Indie Pop-rock Band “Hyde Out” Release New Song Titled “Alive”

Hyde Out’s song-writing capability is deeply rooted in heartfelt lyrics that reflect their valor.

The indie pop-rock band from London produce organic music, on a frequency that fans can relate to. Inputting together, “Alive”, their latest single from the album ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, they employed acoustics, outstanding vocals, and sound energy. This makes the song to have a beautiful aura as its make up is completely mind-blowing.

The beginning of the track is appealing. The appeal is also steadily maintained throughout the progression of the song, offering a soothing feeling of survival and hope in your downfall. Like people say “it’s not how many times you get knocked down that count, what matters most is how many times you get back up.

The band’s character is evident in the tempo of the adjourning hook, the sound of the electric guitars, the well-calculated time signature or beats, and not forgetting the perfect intervals. This attribute makes “Alive” a total euphony. Hyde Out’s boldness in approach is highly commendable as they exude a level of confidence that matches the lyrics of the song, word for word as the songs warm through the air.

The song is bright and beautiful as it also contains reverberating emotional intent. There is also a lot of energy and attitude put in by this group as they continue to seek new ways of raising the bar.

Overall, their unique style and sound is generally pleasing to the ears.

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