The Revelation Of “Precious Etteh” Live On Radio Chart Intelligent 92.5 FM Germany-must watch!

The Revelation Of Precious Etteh ” How I Determined To Top The Gospel Pop Chart” On the 5th of may 2021, Kingdom Radio 94.9 FM, Sweden, initiated the “Top 20 Gospel Music Award 2021”. Gospel Artists worldwide were taking part. The contest was taking part exclusively online. Fans were voting online and could be able to like their favourite artists and songs. On the 5th of June the Gospel song contest was successfully concluded with a clear winner, who poll the highest votes and most likes: Gospel Singer and Songwriter Precious Etteh from Germany With over 10.000 votes from her fans around the world she made a big difference to her opponents with only up to 2000 votes. This “Top 20 Gospel Music Award” has taken Precious Etteh to a higher level in her music career. Get ready to hear, see and support the great Precious Etteh. She will take part on more gospel song contests and determine to win! More about her powerful determination can be viewed on N I C C project Weblog[ ]

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“S O F I A ROBERT” The Passionate Gospel Singer/Songwriter & Performer

Sofia Robert
Born on April 15 1977 in Ajagbododo Sapele Nigeria to Mr. Robert Iyangbe and Teresa Odiun Robert Iyangbe. She is the 4th of 7 children. She attended Idia College in Nigeria. Sofia Robert travelled to Europe in her early age to continue her music career.

Sofia always dreamed of being a multi-tasking superstar. As a child, she enjoyed a variety of musical genres, mainly Gospel, Afro-Beats rhythms and mainstream music like pop, hip-hop and R&B. Although she loved music, dancing was also what she loved doing.

Her biggest influence is her Father who was a musician. At her early age she joined the church children choir. At that early age she started leading songs in children Sunday school.

Her soul voice which she is much known of, has become her trade mark.

Sofia also perform live concert in Germany with the Super talent Award Winner Christian Bakotessa
Sofia also performs live with the choir groups in Germany.

Sofia Robert has written and recorded many songs. Her first Album was released 04.05.2019.

She will be performing one of her tracks with the GRAMMY AWARD WINNING ARTIST”JACKIE’S BOY” IN USA

Information about this upcoming project will be published soon by N I C C project promotion.



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The Chosen One *QNG William Okeke*

William Okeke alias QNG, a German citizen, originally born Nigerian, from
Abia State.
William Okeke studied Computer Science(programming CPA)at University of Calaba in Nigeria, before travelling to Germany.
QNG, with his own Record Label QuestnGodMusic, is a rising artist in popularity in music.
He is a song and poet writer, book author, philosopher, visionary, talent developer, drummer, music composer and many more…
QNG has launched three successfull selling albums:
“HEAVENLY FINEST” with 14 tracks including the hit “TALENTED”
“META4RIC GOD” with 9 tracks including “THE META4RIC GOD CONCERT”, also available as DVD addition.
“WHAT TRUTH” with 9 tracks.
QNG has organised many concerts and participated in several concerts and festivals with M4G, MGE, AUGUST PRAISE and worked with other artists like DJ Hooker, DJ Bleed, DJ Homeboy, Olly DJ SPO, DJ RUFFY, San John, MGE, Da Cruz, etc.

QNG has participated in creating songs with international artists like
Kayne West, “LOVE LOCKDOWN”,
Green Day, “Wake Me Up When September Ends”
There are also TV interviews and presentations to be viewed on : Tide TV Hamburg
QNG’s music style, which is best known as Gospel Contemporary Music, is a quite young music genre.
Looking through his private life as a Cheerful Loving Father, happily married with many Children, this has been a great blessing from God to QNG as a multitalented Artist during his Musical carrier.
QNG, is also in support of the movement of a new film Premier Father Effect by JOHN FINCH.

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