,Producer Singer /Songwriter,Bassist and Keyboard Player [Randall Mcgowan ] with singer, Guitartist ,Songwriter Norman Collins set in to motion a collection of new Americana music getting great reviews and awards to continue thier legacy in the music business.This latest collection of original songs had a great boost of musical talent with help of Stephen Sea,Doug Adamz,,Laurie Green,Larry Otis and Ken Ingals.

Press Release

Riding in on Peaceful Waves,The Swinging Chads ease thier way into Listening Hearts with the balanced combo

of enchanting synth/keys,gentle guitar and soft tender percussion that is Blue Sunshine,The band takes celestial Hawaiian wonder and brings it back to earth for audences everywhere to enjoy with expressive alt-informed vocals waxing poetic on witnessing the Moon Bows of Maui,viscerally sentimental and sailing atop a memorable melody that cements Blue Sunshine’s imagery firmly in its listeners minds.just as enthralling as the songs own liminous muse.

Blue Sunshine is careful and calulated ,with fully fleshed out instramental parts that compliment one another perfectly while still leaving ample room for the vocal line to stitch it self in for a song that is never overcrowded ,but always abundant.Wave samples and elements like subtly bending notesand tones that suggest a steel guitatbrings the track”s imagery beyond just descriptive language to an immersive experience that bathes the mind in the impression of the moonlight,stars,soft sand and shifting water,while synthesized strings lend plenty of nostalgic sentiments to a heavily Romantic Track.The guitar solo beginning at approximately 2.51 is a wonderful moment of breakup that sets the stage for a magnificent build and has just enough edge to its tone to give Blue Sunshine an intriguing alternative bend,particularly when combined with the tracks sexy and distinctly timbred vocals.

The Swinging Chads have unaguably Alt- Rock vibeand have crafted a song with of aesthetic appeal in terms of beacy singer songwritter vibes leaving Blue Sunshine open to gather listeners from the most die-hard Alternative fans to indie festival goers ,to stray country vacationers,with plenty in between,The song is perfect for a live performance and would sound great either indoors at a venue of most any size,{Given appropriate engineering } or outdoors in a festival stage setting.Cool and mellow.Blue Sunshine could also be an interesting choice for the closing credits of a movie or television show,as long has the content was a good match. 

Band Website>http://www.theswingingchads.com/

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